Green Lantern Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 6/10
I wasn’t looking forward to this movie. It looked cheesy and unappealing from the trailers I caught glimpses of through the whole promotional period leading up the release. This kind of negative seed planted in my head does unfairly skew my attitude when it’s time to sit down and watch the movie. I tried to let it go and just think about the fun and the adventure of a super hero story, and for the most part that did the trick. It’s not a classic. It’s not something that makes me want to see it again and again, not even just again. The characters are fairly boring and cut from molds we have seen so many times, that’s no secret in the Hollywood formula making factory. What saved the experience for me is that this movie has a lot of guts. It’s not JUST like other super hero/comic book movies, and that’s the spark that melted my blah attitude in the end.

Our leading man is your cocky pilot dude with a sad past. His peripheral characters are a young woman who someone started her out to be tough and semi cool but ended up writing her to be a swooning damsel in distress..yuck.. Then we have the tormented young man who has reasons to hate and defy his father enough to become tortured, corruptible. That father is a jerk, and there is a father who is too perfect (and dead), and then the father of the young woman who just kind of whiffs of bad guy but never has the chance to fully develop. Once we get to the other worldly folks things pick up, and yet still we get the immortal wise ones, the tough drill sergeant, the well balanced zen kind of fish dude, and a few others who look more cool than they really are. It’s a shame.

With all of this humdrum character stuff going on how did I actually enjoy this movie? I’m glad you asked. The history of the Green Lantern coalition, the scope of the whole universe being involved, the immense evil foe, it’s enough to get me in the groove. I let go of the shitty cheap one liners as much as I could, forgot about the lame trailer, and just enjoyed the ride. The special effects are ropy sometimes, lots of rag doll syndrome and the all CGI suits got pretty shaky sometimes. Then again, I might have noticed more because I got a little bit bored through a few scenes. I have no idea why, but there were times when I zoned out and started seeing the cracks in the shiny movie making glaze that’s supposed to wow us into a certain kind of movie frenzy blindness. I do fall for it sometimes, no doubt, but with Green Hornet, I was in and out of liking it about four different times.

Overall I had a good time watching a movie that I would not have chosen to watch and won’t see again. That sounds suspiciously like a criticism, but it’s not. Fun while it lasted, that’s a fair statement. I don’t look forward to more Green Lantern installments if they are to come. I wouldn’t recommend this over most other comic book/super hero movies I have seen. However, if someone was having a night in with some fun movies and it was on their “maybe” list I wouldn’t steer them away from it. Take that for what you will.

Features: 8/10

  • Extended Cut – It’s the movie with 9 minutes that are not in the theatrical version. It does give us more for the opening sequence, a flashback, and really does add to the back story of our hero. I am not sure why they cut stuff out for the theater, but I wish I had one board meeting in Hollywood per movie!
  • Theatrical Version On DVD Only – 9 minutes less than the extended version. 🙂
  • Maximum Movie Mode – Watch the movie again with the writer taking you through a lot of extras, concept art, behind the scenes, etc. It’s an excellent way to explore the whole of the Green Lantern experience.
  • The Universe According To Green Lantern – How the comic became a movie.
  • justice League #1 Comic – An animated version of the comic, very cool.
  • Additional Scenes – These scenes would not add anything to the movie. We get a bit more with the nephew, and then some unfinished CGI moments.
  • Preview Of Green Lantern The Animated Series – If you are  in love with Green Lantern, this will add to the universe he occupies. It’s just a preview, so it might be too much of a tease.
  • BDLive – There is nothing much to see here, as usual.
  • Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – Find this on your Ultra Violet account when you add the code for Green Lantern. It’s a full length animated feature yours to view alongside your digital copy of Green Lantern.

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Getting lots of other worldly characters on the cover is pretty good, I just wish the Earthly dude wasn’t in the front. Why do I have this thing that the star of the movie is the most boring thing you can slam on the cover? I don’t really even care about the covers of movies. They just sit on the shelf facing each other, so why swoon over them? Well, if you give me a reason to NOT think like this you win the prize!! What’s the prize? Hmmmm I’ll buy the poster version and put it in my house. What an honor:)

Audio & Video: 6/10
Green Lantern comes to Blu-Ray with a 1080P AVC encode that is impressive in parts. The problem I do have with the encode is how dark some scenes are, funny that the tagline features with words “Blackest Night”. There is also a smattering of DNR applied which makes Ryan Reynolds look a little waxy at times.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track is loud and bombastic which is perfect for a summer blockbuster flick like this one. The 5.1 surround really impresses with fighter jets and bulletfire coming from every angle. When Hal Jordan takes a trip into space listen for the whoosh of the subwoofer as hes sucked up that little green tunnel.

Overall the presentation here is quite good but the black levels let things down a little. Still it’s the best you will see this movie as I don’t think it was successful enough to warrant a special edition down the line.

Value: 5/10
Rental, that’s how I would define Green Lantern in the consumer world. I don’t have any desire to see it again, so owning it isn’t topping my list of priorities. It’s fun but it doesn’t grab me and demand that it be part of our collection. You might find this blu-ray for around 20 bucks, which is way way way too much. If you see it for 10 bucks, that might be a cheap night at the movies and with the added extras do give you a full evening of Green goodness.

Overall Score 5/10