Hall Pass Blu-Ray Review

From the directors of “There’s Something About Mary,” “Hall Pass” arrives onto Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download on June 14th 2011

The Movie: 5/10
Take a romp in the comic follies of modern marriage and a sentimental look at true love, or waller in the muddy waters of penis jokes and the immaturity of men, Hall Pass offers these broad choices.

Let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes it’s good to just giggle and laugh and roll your eyes at the ridiculous things some writers and movie makers throw at our movie watching faces. 🙂 I like Owen Wilson. I like the other guy. I like Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer. Do you know where I’m going with this? Let me tell you. The cast is enjoyable and occasionally there is an honest laugh or two. The story has some charm as a modern look at marriage and relationships. Try to fleck off any of the glossy paint and we are looking at a blank canvas, junk food for the brain, empty movie calories.

A husband and wife are at that mundane phase of their marriage and she offers him a week of not being married to get his sexual fantasies off his lips and out of his system. You see, these men, and their misfit crew of friends like to talk a good game. They fancy themselves a group of women magnets and talk endlessly about how they could get this woman and that women. Never mind the incredibly sexist attitudes, that women are nothing more than tits and ass meant for them to maul and drool over….I’ll skip the lecture and take it for what it is, an idiot’s guide to the man mind and the women who love them in spite of themselves.

Discussing it with Ascully we agree that it’s a fun lovin’ flick, and on the flip side that it’s not memorable. That makes it harder to review just because I would recommend it to a few people because it’s wacky, but other’s because it’s got a little romantic comedy attitude, and others just because it’s a grown up chuckle for a weekend afternoon (or whenever you choose to watch). Not everyone will appreciate the humor (even I struggle on a few attempted jokes), and the people who do like the dumb jokes might not have patience for the relationship examinations, so view with an open mind. Leave your mature grown up mind at the door and dust off that mind that laughed at Porky’s back in the day just warn it that there is a cautionary tale buried in amongst the boob and penis jokes.

Features: 2/10

  • Additional Scene – This scene is not missed from the movie, just more hi-jinks.
  • Gag Reel – Goofy giggles and forgetting lines, that’s what gag reels are meant to be, and these fit the bill.
  • DVD Version Of The Movie – DVD

Cover Art and Menus: 2/10
Ugh. That’s what I say about this raucous wannabe cover. It gives the wrong impression of the movie, as a whole. The woman’s butt in  a bikini bottom with our two leading men peeking around, well, it’s just blah. It’s too Porky’sesque for what the movie actually offers. I’m not saying it’s an intellectual champion of cinematic history, however, it’s got more going for it than men drooling over mostly naked women….not MUCH more, but more. The menu is so forgettable, I have no recollection of what it looked like:)

Audio & Video: 8/10
The latest comedy from the Farrelly Brothers fares really well on Blu-Ray high definition. In fact the picture is so good that the fake tans (we couldn’t figure out if the tans were an in-joke or not) really show up in great and horrible detail. Blacks show great detail and are inky as they should be. The colors are slightly exaggerated but I think that is by design.

Hall Pass is a talky comedy so don’t expect your surround system to come alive. Where it does excel is the crystal clear centered dialog. Sure there are some nightclub scenes that kick the sub woofer up to 10, but this is no Battle LA or Lord Of The Rings in the sound department. Hall Pass does sound crisp and clear though Warner have done a bang up job on this one.

Value: 3/10
This movie is empty calories, and like any junk food it’s not meant to be savored and isn’t very memorable. Rent this little flick and get a couple other rainy day comedies to go along with it to make a fun day at the movies. There aren’t enough extras to pump up the experience overall, and it’s not the type of movie that would call to me for multiple viewing. A couple bucks thrown its direction is enough. If you buy it you are going to wonder why you gave up over $20. Avoid buyer’s remorse, but don’t avoid the movie.

Overall Score 5/10