Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Action. It’s action. It’s Hollywood movie action. I like it. Is there more to say about the third in the Iron Man series? I guess I can stretch it out enough to make a traditionally multi-paragraph review.

First it’s Iron Man. Marvel presents us with super  hero types designed to save the world and make us feel good about life. I can’t think of a super hero movie I don’t really like, well, Dare Devil didn’t do much for me the first time, and The Green Lantern, blah, but other than that I like the spectacle of it all. Tony Stark is an annoying self-centered dude, rich, talented, relatively brave, cocky, and very handy with a few bits and bobs in a garage. It’s all enough to keep me having fun, but not thinking too deeply, which gives it all some perspective.

Next, the story is what it is. There is a bad guy with some crazy and money on his side, bent on destroying Iron Man, and doing some damage to world safety. I like this villain enough to be invested in what he wants, which seems to be revenge mixed with money, and a touch of global intimidation. He has infused himself with a botanic regenerative solution that wrecks havoc with his temper, and might even give Pepper a nudge if she’s not careful.

There is a kid in the middle of this version of Tony Stark overcoming some kind of emotional dysfunction. The kid is good, it just seems he is there to add the “let’s bring in a kid, everyone loves a kid, everyone roots to save the kid” thing, which feels forced, but whatever.

Inside the story is a story that might start to make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, but hang in there, all will be explained and you will breathe a sigh of relief if you are not a jerk. I like the change of things as the story does a good job of surprising me ever so slightly. I like that. I’m not that easy to surprise, and sometimes I turn off the brain so that anything that is supposed to tickle the more easily impressed cells can do its thing without me picking it apart. I don’t like to pick stuff apart if I like it more than I don’t like it. I like Iron Man movies more than I don’t like the, and Iron Man III is becoming a favorite of the Marvel world.

Finally, the special effects are cool, the music is fine, the performances are what they are, the action is ACTION and that opening sequence hooked me right away. I was entertained. I like being entertained 🙂

Features: 7/10

  • Marvel One Shot: Agent Carter – Remember Agent Carter from the Captain America movie? Ever wondered what happened to her? Well this short 15 minute film answers that question. I really enjoyed this it’s one of the best Marvel One Shots they have done to date.
  • Thor The Dark World Preview – A short preview of the next movie in the series. I think this looks great as we get to go to Thor’s world and not hang around on boring planet earth.
  • Iron Man 3 Unmasked – An 11 minute behind the scenes featurette, its short and snappy but provides way to little information. Where is the awesome behind the scenes documentary like the one that came with the original Iron Man?
  • Deconstructing The Scene: Attack On Air Force One – The Air Force One scene is one of the most spectacular scenes in any Marvel movie. The surprising part is most of it was shot practically. This 9 minute featurette reveals all.
  • Gag Reel – 5 minutes of goofiness. You might expect the majority of goofiness comes from Stark, but no Pepper Potts is the funny one here.
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes – 16 minutes of deleted scenes, it’s obvious why they are missing from the finished film though.
  • Audio Commentary With Drew Pearce & Shane Black – This is a very good commentary and one that avoids technical talk. It’s also very funny.

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
I get it. It’s supposed to be a satire of one of “those” covers. I’m still not entertained much by it, so it gets a medium score and I won’t be having it as a poster. The menu is themed, of course, and is fun if you are 4. There’s nothing wrong with making fun stuff for 4 year olds.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Iron Man 3 is the definition of a summer blockbuster and this 1080P AVC transfer defines the world blockbuster. Filmic in its look with an absurd amount of fine detail this is one of the contenders for transfer of the year. Iron Man 3 is a festival of CGI with bright reds and fast motion that would normally be a nightmare for the AVC codec to keep up with. No problems here however with great shadow detail and no macroblocking, banding or aliasing to be seen. In fact the home version of the movie is almost as shiny as one of Mr Stark’s suits.

Disney’s DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 surround track features loss less sound that will shake your room. The bass channel is used almost the entire time and really adds a sense of depth to the proceedings. Surround sound is also lively with lots of background noise that happens at the rear of the room offset to the surround channels. This is a faultless audio presentation that is easily one of the best of 2013.

Value: 7/10
There is a fun flick here to see, and enough extras to make an evening of it, if you bring in the first two of the series. If you find Iron Man III for $12-$15 I say buy it for your collection. If you can’t, don’t. It’s not worth half your water bill.

Overall Score 7/10