Immortals Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 6/10
Gods in matching gold outfits, sandals with swords, murderous power hungry bad guy, and a righteous good guy with a constant oily sweaty glow, these are signs of a great weekend at the movies. I’m not being snotty. I am totally serious. I love stories about Greek mythology, mystical things I know nothing about, and the potential downfall of humanity. The descent into madness of an evil dude who absolutely has nothing left to be reasonable about always intrigues me. I mean, he’s pretty horrible when we meet him so there’s not much further into badness he can go, but he does seem to manage it. He’s cruel, the kind of cruel that scares the shit out of us all.

Our hero is smooth and muscle covered with an oily glow that is hypnotizing. I’m not a fan of the muscle building thing, it’s kind of gross, but when they are all shined up and slippery looking something makes them comical, so that I like. Other than the muscles and sheen, I like this hero guy a lot. He’s got a certain intensity that gets him through more dramatic scenes pretty well. On the other hand he has enough calm attitude that even the less dynamic moments don’t swallow him up.

Our leading lady is compelling with her command of every scene she’s in but she’s not obnoxious like a lot of young actresses these days. She’s not cheeky or overly bouncy. She’s not quite dusted up enough for the terrible journey she’s on, so we understand she’s supposed be ultra sultry…blah blah

The story is straight forward but with enough mythology references to keep my mind active. I don’t know much beyond the basics, so I had a good time. I can image if you are the geeky Greeky mythy type you might get annoyed with the deviations from the “truth”. cough cough.

With a dead mother to avenge, a damned future to thwart, a very evil man to defeat, the action is pretty hot and heavy with a few battles that are boring. Other than that it moves along very nicely. There aren’t any thinking moments, but who cares. It’s got a man in tight gold pants with a gold bird cage on his head, and another with similar gold clothes and a mohawk that looks like table legs on his head. You can’t be expected to take it all too too seriously. However, I didn’t find it tickling my funny bone, even though it does walk the fine line sometimes.

Over all I enjoyed it a lot. It does a great job of doing what a movie of it’s type is supposed to do and a little bit more, so it ranks above average on my measuring stick. I really like mythology stories, brave journey to defeat horrible evil characters, saving humanity, and avenging dead family members.

Features: 7/10

  • It’s No Myth – A group of “Experts” discuss Greek Mythology as though they know what they are talking about.
  • Caravaggio Meets Fight Club: Tarsem’s Vision – A 4 part making of documentary that covers all aspects of the film.
  • Alternate Opening & Alternate Endings – Not only do you get a super long alternate opening you get two different endings as well.
  • Deleted Scenes – A ton of deleted scenes here, some of which actually add a little more back story to the movie.
  • Immortals: Gods & Heroes Graphic Novel – A graphic novel to read on your TV, we watched the movie on a giant 104 inch screen and could barely see the text, god help you on a smaller set.
  • Digital Copy – UV Digital Copy no DVD though!

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
The menu is themed for the times, whatever that was, and it’s full of live action clips from the movie. The cover is not poster worthy, but does the job. It’s a little too Gladiator for me and this movie has sooooo many groovy visual possibilities it’s a shame they missed the opportunity to dig a little deeper in the artsy department.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Before I received Immortals on Blu-Ray I read a lot of complaints in other reviews about the movie being too dark and even reports of 90% of the movie taking place in pitch darkness. All I can say about this is they must have not had there TV calibrated properly because I didn’t really experience this at all. Sure there are scenes that take place at night but you can always tell what is going on. The AVC encode here has a lot of difficult material to deal with and it does so effortlessly, blacks are deep and grain is not present. The film was shot digitally on the Panavision Genesis camera then converted to 3D in post for the 3D release, this means the 2D version is pristine as its taken directly from the camera. All told this is a stunning Blu-Ray presentation regardless how you feel about the film.

So how is the sound here? Well it’s literally the star of the show with stunning surround and bass usage. I commented to Cidtalk at least once during the movie that it sounded like something was above us. Immortals is presented in DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and is a treat for all you lossless soundtrack addicts.

Value: 3/10
At 27 bucks it’s too much. This is a flick, not something I need to own for more than the cost of my monthly water usage. You see, I need water to live. Immortals don’t rank quite that high. So, rent it and a few other similar movies and have a great Saturday afternoon of gods, swords, and sandals.

Overall Score 6/10