Hanna Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 8/10
From start to finish Hanna floated from the screen through my wide opened eyes, into my excited brain and keeps swirling around even now, 3 days later. In other words, I loved it. A story of a young woman with a secret, coming of age, action adventure, and just a hint of humor to balance it all together perfectly. She’s 16 and some very bad people are looking for her. Her father has kept her isolated through her youth to protect and train her to take care of herself when those bad people find her. She hits teenagehood and she chooses to go out into the world, facing the dark forces, the wonders, the beauty, the endlessness of it all.

She is played absolutely perfectly, let’s just say that applies to everyone in this movie and be done with the cast portion.

The music is the Chemical Brothers and it’s amazing. They struck the right tug and pull, push and relax through the whole movie. The raw emotions of some scenes tapped right into with very heart pounding tunes, along with action sequences that made my eyes and ears become completely hypnotized by it all. I don’t mind music that directs us to certain emotions and ideas through a movie, but when it’s so completely seamless and even the beat of the cities, the sound effects, the dialog is used as part of the music, well, without sounding pretentious it does become the heartbeat of the story.

The locations in this story are captivating. From the frozen arctic to the desserts of Africa we get so much life, so much color, so much everything it extends the experience of the movie that much more. My advice, if you are making an action adventure movie, go on an ADVENTURE first and the action can come as a bonus. The vibrant languages and cultural richness that our young heroine encounters truly sweep me away. It’s not often that my aging mind gets a charge from a movie like this.

There is so much to this movie that I enjoyed, the story, the details, the acting, the music, the, the, the, the….really it’s hard for me to focus on a few specific things when I think the whole of the movie is the only way to ‘get it’. There are things I want to talk about, but I don’t want to spoil anything. The moments I want to burst out and just rattle on and on and on about I don’t want to plant in your mind before you see it. It’s so much better to go along the this trip with young Hanna with the same wide eyed wonder that she had……and me too:)


Features: 7/10

  • Adapt Or Die – These extras are deceptive. It looks like a good amount and even as you watch they seem hefty, but in fact they left me wanting more. Adapt or Die is a behind the scenes feature, interviews with cast, director and writer.
  • Central Intelligence Agency – The world of our leading evil bad woman from the perspective of the performer, Kate Blanchett.
  • Chemical Reaction – One Chemical Brother does a phone interview about their new adventure writing a movie score.
  • The Wide World Of Hanna – Many locations are plotted through the movie and this is a very very brief run through of them.
  • Alternate Ending – This is more of an epilogue than an alternate ending, but it’s still pretty cool. I’m glad it wasn’t tagged onto the movie and glad they put it in the extras:)
  • Deleted Scenes – There are several of these little buggers, and a couple do have information in them that would have added to the the movie. I loved the movie so much that I was hungry for more deleted scenes, which is quite rare.
  • Anatomy Of A Scene – A TV series that takes us through the making of one scenes, start to finish, special effects, writing, performance, etc.
  • Feature Commentary With Director Joe Wright – I like this director, so I like listening to him talk:)

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
I do enjoy this cover image. It’s mysterious, ever so slightly. It’s intriguing, eyes peeking through with an obvious bow and arrow. I would have this as a poster, framed and featured in my home somewhere. The menu is live action clips from the movie so don’t watch very much of it before you watch the movie.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Hanna is a visually stunning movie that cannot be ignored and Universal have brought the A game with this awesome looking transfer. With such different environments and color pallets on offer throughout the film you would think the transfer would have problems somewhere. But no this is as perfect as it gets from the snow covered forest to the hot sands of morocco and the cityscape of Germany. You will be hard pressed to find fault with Hanna on Blu-Ray.

As is becoming the norm with Universal releases of late, Hanna is mixed very LOUD. I had to turn the dial from 27db to 32db to reach a comfortable listening level so be prepared. The soundtrack is as awesome as the picture here with the Chemical Brothers score really amping up the scenes and adding a certain something to the movie. Even normal everyday sounds in the movie are amped up giving the film a otherworldy feel.

I LOVED Hanna, it’s a movie that came out of nowhere for me and really hit all the things I like (strong female lead, action, conspiracy) if any of those subjects wet your whistle you should give this disc a spin.

Value: 8/10
I did thoroughly enjoy this movie. Just re-read the bit above under the “Movie” section. The thing is, it’s 25 bucks and that’s too much for me this time around. Yes it’s awesome. Yes I want it on my shelf. No, I don’t want to recommend that anyone spend that much on any one disc. Therefore, wait a little while for a price drop, or rent it online. Definitely see this movie, just don’t spend your electric bill money on it:)

Overall Score 9/10