Jack The Giant Slayer Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I have waited my whole life to see giants. That’s almost half a century of waiting. I’m a patient woman. Giants are a thing in my mind that just takes up a certain amount of space, tickling my imagination, getting my hopes up. What can a movie do to live up to this lifelong thing? Make giants that weigh a lot, make loud noises, and have skin like ancient trees, that would be a good start. I’m not going to say Jack the Giant Slayer is an amazing movie, it does have it’s flubs here and there, however it is so close to fulfilling that fantasy of giants that lurks in the dark corners of my mind.

This time we hear and watch the tale it’s a new version, of course. Jack has an uncle, the king’s daughter is a slight rebel who is about to be forced to marry a jerk, and there is no goose laying golden eggs. NO GOOSE LAYING GOLDEN EGGS. That was raising my voice in a pointed way. I’m not that attached to things like the goose or the harp, but still, they are staples of my memories of this story. Fine, Hollywood and Mr. Singer want to make their own little flick, I can handle that.

What makes this a fun adventure? A good Jack, good princess, impressive giants, impressive land above the clouds, impressive bean stock, and a few other things you will just have to see for yourself. I can say I would like to have seen more of the daily workings of the land of the giants. Then again, if the whole land is populated with giants, nothing would seem out-of-place, out of scale, or really that interesting until one of us little tiny wimpy humans come along. Wait, are the giants human? They look pretty human, beat up and weathered, but still humanish. Hmm good question. I need the origin story of the giants.

The sets of Jack the Giant Slayer are pretty darn cool. They are a somewhat stylized view of a certain era in people history, but nicely detailed, muddy, grungy, and looking pretty smelly. The cast is fine, a few big names but no one who makes a big impression. I mean, John Lithgow in Shrek is more memorable than anyone in this spectacle. I like the bad guys:) The stunts and special effects are where I got a little bit ick in the back of my mind. So much potential for fantastic worlds I’m convinced exist. The problem comes when there is a mismatch of the scale, the strangeness of movement sometimes, and the all green screen backgrounds that are not perfectly synced up visually with what we are supposed to be looking at instead of the imperfections.

I had a great time with this movie. I overlooked the visual glitches. It’s worth it to let the imperfections just go and allow the fun to wash over you. Having a great time, that’s saying A LOT! More raised voice. Seeing a giant trying to cook Obi Won as a sausage roll, come on, that’s fun shit. I think the whole idea is that it’s a story we all know, or should know, and with modern toys like moving pictures with sound we can enjoy the adventure a little closer to a satisfactory level than just in a story book. No offense to story books.

This makes me want to go read some story books.

Features: 6/10

  • Become A Giant Slayer Mode – Ever wanted to climb a beanstalk? You can virtually with this special feature. Host Nicolas Hoult talks you through controlling the game with your remote control. Basically you push a direction and you may or may not get a special video feature. Its fun for the kids but I wish there was a list of the videos to choose from for the older ones in the family.
  • Deleted Scenes – Five deleted scenes, nothing too special and none have completed special effects.
  • Gag Reel – People falling over and laughing you know the drill.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I don’t love the cover just because it’s a painting type image. Now, keep in mind I LOVE art and painting is part of that art love. My issue is that these giants have been presented as real living beings in this story and I just want to be convinced it’s all real…..you know what I mean. I wouldn’t have this as a poster, but if you give me giant reality, I’ll hang it prominently in the basement near the bathroom. Oh, our home theater room is downstairs, and there is a bathroom. The menu is themed, but nothing special.

Audio & Video: 10/10
I have a feeling more people will get to see Jack The Giant Slayer on home video than they did in theaters. That doesn’t mean its bad it’s actually a lot of fun, this just didn’t do that well in the multiplexes of America.  Anyway on to video quality which is pristine and perfect like most of Warner’s new releases. I was a little worried when the opening animated sequences started up as they looked like they were from a video game from about five years ago. But once the actual movie (not the storybook version) starts you are in for a treat with crystal clear Giants and amazing greenery. The 1080P AVC encode really holds it’s own as the material is fast moving and vibrant. I saw no instances of noise, banding or black crush this is a pristine transfer fit for a princess.

The audio here is BIG, LOUD and THUNDERING. From the second the bean drops beneath the floorboards of the house and the rumbling sense of dread fills your living room you know your in for a ride. Dialog and quiet moments are perfectly set on the soundstage but when the action sequences kick in you are in for a treat. Thunderous roars from the giants the creak of branches growing and the catapult hooks in the final battle. Jack The Giant Slayer is fun for all the family and this Blu-Ray really brings Brian Singer’s vision home.

Value: 4/10
I really did like this movie. I really don’t like it’s ridiculous price. I mean, nearly 30 bucks is not reasonable. I say wait for it to go on sale SALE, or rent it for a few bucks online. It’s well worth the cost of a rental for a couple hours of fun on a Saturday afternoon when the sun wants to kill you. Get Game of Thrones while your at it and you won’t leave the house for a few days.

Overall Score 7.5/10