I Heart Jonas Volume 2 DVD Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
So before we begin, as with many movies that I evaluate, I feel that I have to preface my review with a caveat.  In the case of this DVD, I have to point out that I have never seen a Jonas Brother show, heard any of their music, or even know which brother is which.  For a person who has seen their fair share of Disney Channel shows (I have a 17 year old step-daughter, and a 4 year old son) it is kind of amazing that I had never been introduced to the Jonas team.  As I often state before reviewing this type of movie, I am not the target audience for this type of show or DVD, which is glaringly evident from the cover, which feature the 3 boys on top of a red background with a heart prominent in the mix.  Not exactly my cup of tea.  I also have to mention the 3 magnets which are included with the DVD, each featuring a different brother, complete with the “I [heart] Jonas” tag line.  I somewhat reluctantly put the magnets on my fridge to pump myself up to watch the movie, but I honestly think that these magnets would look better on a school locker – but I don’t have one at this point in my life.

The menu is a bit better, with lots of colors and photos of the guys blinking in and out of the shot.  It is obvious who they are marketing to, and it is not 30-something year-old males.

Features: 3/10

  • You’ve Been JoBro’d – In this lone extra, the brothers Jonas play a prank on Jordin Sparks, who just happened to be on tour with them.  Clocking in at about 10 minutes in length, the guys set up a fake interview, in the style of Punk’d, where things do not go as planned, before letting Sparks in on the gag.  Mildly funny, but not quite what I would have described as “hilarious” as the cover suggests.  I can imagine that with the rabid Jonas fans, this one extra is not nearly enough of the behind the scenes type of material that they would crave.

The Movie: 8/10
This is really a collection of 7 Jonas Brothers episodes from their Disney Channel show, and not really a movie.  As I wrote, I had never been introduced to the three bothers before this.  I know I have seen ads on the Disney Channel for the show, and I do remember seeing them in the Miley Cyrus concert DVD, but this is the first time I got to see the show itself.  I was admittedly a bit apprehensive at taking on another Disney Channel show, with a full dose of “the Suite Life With Zach and Cody” fresh on my brain from a weekend with a sick 4 year-old about 3 weeks ago.  What I found out almost instantly was that the Jonas Brothers show is a little bit different from the rest of the Disney Channel shows I am used to.  Granted, it is close to the rest of them, but it feels like it is smarter in a way, and more polished than some that I am used to.

Starting off with the initial intro to the show, it is apparent that these three boys are talented musicians.  I was genuinely impressed at the songs that were featured throughout the episodes, which is a nice starting point for this type of show.  The boys are charming, good looking guys who seem to really have fun with the show, and not take themselves too seriously.

The show is based on the Jonas Brothers themselves, who are world famous pop-stars, who are trying to lead as normal of a life as they can.  The brothers are managed by their father, who is a quirky, if not somewhat geeky individual, who sets up interviews and meetings for the boys.  The three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, all attend high school, and try to get through their days like normal teens, except for the demands of playing concerts and doing press duties.  Their fashion coordinator Stella (Chelsea Staub) attends the same high school, and is somewhat smitten with lead singer Joe.  The two have been friends for years, and it seems that these shows on the I Heart Jonas Volume 2 DVD seem to accentuate this developing love story.  The two are constantly trying to sort out their friendship/relationship, with neither wanting to mess up what has been a great friendship, or mess up the band.

The stories are a bit shallow overall, but they are entertaining, and at times relatively funny, without going to outlandish.   I thought the acting was pretty decent overall, and basically the whole tone of the shows was clever and fun, without all of the goofiness that is present in some of the other Disney shows that I have seen.  The inclusion of the original songs is a nice touch, and it is easy to see why so many kids enjoy this show.

It is hard to fault these three kids for being so sought after, as they are good looking, talented, and they seem relatively down to earth, which is nice.  While I may not DVR the entire series, I am sure that while this is the first time I have watched the Jonas Brothers, it will not be the last.

Audio & Video: 7/10
I am so used to Disney releases being  so stellar that it is a rare day when I see just an average release, which this seems to be.  Now granted, this is a DVD release or television episodes, but I was only kind of impressed by the audio and video.  The video is presented in fullscreen 1.33:1, which is not the greatest transfer, with some artifacting noticeable.  the colors are pretty bright and the picture is decent for standard DVD.

The audio is pretty well done, with 5.1 Surround Sound that is sparingly used throughout.  The music presents very well, and the dialogue is front and center, but the Surround is used pretty sparingly with the exception of the music.  Overall decent, but not what I am used to from Disney.

Value: 6/10
You have to be a fan of the Jonas Brothers to really want to own this short collection of their shows.  I will admit I was very impressed at how much I liked the show, with its slightly more grown up feel that the Hannah Montana show.  Overall you really have to be a fan to own this collection, but that is exactly who this is being marketed to.  I thought overall it was a nice collection of Jonas Brothers shows, and I can now say that I know which brother is which, which has got to be good for something.

I can honestly say that I am kind of a fan of the Jonas brothers now, which might mean I have to hand in my “man” papers, but I am already married, so I guess I am fine with that.

Overall Score 7/10