It Follows Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I would like to say It Follows is kind of pretentious and a little on the “trying too hard to be cool but uncool”, and I might hint at that, but I really did enjoy this movie despite these little nitpicks.

To enjoy a horror type flick these days it takes a certain combination of good story + good cast + weird or good monster/creepy crawly/other horror feature + something intangible I can’t name. It Follows has a pretty good story, a creepy thing that follows you after you had sex with the person who it followed before you. It has a good cast, no one fails to deliver their somewhat blase but appropriately worried attitudes. It has that weird creepy thing that follows, and that something I can’t quite put words to. The intangible is always the part I like best. It makes the movie watching experience so enriching and fun or frivolous and entertaining or whatever it does that it really is that thing I personally follow each time I go to watch a new cinematic promise.

The sex thing is a bit cheap and lazy if you ask me, but it folds into this calm but riveting little tale of strangeness. If you had to make a walking menace, one that will simply walk toward you forever and ever until it gets it’s primal hands and body on you, what else can you write into it’s ethos but that it’s a sexually transmitted IT?

The muted tones and mixed time frame of our characters’ world makes it seem a bit dreamy, or from the 70’s, whichever has a stronger tug on you. It’s fun and then it can be  a tiny bit terrifying and then it reminds me of my childhood. It’s a mish mosh of horror watching goodness.

I won’t say it ranks in my short list of greatest horror flicks, no way. It’s up there though, with the ones that linger a little ways below the cream of the crop floating on their Exorcist high horse. It Follows is a flick more than a movie to me, so it has to take its place with the “that was pretty good” category and be happy with that.

Features: 5/10

  • Critics Commentary Hosted By Scott Weinberg – Kind of a weird commentary here, instead of using the director of the movie we get a bunch of film critics chiming in on the movie. Its more a series of sound bites hosted by Scott Weinberg and takes about 15 minutes into the movie before it kicks into high gear.
  • A Conversation With The Composer Disasterpeace – If you have played the video game Fez you will be familiar with the type of music used in the film. Disasterpeace takes you through his influences and mindset when scoring the movie.
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Art Gallery
  • Digital HD Copy

Cover Art: 7/10
The cover is interesting and a little creepy so it plays right along with the vibe of the movie. I might not have it as a poster, but it’s one of the better cover images I’ve seen in a while.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Starz and Anchor Bay bring It Follows to Blu-Ray using a lovely AVC 1080P encoded transfer. The movies digital photography is very stylish and always looks great even during the films many dark scenes. It’s quite obvious Director David Robert Mitchell knows how to use a camera and the film is literally dripping in style. The picture is incredibly sharp with fine detail in every scene but particularity evident in facial close ups, skin tones are also natural and never overblown. It Follows is a superb horror movie and the transfer makes sure its home version is as incredible as it’s theatrical counterpart.

It Follows uses the DTS-HD Master Audio codec and really lights up the room. Music is the main draw here with the John Carpenter inspired score being the star of the show. If I had any criticisms some of the dialog in the early part of the movie suffers from bad looping but that is not a fault of the codec used. Towards the end of the film, gunshots ring around your head like you are literally in the room with the young heroes of the movie.

Overall Score 7.5/10