Horrible Bosses Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Horrible bosses, that’s just a dose of reality we all have to swallow at some point in our lives. As for the movie Horrible Bosses, it’s the fantasy of dealing with wretched horrible people who happen to sign the paychecks of our three ‘heroes’. Something must be done about the sexually charged dentist who terrorizes, the maniacal corporate president who demeans and bullies, and of course the asshole creepy sleazy son who inherits his father’s company and wants to milk it for all it’s worth. These people must be taken down, down, and the somewhat hapless employees who decide to do the world a favor represent all of us who might have had tiny little plans in our minds to do the same to a boss or two along the way.

It’s well made, great stunts, good music, and just a good time….for that I say it’s worth the 7 out of 10. But, don’t take that too seriously, it’s for the laughter not for the overall experience.

The different types of workers that most of us are don’t really feel represented here, so you have to just take on board the sympathy for a rich executive (Bateman), a comfortable plant manager (Zaranakis), and a dental hygienist (the other guy, please insert name:)). There are no dish washers or floor moppers or waitresses or retail clerks, these are the people who do take the most shit at their jobs, but for the purpose of this movie we just need to summon up some connection with these dudes. I had a hard time with that so it was kind of the thing that neutralized the impact of the whole story….that being said, as they say, I did enjoy this movie a lot. I laughed, giggled, exclaimed “Oh my god!” a few times, and came away with a general sense of satisfaction and of being entertained. Does that sound kind of blah? Well, it’s hard to look back and summon up a lot of umph when I didn’t find myself represented at all, but I suppose it should be universal, that sense of camaraderie for fellow employees who have had to deal with jerky bosses, so the actual job shouldn’t matter. But it really does.

The cast is excellent, for me. Now, Ascully found the dental hygienist annoying. I disagree, but I can see where he’s coming from with the kind of over the top cartoon antics this guy had to engage in occasionally. I didn’t understand the indulgent Kevin Spacey moments, but hey, it’s Spacey. Jamie Foxx’s character is just so not necessary it made it very difficult to appreciate the wheezily dude he was playing. This movie does have a lot of things that seem to be poorly planned or just stuck in for reasons that don’t serve the story, or just do not need to be there. It’s a bit patched together with scenes that take it too cartoony. It could have been trimmed up, focused more on the job of being in a job with a horrible boss and less time on the crazy antics.

The biggest thing that I come away with that makes this movie less then it could be is that at the heart, it has no heart. I’m not saying every movie with comedy and the real life edge needs to have some kind of morality tale or soppy gushy middle, but when a story is told that has no connection to anything meaningful at all it becomes a hollow experience. I like some hollow movies, no doubt, it’s just that the potential for identifying with folks who live their lives being at the mercy of some schmuck who pays their paycheck, well, there is a lot of opportunity for something other than wild heists and slap stick.

I want to like it more than I do, however I did enjoy it while it lasted. I don’t know what else to add to that….it’s totally recommended for anyone who wants a cheap laugh or two. Just don’t go looking for that “OH yea fulfill MY fantasy of doing in my dipwad boss!!!” it might not be there.

Features: 6/10

  • My Least Favorite Career – Most of the cast and director reflect on real jobs they have had in the past. Unfortunately none of them want to out any real people so not much information is given up.
  • Surviving A Horrible Boss – The cast talk about how to survive working with a horrible employer.
  • Being Mean Is Such Fun – The three horrible bosses talk about being horrible and how much fun it is.
  • The Making Of The Horrible Bosses Soundtrack – Promotional extra about the forgettable soundtrack.
  • Deleted Scenes – A few deleted scenes including two different alternate openings.
  • Ultraviolet Digital Copy – A new era in digital copies.
  • DVD Version – A DVD Version for you ludites

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
I like the cover. It’s pretty bold and slightly obnoxious. It is comedy after all. I might even have it as a poster, hint hint Ascully! The menu is nothing, well, barely anything. It’s a still image and navigation.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Horrible Bosses is an uneven film and the transfer shares that trait. At times it shows great detail and superb black levels but at others (take the scene where Sudekis goes for a late night rendezvous with Aniston) the transfer inhibits lots of HD video noise. That’s not saying this is a bad transfer though far from it. The flesh tones and color saturation are spot on and there is not a hint of banding or DNR applied. For a comedy this stands up to most of 2011’s releases and as such gets an 8/10.

Audio is very central heavy. I don’t think I heard the surround speakers kick in at all throughout the whole running time. The DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack is very clear though and not an ounce of the funny dialog will be missed. I was going to use the word horrible in this section somewhere but this transfer is far from it.

Value: 6/10
If you find this blu-ray for 12 bucks, it might be worth having it around for a laugh now and then. Any more than that and I would just rent it or stream it on a Friday night movie bing. The extras are slightly boring and the movie is empty calories for the most part so I don’t have a desire to invest much in it.

Overall Score 7/10