It’s Complicated Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
The cover for It’s complicated is actually a pretty darn funny shot of a regretful Meryl Streep and an overly happy Alec Baldwin.  Not much is left to the imagination about what has just transpired in the bed, and we are given a beautiful little snapshot of the movie all in one fell swoop.  Clever, well done, and funny, all rolled into a decent little cover.

The menu is the classic Universal menu, with the black background and choices along the left side, with scenes form the movie playing over the top of all of this.  I have stated before that it is getting a little bit old, after I first found the common set up nice.  I guess at this point I might just be bored with the menu, but at least it looks okay.

Features: 4/10

  • The Making Of It’s Complicated – At just over 20 minutes, this promo piece is the kind of thing you will find on your on demand channel.  It is a look at the making of the movie, complete with interviews with the main characters.  It is a good little feature, if not predictable.
  • Feature Commentary – The commentary here is mainly run by Director Nancy Meyers, who does a decent job of talking us through the movie.  I am not sure I would sit through the whole thing again, but Meyers is at least passionate about the movie and working with this cast, as she should be.
  • Pocket Blu – This is the mobile version of the movie, which Universal is touting on almost all of their Blu-rays.
  • Social Blu – Social Blu is Universal’s attempt at luring us to watch movies and interact with others who are doing the same.  I am not a big fan of this, but like the Pocket Blu extra, Univeral is pushing this.
  • BDLive –As always the BDLive experience is in full effect for this release.  I am still not sold on this feature either, as the trailers and extras included in most of these Blu-rays are not enough to make me want to hit the internet every time I put a movie in my player.

The Movie: 7/10
It’s Complicated is geared towards a different group of people than I am used to reviewing for, as a good deal of the movies I review for the Boss Ascully are children’s movies.   It’s Complicated is geared towards the other end of the spectrum (well “other end” makes it sound like those who would like this movie are octogenarians, and in fact I just mean older adults.  Think 45-65 years old, and you will have the target group here.

That is not to say that younger viewers won’t enjoy It’s Complicated, as the acting and story are good and funny, but it really hits home for those who have adult kids and who either have gone through a divorce (or know someone who has).  The main part of It’s Complicated deals with finding a nice niche where you are comfortable with your adult life as you start your empty nest phase, especially if your ex is still in your life.  This is a group that is growing by leaps and bounds these days, with divorce so prevalent, and the baby boomer generation hitting its stride as the kids are heading off to college.  I am old, but I am only old enough to “kind of” relate to this movie.

Having said that, I really liked It’s Complicated.  Meryl Streep plays Jane, a mother of three who has been divorced from Jake for 10 years.  Jake (Alec Baldwin) is married to a much, much younger woman who is demanding and demeaning to him, and when Jane and Jake head off to New York for their son’s college graduation, a verbal boxing match of  having drinks in the hotel bar turns into an alcohol spurred, blast from the past encounter in bed.  The result horrifies Jane, who knows that she should know better than to sleep with Jake, who finds the experience exhilarating.  Baldwin plays Jake wonderfully, as the smarmy lawyer type, who so badly wants to rekindle things with Jane that the affair continues when they return back to California.  Jane, who is somewhat happy about finally being the “other woman” for once, struggles with the fact that she is sleeping with her ex. who has convinced her that this was meant to be, as they finally have reached the spot in their lives where they are both comfortable, and able to make their once doomed relationship work.

Jane however is not sold on the affair, as she slowly is falling for her architect Adam, who is played discretely by Steve Martin.  The result is a complicated ordeal where everyone is forced to deal with their mistakes and emotions as they present themselves.  Meryl Streep is amazing in this role, as her emotions are on full display throughout the whole complicated situation.  Alec Baldwin is funny and smart, and fits his role perfectly, as does the understated Steve Martin , who plays the hurt Adam, who is afraid to deal with a new relationship as he is just grappling with the loss of his old relationship, albeit to a cheating wife who has left him.

It’ Complicated is definitely geared towards an older crowd, with situations that only they can truly identify with.  I thought the acting and story were well done, and while the pace was a bit slow for me, overall it was a fun movie about getting old and dealing with it the best way you can.

Audio & Video: 8/10
I was very impressed with the video for It’s Complicated.  The scenes are sharp and colorful with excellent black levels.  Universal has really nailed the presentation here, as the 1.85:1 widescreen 1080p VC-1 encode is stellar.  All of the scenes, either indoor or out, were very well shot and the experience was solid throughout the movie.

The audio was good, but there was not much use of the rear speakers.  The dialogue was very sharp and clear, and overall for a movie like this, it was better than average, with the exception of the lack of real punch from the rear speakers.

Value: 7/10
It’s Complicated is a very funny movie that really grew on me.  It is not the type of movie that will appeal to everyone, and I would say that those in their teens and twenties may not appreciate the acting and humor presented here, as it really is geared towards an older crowd.  I found myself several times laughing because of the situations that us slightly older individuals can find ourselves in, with kids getting older, and things falling apart.  I am by no means old enough to completely fall in line with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin, but I am getting there, and I think the older crowd will really love this movie.  The Blu-ray presentation is excellent, and when mixed with this top notch crew, It’s Complicated is a great movie that examines the intricacies of getting older and trying to get comfortable with who we have become.

Overall Score 8/10