In Time Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 5/10
In Time is a movie that does its job, entertaining me with a fictional world full of fictional people doing fictional fantastical things. That’s a neutral comment, yes. However, neutral is not a bad thing. The movie is well made, looks interesting, pretty good cast, and took me on a fairly exciting adventure. The issue I have is a big one though, as my husband said “The version in my head was better than the movie itself.” The potential for this concept is so much bigger and better than this movie turned out it adds a built in element of disappointment.

What is that concept? In our future the human aging gene has been turned off at age 25, therefore immortality is a solid reality. The problem that some large entity has taken it upon themselves to solve is over population. By the time we step into the time line every human has a clock built into their genetic make up that will end 1 year after they are exactly 25 years old. Translation, they drop dead at the exact second their clock runs out. The glitch in the system is that someone learned how to store time, trade it, sell it, use it for currency, and voila, this is the state of the world as we find it. People using time as money instead of money.

There is such an opportunity for this to be explored deeper and more intellectually, this is not what In Time takes the time to do, unfortunately. It’s more of an action, superficially contaminated with the germ of  “we have a cast of all 25 year old beautiful people in cool clothes and stylized cars so let’s be cool and stylized”. Even at that the action is less than exciting and the dynamic moments fall mostly short of having any stimulating affect on me.

I like the cast, mostly, even though it became increasingly less important at I got less interested in the movie. The bad guy isn’t bad enough. The naughty rich girl isn’t naughty enough. The down trodden under dog hero isn’t down trodden, under doggy, or heroic enough. The crazy crusty institutionalized time keeper cop isn’t enough of any of that. No one does a bad job, which is a good feature, but should it be?

I enjoyed the movie, even if it doesn’t sound like it from what I have written so far. It’s one of those movies that falls through that crack of “Love or Hate”. I didn’t love it, don’t hate it, liked it for what it was, dislike it for the flaws. It did spark a good conversation about such a concept, a large entity controlling the human population through different methods in our history. What would be like to know your time will just run out? Who has the right to even take on the roll of the entity to control human life?

If you like Sci-Fi with that thinking edge you might get something from it, but don’t expect to walk away with that “Wow that was awesome!” feeling. Enjoy it for what it is and then watch something you get more satisfaction from, which for me would be Alien, or The Matrix, or Gattaca.

Features: 4/10

  • The Minutes Featurette – A strange little short film that acts as a mockumentary and fills you in on some of the films left out details. I enjoyed it but your mileage may vary.
  • Deleted Extended Scenes – A bunch of deleted scene including one that shows most of Amanda Seyfried’s bum. I am sure most of you are already watching the deleted scenes after that information.

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
Boring. Is that enough? The menu is pretty much the same, not very interesting. I would not have this cover as a poster and in fact I find it very uninspired considering the futuristic style they cram into our faces throughout this movie. This cover is a lost opportunity to over sell the average flick held inside the box:).

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Shot by legendary DP Roger Deakins (The Cohen Brothers right hand man) In Time looks downright amazing on Blu-Ray. Presented using the AVC codec in full 1080P Deakins uses shadow and light to manipulate the image and keep things looking pristine in every frame. The film was shot digitally so there is no frame noise or print damage of any kind. What you have here is a showcase transfer that really is much better than the actual content of the movie.

The lossless DTS Master HD 5.1 soundtrack is also quite good, it does not match the stellar visuals though. Some of the standouts include a car chase in electric cars, you can actually hear the electric motors churning and struggling under the strain of the speed they going. The factory scene where Mr Timberlake works at the start of the film is also quite atmospheric, listen to the machinery in the rear of the room it’s subtle but a neat effect.

Value: 3/10
To get your money’s worth rent it, however you can get your digital hands on it. If you buy it for more than 4 or 5 bucks you could have a bout of buyer’s remorse.

Overall Score 5/10