I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Cover Art and Menu: 5/10
The cover of Chuck and Larry is a typical comedy take on the ‘2 dudes get married’ scenario…hilarious, or moderately amusing, you be the judge.
The menus are all just the standard navigation, nothing special, nothing to write about.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes – They did cut out a pretty big scene when Buscemi goes to Sandler’s parent’s house. Other than that these are all just little bits and bobs that are not missed in the final cut of the movie.
  • Laughing Is Contagious Featurette – This is just a montage of filming the movie and all the laughing and giggling that went on behind the scenes.
  • I now Pronounce You Husband & Husband Featurette – Behind the scenes, getting to know the cast and crew…you know the drill. It’s pretty good actually. There are a lot of interview moments and looking back over the various stunts and what not.
  • Look Who Stopped By Featurette – This movie has a few guest star appearances, Dan Aykroyd for one, and Richard Chamberlin ..among others.
  • Stop Drop & Roll Featurette – The fire scenes did require some stunt doubles and crazy harness work for the cast. This feature shows the making of a scene when a very large man has to be rescued from a burning house.

The Movie 8/10:
Behind every outrageous Sandler movie there’s a heart warming message. Well, let’s forget about Little Nicky. MOST Sandler movies seem to be in the category of cautionary tales. It goes something like this, “If you act like a jerk you end up alone and miserable. If you are a decent human being, you get a happy ending.”

This is not a bad thing to infuse into your movies. Chuck and Larry has that going for it, it’s about doing what’s right for people regardless of your differences. Sounds sappy you say? Kind of, yes but it has its moments.
We are introduced to a widower with two young kids and his fire fighting partner and best friend, the woman hungry fiend who lives the dream life of a bachelor. Do you feel the comedy coming on? Oh, I do. The dad can’t get benefits for his kids unless he gets married so something needs to happen before his job gets the best of him and his kids are left with nothing. The woman fiend, well, he’s happy the way he is, but he’s about to get a slight adjustment to his happy-go-lucky plans for his life.

A domestic partnership, in the name of the law and most corporations, of same sex couples is a real issue in everyday life for many people. It’s not something you think a lot about when you don’t see it up close and personal. I guess that makes it a good subject for a wacky comedy movie, the laughing, the education, all combined in one little package. So, widower convinces womanizer to sign some paperwork with the promise that will be that, no more effort to get his kids the benefits they deserve. Hmmmm, the best laid plans of characters in movies often go awry. Have you ever noticed that?

Things get complicated. They end up getting married in Canada by the “You can do it!” guy from most of Sandler’s other movies (Rob Schneider), only this time he’s Japanese (I think), and all of a sudden they are being pursued by a nutty investigator played by Steve Buscemi, and the whole prudish population of city of New York. It all boils down to a hearing to determine if their marriage is for real. Did someone say kiss the Husband? You’ll just have to tune in to see that one my little friends.

We aren’t talking deep dialogue, meaningful examinations of the human condition, or innovative movie making here. It is thought provoking, yes. Just don’t think to hard or you will lose the light hearted spirit of the whole thing. Mostly it’s popcorn-eating, eye rolling kind of humor and a good way to unwind. Don’t get too high-brow on this one in the expectations department, you’ll end up criticizing the low-browness and that’s just plain snotty.

There are laughs all through the movie. Some are genuinely funny gags and quality moments with the performers. Others are that kind of funny where you are uncomfortable and a little embarrassed that these Hollywood folks have the nerve to go just that little bit too far for a laugh. But hey, a laugh is a laugh and I can say this flick delivers quite a few along the way.

Oh yea, the man who directed it is the guy who played the dude who cheated on Colonel Potter’s daughter…some of you will know who I’m talking about, the rest can just live with that mystery hanging over your heads forever!!!!!

Value: 5/10
Adam Sandler fans, you will own this no matter what anyone says about it, so that’s a done deal. For everyone else, I consider this a great rental. It’s fun and has that good hearted message thing going on, so 3 or 4 bucks is a good price to pay for a few laughs and a tiny little something to think about.

Overall Score 7/10