He’s Just Not That Into You Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
My guess is that it is hard to fit images of all of the main characters onto the cover of a movie like this one.  He’s Just Not That Into You has a true ensemble cast, so we get a pretty generic cover that includes photos of all of the main actors.  It works I guess, but it is not all that original or eye-catching.

The menu for the movie is kind of strange, as in there really is not a main menu.  The movie starts in and you are presented with a menu along the bottom of the screen for your choices.  I guess their is a sub menu that appears when you are looking for extras, but it is just a photo from the movie with an “extra” menu presented over it.  I liked the fact that the movie just started in at the beginning.

Features: 5/10

  • Additional Scenes With Director Commentary – There are a few scenes that are included here that really did not seem to me to add anything to the movie, and thankfully are left out.  We get to see Scarlett Johansson’s mother in a scene or two, and a different introduction between Drew Barrymore and Kevin Connolly, which did not work as well as the one in the movie.  We also get to see Scarlett Johansson singing a Jeff Buckley tune, which was interesting, but not needed.
  • Baltimore Blade The Relationship Issue – A kind of neat little set up of 6 interviews with the characters of the movie, set after the movie has ended.  Each actor (or actors for the couples) is asked questions like a real interview, and it was fun to watch the group try to ad lib the answers while staying in character.  Some work much better than others, but it was a neat twist on the movie.  My favorite was a comment about how Neil in the movie looks just like that actor Ben Affleck.  Very funny.
  • How 6 Simple Words Inspired A Book And A Movie – The book that launched He’s Just Not That Into You was a phenomenon that was covered by such icons as Oprah Winfrey.  This extra describes the way that the idea was created by some of the writers from Sex and the City, and how it evolved into a book and a movie.
  • Duet For Telephones – This is probably my favorite extra that is included on the disk.  The director Ken Kwapis walks us through a scene where two of the main characters are interacting over the telephone, and he explains the techniques that he used to convey the fact that these two individuals have an emotional chemistry, even though they are not sharing the same screen.  It is very detailed, and show the little things that we take for granted in a movie that influence the way we take in the story.
  • BDLive – The only real extra included on BD Live was a video called “10 Chick Cliches” where the male actors of the movie talked about cliches that normally appear in “chick films,” and how those are not present in this movie so it is ok for a guy to watch the movie.  Apparently more content is coming for BD Live.

The Movie: 6/10
I am becoming the resident Ascully romantic comedy guy.  I have to admit for the most part I like sitting down with my wife and watching these type of “chick flicks” as much as I like watching other comedies.  Hopefully my man card will not get revoked since I admitted to watching these types of films.  When I busted out the He’s Just Not That Into You Blu-ray, I knew a little bit about the book and the onslaught that became an Oprah favorite, but I really had not read the book or seen much about what this is all about.  From the movie, I have to laugh at the way that the phrase can seem to apply to situations that to a guy would just seem obvious.

The movie looks at several single and married individuals living in Baltimore, Maryland, as they traverse through their lives and try to find happiness.  It features a full range of well known actors, and the stories seem to interweave and intermingle through chance encounters and somewhat incredible coincidences.  While not really following the book itself, the movie presents situations where the players have to come to grips with the fact that their romantic endeavors are not always want they seem, or more importantly, they are not always what we want them to be.

Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) plays a fresh faced twenty something who seems so intent on finding Mr. Right, that she seems to go out of her way to ignore the (seemingly) obvious signs that the guys that she dates may not be as into her as she hopes.  When they don’t call, or don’t act as she thinks they should, she turns into an emotional wreck who considers semi-stalking them to see what went wrong.  Gigi, while stalking a date that went wrong, ends up meeting Alex (Justin Long) who befriends her and ends up giving her straight forward advice about how she should slow down and recognize the signs that these guys are just not really interested in her.  She ends up mellowing out and relying on Alex, while the two become close friends.

Gigi’s office mates Janine (Jennifer Connelly) and Beth (Jennifer Aniston) each are struggling with their own relationship issues.  Janine is married to Ben (Bradley Cooper), and the two are in the process of renovating their house.  Janine is convinced that Ben is lying to her about taking up smoking again, when in reality Ben has run into and befriended a yoga-teaching singer named Anna (Scarlett Johansson).  Anna is certain that Ben is her soul mate, even though he tries to tell her he is happily married.  Anne’s ex Conor (Kevin Connolly) is made to wait for Anna to decide what she wants.  Conor is a nice guy who sells real estate, and he ends up posting an add in a local gay newspaper at the advice of Mary (Drew Barrymore), whom he has only ever met over the phone.  Conor is also a guy that Gigi went out with on an ill-fated date, leading her to stalk him, thus leading to her meeting Alex.

Beth has been in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck) who is not sold on the idea of marriage, and Beth gives him the “ultimatum” speech, which leads to her moving out.  The separation is made especially hard when Beth’s younger sister ends up getting married.

The movie does have a lot of intertwined overlapping stories, that are just a bit much to be believable, but which tie the whole ting together.  There are lots of funny moments in the movie, and the relationships and dating experiences are ones that I think many people will be able to relate to.  One of the problems with the movie is that it seems to drag on a bit in the middle.  It was almost like they were trying to cover too many people and too many issues.

In the end the movie (thankfully) does not end up being wrapped up too nicely with everyone getting exactly what they wanted, and it therefore seems a bit more believable.  I liked He’s Just Not That Into You, but as the Ascully romantic comedy guru, there are better movies to see.

Audio & Video: 6/10
I was  not overly impressed with either the audio or the video.  Both were adequate, but it seemed to me that the video was not overly crisp like I am used to with Blu-ray, and the audio was just unimpressive.  Presented in a 1080p/VC-1 transfer, the video is decent, but not mind blowing, and not what I would have expected from a high definition Blu-ray.   The color is nicely presented, and the movie at times looks very sharp, but in other scenes I noticed that it was just a bit off.  Perhaps I am getting spoiled by Blu-ray, but I want all of the scenes to look sharp and amazing now.

The audio was mainly front and center focused, as can be expected from a dialogue heavy romantic comedy.  The 5.1 Surround Sound did not see too much use, but when it did, it was nicely mixed.  While not overly impressive, it was basically adequate.

Value: 6/10
He’s Just Not That Into You is a fun, ensemble heavy romantic comedy, that just seemed to kind of drone a bit.  There were some good funny aspects of the film, and it is one in which I think many people will be able to relate to on many different levels.  It is nice to see that this was a bit of a mixed bag of happy endings and sad realizations, and overall it was s decent Friday night movie.  I would recommend it for a rental, but there just was not enough here for me to want to see this again and again.  I have to say my wife would disagree with me, and I bet I may catch her watching this one a few times more than I did.

Overall Score 6/10