J. Edgar Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
Leonardo Di Caprio has my respect. He always has, and if I’m lucky, he always will. J Edgar is just another in a long list of movies I have been mesmerized by and got a great deal of satisfaction from. (Ending a sentence with a preposition, charming.) It’s not just the leading man that makes this movie a quality experience. It’s almost everything from the cast, the sets, the costumes, the tone, the dialogue, the story, and the history wrapped up in the real man, J Edgar Hoover.

I enjoy a dip back in American history with thoughtful inspection of the people who have molded a few of the big pieces of our little part of the world’s big puzzle. Hoover, the man who is noted as being responsible for starting the FBI, cataloging the Library of Congress, and a few things that are not quite as impressive, is a mysterious character. Most people we examine generations after they are dead, but leave a legacy, have at least got some open book elements to their lives. Hoover doesn’t seem to be quite as easy to reveal, and that’s what Clint Eastwood’s movie did for me, peeked my interest but kept the mystery alive.

I know it’s fiction, and most of it is conjecture and ideas pieced together by a young writer who has done his homework thoroughly, but even as a Hollywood movie it lays out some undeniable truths. First, the history we learn is never completely accurate. Second, people lie, manipulate, self motivate to get what they want in their lives regardless of who they are, when they are, the power they have, or the consequences of their actions.

The beauty of J Edgar is in the pace, the deliberate ease that we are directed from scene to scene, line to line, glance to glance. It’s entertaining but in a subtle mindful way. Like other Clint Eastwood directorial efforts J Edgar makes me happy to be a movie lover.

I want more Di Caprio, more Eastwood, more Armie Hammer, oh yes he is awesome (until they pile the crappy make up on his face). There’s not much more I can ask from a movie than to leave me wanting more.

Features: 4/10

  • J. Edgar The Most Powerful Man In The World – A 22 minute documentary featuring interviews with Eastwood, Dicaprio and producers. I really enjoyed this but was left wanting more.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 10/10
This is one of my favorite covers, ever. I would have this as a poster, framed and displayed prominently in my home. The menu is appropriate, a still image similar to the cover but with different colors and design, but classy like the movie.

Audio & Video: 8/10
J. Edgar is a very dark movie and sometimes you can’t really see what is going on. Eastwood and DP Tom Stern have given J. Edgar a very dark shadowy almost monochrome look. Colours are washed out and shadows are present in almost every scene. I can’t knock the transfer though as Eastwood is famous for using natural light and does not like the over lit productions that modern day filmmakers like to use. So, in closing here this movie will not blow anyone in terms of video presentation but that being said that is what Eastwood was going for theatrically so this Blu-Ray does the job.

The audio here is very quiet and dialogcentric. It’s very easy to tell what the actors are saying as the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is expertly crafted. There are only two occassions (the explosion & the shootout) where the subwoofer and rear speakers really kick into gear, but when they do you will know about it. My wife actually jumped in her chair during the explosion.

Value: 8/10
It’s an awesome movie. It is well worth your time and efforts to get it through your eyes and into your movie watching memories. I am leaving behind any leftover thoughts that owning movies is necessary to enjoy them fully. If you want to own it, buy it, the price will not be an issue. If you want to watch it and wonder if it’s worth the price of a download from an online service, or the monthly charge of Netflix..YES, it certainly is.

Overall Score 9/10