Halloween 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Get me interested by bringing me back to that terrifying night when Michael murdered those idiot teenagers, fell off a building, and disappeared, the horror, the fear of not knowing where he went. (And then there were about 50 more movies that tell a few different versions of the story of what happened next, but we are supposed to pretend they don’t exist…sooooo….)  Now give me the comfort of knowing he was caught and put in a prison for the criminally insane for all these years and we’re all completely safe, mostly safe, maybe safe…..and then a prison transport van crashes on a dark foggy road…..we are not safe.

I like the Halloween franchise. I was there for the original story, back when it all began. I sat in theaters while Michael stabbed and boiled and wrecked havoc through several more movies, but the thing is, nothing ever quite had the impact as that first night. I’m on board with this story picking up where that one left off, even if it’s a bit of a lazy way to get us through to the 21st century. I mean, our villain has been locked up in prison, and our heroine has been locked down in her house stockpiling weapons, waiting. It’s like a very strange giant pause button got pushed that night and not much really  happened in between. I accept this version of the story for one main reason, it was written by the original guy, John Carpenter. It’s his story, his characters, his world, and I am just along for the ride.

As we meet some super annoying characters, podcasters of course, they drag us into the presence of Michael. He hasn’t spoken for all these years, the other inmates are afraid of him, and our podcasters, well, they are more annoying than our original teenagers back in the 70’s (and all teenagers in all the movies we are supposed to ignore since them) therefore it’s not really a spoiler to say they might not last long. I think the image below this review is a tiny clue to that:)

We establish littl’ol Mikey has escaped captivity, podcasters bleed, and Jamie Lee Curtis is next on the list, but not just yet. We have to have more fodder for the killing machine in a mask, so dumb annoying teenagers do find themselves in some bad situations.

We have Laurie, Laurie’s daughter, and Laurie’s granddaughter now to be terrified, hide, run, and scream. I did appreciate that they made the effort to make them all different types of characters, then again, everyone is pretty 2 dimensional. But hey, it’s a horror flick, what am I really expecting. The daughter lived her childhood being trained by her mother to be afraid, be prepared, shoot guns, set traps, etc. So, she’s ready for this night, but very bitter and resentful about a wasted youth. The granddaughter is barely aware of the true nature of that fear that will come to find her family once again.

Now, we’re at the heart of the matter, Michael vs. Laurie/Laurie’s offspring. Unfortunately for the men in this movie their scripts all ended well before the final act. Girl power! 🙂

I don’t know really what to add to this review. I mean, if you are a Halloween fan, you know the story:) If you are new to it but want to watch it because you have heard about it, you probably already know the story. It’s a novelty, this franchise, it’s not for deep thinking or contemplation. It’s a way for John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis to get these characters out of their systems and convince themselves they are telling a deeper story….they are not. It’s good vs. bad, and that’s it. Blood will flow, it’s part of the equation, so just flow with it and you’ll have a fine time as long as you are a horror flick lover.

I recommend this one for sure if you are up for the Halloween completest list, but be sure to watch the first one first to get the full effect.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Extended Scenes (12 Minutes) – 8 Deleted scenes that do give some of the Later scenes more meaning.
  • Back In Haddonfield: Making Halloween (6 Minutes) – A discussion on how the film plays with the original to make a sequel that takes advantage of the events.
  • The Original Scream Queen (2 minutes) – Jamie Lee Curtis is back and here we get to see a comparison of her in the original film and this one.
  • The Sound Of Fear (3 Minutes) – John Carpenter and his son took the original score and expanded upon it, here we get to see them both at work.
  • Journey Of The Mask (3 Minutes) – What is a Halloween film without the iconic mask here we see how the special effects department came up with an updated version.
  • The Legacy Of Halloween (5 Minutes) – Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, David Gordon Green, and Jason Blum discuss the film in front of a replica of the original house.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 9/10
Halloween is easily the best looking movie in the entire franchise with a modern sharp look that the others movies only wish they had. Flesh and blood tones are remarkably accurate adding to the horror of the title. A lot of the film takes place at night and the disc has no trouble keeping all that action sharp and pristine. This is a horror fans dream and a great looking movie on Blu-ray or 4K.

Horror films live and die by how immersive the soundtrack is. The opening here featuring Carpenters score gave me goosebumps as soon as I heard it. The DTS:X soundtrack here is very full and very active in the surround speakers. Gunshots hit the subwoofer with force and dialog is very centralized.

Overall Score 7/10