I Heart Huckabees

Cover Art and Menu: 9/10
I like the cover, surprise surprise!! It’s not just some glossy shot of the star power. This is a movie with a sense of humor and I’m glad it’s reflected on the cover art. The menus are pretty cool as well. They use an effect in the movie that fragments the screen into a grid as pieces of the picture fall away. It’s a visual trick, eye candy if you will, but it’s obvious that the DVD authors on this project wanted to make this a packaged deal. It may seem unimportant, but as a DVD lover I can say it’s the details that count when it comes to appreciating certain discs more than others.

Features: 1/10
Commentaries by the director and some of the cast are the only extras you get with this disc. I love commentaries, believe me, but it’s not enough!!! This is a movie that begs to have hours of behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew to talk about it. Leaving this such a barren disc is a huge disappointment, but I’ll live. There is a special two disc version that features all the bells and whistles, but for some reason FOX chose to send us the bare bone version for review how strange 🙂

The Movie: 8/10:

There is no way to describe this film that doesn’t dull the concept down to some boring reviewer’s banter. I thoroughly enjoyed I (heart) Huckabees. Going into it I had no idea what it’s about, who’s in it, or what type of film it is. I love it that way. From the first scene when our leading man wants to find the meaning of a series of coincidences by going to Existential Detectives…yes, Existential Detectives. I was hooked instantly.

Exploring ideas such as existentialism doesn’t sound very exciting, or entertaining, but this movie tosses old stuffy ideas about such things out the window and gives us a story, characters, and situations that are hysterical, thought provoking, and very entertaining. It takes an ensemble cast of great timing, charisma and intense comedic skills to pull off a film that’s forged from the absurdities of our cultural standards. The film touches on beauty, charm, sensitivity, saving the planet, big business, relationships, sex, and so many other things that often define who we are. Again, this might sound boring, but the script is written so cleverly and the performances from each and every person are so compelling, they could make a movie about taking out the trash and it would be totally watchable.

Lily Tomlin is one of my favorites. She has a style and timing in how she delivers her lines that’s so funny. As soon as she’s on the screen I’m smiling just waiting to see what she will do next. She and Hoffman are a perfect pair. Marky Mark, oh I mean, Mark Wahlberg pulls off one of the funniest performances I have seen in a long time. His character is a fire fighter searching for meaning in his life after 9-11, specifically our nation’s obsession with using petroleum. It doesn’t sound like a subject to be taken lightly, but it is handled with the perfect balance of humor and sensitivity, and with Wahlberg in the driver’s seat (even though he refuses to drive a car or even ride the fire engine to a fire) the character is brilliant.

I highly recommend this for any serious film freaky person who likes a story that’s not a straight line. It’s fun, funny, clever, and even touches on a few deeper ideas that you can take or leave, depending on how existential you feel like being on that particular day.

Value: 6/10
Until this DVD is under $10 I’m not convinced it should be a purchase, just a rental for now. If you just have to have it find the best deal you can online, or wait a few months when it will hit the bargain bin.

Overall Score 7/10