I Love You Beth Cooper DVD Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
I Love You Beth cooper has a very stylized cover and menu, both demonstrating the fact that this is a high school movie.  Notebook paper and drawn artwork adorn both the cover and the menu, and while the cover is decent, the menu is even better, with more movement and flair.  It kind of is a rip-off of the Napoleon Dynamite vibe, but it is pretty good.

Features: 3/10

  • Alternate Ending – The alternate ending is an extended bit where our geek protagonist is involved in a drawn out battle with the military boyfriend of Beth, and his two cohorts.  It was actually pretty funny to watch, as it seemed like one of the funnier bits of the movie, but it was left out.
  • Deleted Scenes and extras – There are a few deleted scenes that are total throwaways, and a few interesting tidbits, like a home video of Paul Rust, singing a song about peanut butter toast, but overall there just is not must here to enjoy.  There are some “in character” pieces with Hayden Panettiere and Rust, but again, just minimal goodies overall.

The Movie: 4/10
I Love You Beth Cooper could have been a better movie, and it probably should have been.  There were some very funny parts, and the cast was decent, but the movie just felt like it was a rudderless ship, meandering from place to place, with no real direction.  It was like a John Hughes film, but without the character development, or solid story line.  There was potential, but it never came to fruition, which just made the movie seem hollow.

The movie starts with Dennis Cooverman (Paul Rust) giving his valedictorian speech at his high school.  He is an awkward young man, who takes the opportunity to tell his captive audience that he is, and has been in love with the beautiful Beth Cooper (Hayden Panettiere), the captain of the cheer-leading squad.  Dennis has apparently stalked Beth for years by sitting directly behind her in each of their classes.  Dennis also takes the time to out his best friend, call out the class slut, and the class bully, and even to poke fun of Beth’s much older (and much bigger) army boyfriend before being yanked from the stage.

When Beth and her two friends show up at Dennis’ post graduation party (the only ones who show up) things get awkward quickly, before Beth’s boyfriend (in his Hummer) show up to show Dennis a lesson.  At this point Dennis and Beth, and their friends embark and a night full of escaping the Army steroid crew, with varying degrees of funny (and unfunny) situations.

Again, there was some potential, and some parts of the movie that made me chuckle, but overall this movie was just a high school comedy with very little direction.

Audio & Video: 6/10
I found the video somewhat soft in parts of the movie, but overall it was adequate.  The audio was pretty nicely done and dialogue and music were nicely mixed.  This was a regular DVD release, so you cant expect too much from either audio or video, but overall a nice presentation.

Value: 3/10
This is just not a good movie, and not worth really getting involved with, unless you are 14-18 years old.  My 17 year-old stepdaughter was excited to hear that I was reviewing this movie, as she had already seen it, and liked it.  Her exact words were “I can’t wait until you watch it, because it is not good, but  I love it,” which makes no sense at all.  I am sure she just wanted to see me struggle with this movie, which I did, but again, she has watched it twice now since I got the movie, so obviously she enjoys it, even thought she says herself it is not great.  If this is your type of movie, go for it, otherwise go get Ferris Bueller or 10 Things I Hate About You instead.

Overall Score 4/10