Grandma’s Boy Unrated Edition

Cover Art: 5/10
It’s a crazy movie so it’s not really important if the cover is interesting or artistic. It’s good enough for me, and that’s saying a lot. The menus have funny stills from the movie and looped audio with some funny lines, but other than that, pretty boring.

Features: 7/10

  • Commentary By Allen Covert, Nick Swardson And Peter Dante – If you like the movie you will like to watch it again with this funny commentary. These guys are not your typical Hollywood producer/writer types, they are actually interesting to listen to.
  • Commentary By Director Nicholaus Goossen – The director is, of course, more serious than the writer and producer dudes, but he’s still entertaining to listen to. If you really really like the movie once, and again with the first commentary, you will be able to sit through it again listening to Goossen. Then you can watch it again with subtitles, and then with the sound off, and then with French dubbed…and again and again..:)
  • Whacks It & monkey Featurette’s – The masturbation scene revisited, analyzed, and the truth revealed, “was he really whacking off?” And let’s not forget the “monkey” chimpanzee who fell in love with the actor/producer Peter Dante. It’s so touching and romantic to see a grown man kissing a hairy little beast in a diaper.
  • Deleted Scenes – Nothing too interesting, just several extended or repeated scenes that didn’t’ make the final movie.
  • Smoke Montages – People in the movie smoking pot…hmm how riveting.
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Casting Session – A heavily produced TV blurb about how they got the three older ladies to play such racy roles in this mostly youthful comedy.
  • Music Video – bleck
  • Making Of Music Video – Oh my God..bleck x 50.

The Movie: 7/10
My name is Cindy and I’m don’t smoke pot. I’m not a horny 18-36 year old guy, and um, I don’t have a lion, a chimpanzee, or an elephant. So why in God’s name did I enjoy Grandma’s Boy? It’s a mystery never to be solved in a civilized world. I mean, come on people, this kind of flick is as low on the sophistication ladder as you can get. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sophisticated at all, but I have my standards. I still haven’t seen American Pie simply on principal alone. Any movie that’s claim to fame is showing a guy porking a pie doesn’t register high on my list of ways to waste the minutes and hours of my life. This is why I can’t figure out how I could have found Grandma’s Boy so hilarious. I laughed from start to finish with nothing more than swigging down Pepsi as my chemical mood enhancer for the evening. Could it be that my snob-o-meter has broken down in my aging years? They say your tastes change as you get older, but geesh, what’s next? Will I start appreciating the artistic expression of Girls Gone Wild?

Let’s take a closer look at this little stoner tale and see why I could possibly have liked it so much. I’ll cover the basics, as usual, starting with the story. A 36 year old video game tester gets chucked out of his apartment and has to live with his grandma and her two senior roommates. That’s senior CITIZEN, not senior in high school for those of you looking for some teenage antics. The grandson is funny, charming, but a bit on the immature side. He’s a total stoner with a friend/dealer who dabbles in exotic animals, and various forms of designer weed. The best way to describe the scenes with the friend is that it’s wacky. That’s right, wacky. I can’t elaborate without giving away a lot of the jokes. If you like a bit of reality mixed with comedy gags and enough wit mixed in to keep it from being tacky, I think you might like it.

The cast is a well-balanced mix of seasoned pros playing against newer comedy performers. Even though they are from different generations, I say they made the perfect combination. Mrs. Partridge is no longer the nice young widow with her little pop band and colorful bus. Shirley Jones is, well, she plays an aging vixen. That’s the best way to say it. She gets the hots for one of the young game testers and has her way with him. Classy 🙂 Everyone does a good job, well, as good as it gets with so many site gags and extreme jokes to have to deliver with a straight face. There’s masturbating to a Lara Croft doll, and a dude having his first suckle on a girls booby, for 13 hours…so we aren’t talking Shakespeare people. We’re talking lowest common denominator comedy, but it still got me to laugh out loud many times. More than I would like to admit.

Who knows what factors make a movie like this so funny to me on one day compared to if I had watched it some other time it might have been a waste of time. The dialogue is usually outrageous, but there’s enough clever stuff in there to keep it smarter than those pure penis and fart jokes. It’s not much above that, but enough to keep it from being the kind of movie a woman like me would spend most of the time rolling my eyes and hoping the phone would ring, or the electricity would go out in the middle of it. Grandma’s Boy is just funny. It’s not meaningful or inspiring, it’s just fun. If you don’t like to see people smoking pot you might want to steer clear.

Value: 7/10
Can I be honest? Sure, why not. It doesn’t matter how much this DVD costs. It’s not a classic, well, not to me. The extras are slightly above average. It’s just not the kind of movie you really care about seeing a daily diary documentary of how it was made. Fair enough. If you are in love with stoner movies that reek of modern slapstick jokes, sexual undertones and lots of attempts at humorous one liners (some successful, some bombs), just go on out and buy Grandma’s Boy. You will watch it many times with your like-minded friends, and maybe even your grandma, who knows.

If, on the other hand, you like funny stuff but more in the realm of Sideways and other more civilized stories with a comedy edge, go rent Grandma’s Boy. After you watch it, and laugh your ass off alone in the privacy of your home, you can take it back and pretend you never saw it when your snobby friends start talking about how lame it probably is.

Overall Score 7/10