Gravity Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
The gravity of your life can be the crushing black hole type, never letting go of you, trapping you in the endless effects of a traumatic, terrible, overwhelming event or experience. And there is Gravity, the kind that makes galaxies spin, planets spin, suns implode, and keeps us from floating off into the vastness of the universe. Clever isn’t it, a movie using both to tell a story. Maybe it’s not that clever, maybe it’s just like every other human story of sadness, regret, trauma, and redemption or revelation or resolution. Taking a character from having little or no will to live, at the very least just going through life so damaged they can’t really live, through to that moment of finding a reason or a boost or something that turns them around and want to live again is not a new idea. It depends on the movie, but sometimes it is told in a way that might capture our imaginations more, adding space suits and Sandra Bullock doesn’t hurt:)

What I don’t get is how this movie has become such a big deal. I mean, I really really enjoyed it. It is well made, well performed, pretty well written, it’s just not THAT amazing. The visual effects way, way, way out weigh the content of the story. A woman deep in sadness just getting through her life one astronaut-doctor-task at a time is forced into a life and death situation. She’s about to be lost to the endlessness of space, drifting through the rest of her life alone, and she’s actually willing to let it happen….for a brief moment. I’m not sure what exactly the catalyst for her is, it’s unclear from how they write specific scenes, but it is just like life. I have had moments when my whole view of this world have changed and I have no idea why or how, just that a shift in the momentum of life must have woke me up.

Credit for a calm, quiet movie should definitely be given to the writers and director. Even as an aeronautic disaster movie it’s not too awful explosive. Yes, there are some big action sequences that inject some umph here and there, but mostly it’s about how a human character deals with the circumstance. I like that.

I could do without George Clooney in this movie completely. His “charm” is out-of-place, unwarranted, unneeded, and lowers the quality of certain scenes for me. He’s not bad, just boring and that “I’m trying to be funny and charming and the release for the heavy nature of this story” thing shifts the gravity of the situation too much (see what I did there?? :))

Overall I enjoyed the spectacle of Gravity a lot. I’m a sucker for anything in space. I am currently rewatching Event Horizon, don’t judge, just to see the vision the art director and director had for space a few years ago. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who, Star Trek (ALL Star Trek series), and lots of other creative ventures that portray our view of what our future in space will look like. Gravity is closer to now, and still feeds that science fiction craving. It’s worth watching for the visual effects alone, and the even though the story and the main character are not that compelling necessarily, it does tug at your heart enough to be meaningful. I did shed a few tears, so I can’t be too harsh. Watch it, enjoy it, just keep in mind that because the box says it’s the best movie of the year doesn’t mean it’s the best movie of the year!!

Features: 9/10

  • 2D & 3D Versions Of The Movie
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy
  • Mission Control – The meat and potatoes of this extras package actually runs longer than the movie at 107 minutes. It’s a wonderful behind the scenes look at every aspect of the production from script to screen and everything in between. I really liked the section that dealt with the wiring rig that Sandra Bullock wears to give the effect of floating in the film.
  • Shot Breakdowns – 37 minutes worth of how the shots in the movie were achieved. This is a fascinating look at how the most technical film of the year came to life.
  • Aningaag: A Short Film By Jonas Cuaron – A short film by the directors son that ties directly into Gravity. If you are a fan of the movie you will get a kick out of this little gem.
  • Collision Point: The Race To Clean Up Space – Ed Harris narrates this pseudo scaremongering documentary about the real life issue surrounding the movie.

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
It’s a good cover. I approve and yes, I might even have it as a poster in my house. The menu is just navigation.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Gravity comes home with a top-tier 3D & 2D transfer that takes you into space in such an enthralling manner you will be impressed no matter who you are. This is easily this years best looking Blu-Ray so far! Seeing as the movie is set in space it’s obvious that if black levels are off even to the slightest degree things will start to look ugly, but here black detail is so impeccable space looks exactly how it should. There are no signs of banding or edge enhancement this is a top-notch 1080P AVC transfer that will knock your space boots off.

Audio is also as impressive as you can hope for with a 5.1 DTS-HD audio track that uses surround sound in some very inventive ways. Some people have complained that a 7.1 track is not included and I agree with them but what we have here is one of the most impressive surround sound tracks of all time. Right from the start you know you are in for something special, this is a film that needs surround sound to make it effective if you are listening through your TV speakers you are only getting half the story. Gravity is as close as it comes to perfection on Blu-Ray you would be crazy not to pick it up.

Overall Score 7.5/10