IT 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 8/10
Creepy and creepy. Yes, that was a sentence and it wraps up my lingering impression of the creature in IT. I do love a good horror flick, regardless of its origins. I’m not a fan of Stephen King books necessarily. but I have enjoyed several movies that have grown from the seeds of his literary brain.

A group of kids threatened by horrible, terrible, wretchedness, and that’s just the parents and other grown ups in this gross town! Of course, the group of kids banding together to defeat a foe isn’t new. Let’s just get that out of our systems. The Goonies, Stranger Things, Stand By Me….etc. Ok, are we good, did we purge our cynicism sufficiently to enjoy IT? I know I have, because I really really really enjoyed it. I’m not a professional writer so my expressions of digging a movie won’t fit all the rules:)

The story of a town so bogged down in yuck is compelling to start with, and then we meet our kids who individually got my attention and as a collection of friends made sense. The strength in this movie would be the performances of everyone from Pennywise (amazing) to each kid. The terrible grown ups are a bit overly theatrical at times, but I guess that’s to make us hate them more, so I can accept it. I was invested in the outcome of the stories of each young person, and totally intrigued by Pennywise and where he came from, what he wanted, who he might have been before we met him. The visual impact of so many shots and scenes stays in my mind. It’s a lovely looking movie, even the grossness of some of it. Can you tell I liked IT? Loved it actually. I’m a horror movie fan, not obsessive or anything, but I do dig it when the guts of fear and darkness are part of a story, and how much darker can you get than a town who sacrifices their children to a creature from another dimension? Yea, exactly!

Pennywise is played in a way that, as a 50-year-old woman safe and sound in my movie watching chair, made me recoil constantly. I could imagine being faced with this unpredictable, relentless primal drive to get what he wants and with such joy and satisfaction, and how terrifying he would actually be. That adds so much to the experience of the movie. I felt that thing inside, like SHIT I want OUT of this room, out of this situation, and that adds so much to a horror flick.

I still have residual shivers from a few of the scenes, and they are hard to describe, but that’s a testament to the way this movie is made. I just have an overall good, creeped out memory of IT, and then when I start to think about different scenes they are just good upon good upon good, and that makes me want to watch it again. I might even add it to my annual October horror rotation:)

Features: 7/10

  • Pennywise Lives! (17 minutes) – Bill Skarsgard puts in a stellar performance as Pennywise, here we see his method.
  • The Loser’s Club (15 Minutes) – Director and cast and crew discuss the club.
  • Author Of Fear (14 Minutes) – Stephen King discusses the writing of the novel and what he thinks of this version of the story.
  • Deleted Scenes (15 Minutes) – 11 Deleted scenes
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
That’s a lot of black, in which an insidious creature can lurk, waiting for children to come along so it can devour their souls…yea I like this cover and I would have it as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Shot digitally IT looks incredible on both Blu-ray and 4KUHD. Warner use an average bit rate of 23.90 and use most of the space on the discs. The movie has a gloomy feel and the transfer handles this well. Slight shadow detail is lost in the film’s end moments but fine detail is always evident.

The Dolby Atmos track used here is almost the star of the show. The movie relies on a lot of jump scares that because of the tracks wide dynamic range really work. Dialog is clean and always central and the score which I really enjoyed is always showcased.

Overall Score 8/10