Into The Storm Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 5/10
Oh how I do long for the perfect natural disaster movie. Into the Storm is not it. I’ll keep searching. I won’t be too harsh, this time Hollywood is throwing big Mother Earth torment our way in a movie that has feeling neutral, which is not a bad thing. First we have two things happening, one is the cast and the story, the second is the spectacle of the tornadoes. Let me address one at a time.

The cast is fine, if not a bit representative of a packaged Hollywood “Let’s get the hottest, fittest, well designed and fashioned individuals to design and fashion to make them look more fit because it’s soooo important to the story of a town hit with the disaster of many tornadoes in one day.” The words I would use beyond the styling would be boring, boring, and boring. I did like Lori from The Walking Dead, mostly. She’s got a good sense of her character, a single mother worried about getting back to her daughter, being compassionate and caring through all the tragic happenings of the day. Everyone else falls, sadly, falls into that boring category. I didn’t care about any of the people, at all.

Not caring about the characters is a huge problem for me. I have this experience in all kinds of movies, action, drama, comedy, romance, and now big disaster flicks. It’s not the first time. I can’t say I cared much about John Cusack in 2012, or Tommy Lee Jones in Volcano, or anyone in The Core, but they all have something in common. I admit it, they are not great movies AT ALL, but something made me not hate them. I think it all comes down to the big event, a storm of tornadoes, the planet falling apart, a volcano appearing in the middle of Los Angeles, or the center of the Earth stops turning or collapses or blows up, or whatever it did in The Core.

The special effects and the idea that nature is about to kick our collective asses is what draws me in past the stuff that makes me want to read the dictionary during the movie (the people). In Into The Storm the special effects are pretty darn good. There are a few iffy things now and then, but overall I got the sensation I was seeing tornadoes, seeing tornado related destructive power, and post tornado destruction. It got me through. I couldn’t help but have a primal desire to experience the terribleness of the twisters, but from the comfort and safety of my chair, in a basement, in the Midwest, on a non-windy day.

Overall Into The Storm is fine for just a “wow look at that” movie. If you want a more gritty natural disaster movie you should watch, um, let’s see, let me think….hmm is there a gritty one? I think they are all hyped up, the casts are never dark and grizzly enough. My wish for the future is that no more tornadoes actually destroy anything, and that we get an awesome tornado movie someday.

Features: 4/10

  • Into The Storm Tornado Files (10.48) – Real life storm chasers and the filmmakers take a look at real tornadoes and what it took to get them onto the big screen.
  • Titus The Ultimate Storm Chasing Vehicle (8.23) – The armored vehicle in the film based on the one seen in Discovery’s Storm Chasers is given an in depth look.
  • Fake Storms Real Conditions (5.37) – It’s not easy faking storms on camera, we take a look at the special effects team that made it happen.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 2/10
The cover reminds us of something we all think of but don’t want to talk about, so I don’t like it. I wouldn’t have it as a poster. The menu is the menu.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Into The Storm comes to Blu-Ray with an awesome looking 1080P AVC transfer that holds up even under the most intense weather conditions. The film is shot using a variety of digital cameras from the Iphone to the high-end Red One. Because of this things are often uneven but intentionally so. Black levels never fail to impress with oodles of detail even in the eye of the storm. Macroblocking or banding are never an issue, Into The Storm is a good-looking disc.

The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio is also up to the demanding job of bringing this storm to life. As with all disaster type movies the audio is very aggressive and will certainly give your home theatre a workout. The more intense tornado scenes have a 360 degree panning effect that makes it feel like sound is not only coming from the front and back but also above and below. This is an impressive soundtrack make sure you turn it up to 11.


Overall Score 5/10