Gone In 60 Seconds Directors Cut

Cover and Menu: 5/10
There’s not much you can do with action flicks but show the stars on the cover and hope it catches the eye of the masses as they browse the shelves. Jolie is such a nothing character in this movie, there’s no other reason to have her on the cover but to trick the shopping public 🙂 Trust me people, if you look at this cover for about 5 minutes straight, you will see more of her than you do in the whole movie. The menu is pretty par for the course for an action movie, all flash and no substance 🙂

Extras: 6/10
It seems there are a lot of extras offered cup on this Director’s Cut DVD, but I can assure you it’s all smoke and mirrors. Most of the extras are polished little promotional type bits that feature footage from the movie, interviews with the director, and not much more than that. They are all short and sweet. There is no commentary, which is the biggest disappointment. All in all these extras are good, but not great.

  • Zero to 60, The Big Chase, and Stars On The Move – A fair collection of featurettes that cover everything from Nick Cage doing his own stunts to orchestrating the car chases.
  • Action Overload – Montage of action sequences put to music…blah.
  • Wild Rides – How they put together the car stunts for the movie. You do get a good look at how they did the big “pay off” jump on the bridge. Pretty cool.
  • Theatrical trailer – Whatever.
  • The Cult Music Video – Whatever.

The Movie: 6/10:
The first time I saw this movie I wasn’t impressed. So, how was it the second time around with extra footage cut back into this Director’s Cut version? Better.

It’s still a story that’s about a bazillion miles from original, or interesting, but strangely entertaining. Any kind of heist or big time crime being pulled off by oddly good looking and dynamic characters makes for a good motion picture. However, when each character has such a mind numbing predictability about them it’s hard to stay interested. That is if there are not enough crazy car chases, big stunts, dogs eating pivotal props, boring actresses in dreadlocks to keep you distracted from the crappy story it could be utterly forgettable.

I’m a Cage fan, so it’s fair to say I could be biased a bit, but it’s not enough to make me genuinely like this movie. It’s got a lot of fast and entertaining action scenes, good car chases, and some fun lines tossed around from bland character to bland character. It’s just not enough to clear a little spot in my heart like Con Air or The Rock. Not that those were great, believe me, I understand a formulaic flick when I see one. It’s just that there is something missing from Gone in 60 Seconds that I can’t put my finger on…well, one thing is a descent female character.

Please, if Jolie pouts much more I’m gonna start a fund to get her a lip reduction. I’m sick of that woman and her fake coolness. No, I’m not jealous. Yes, she’s done some good work, but this is not it. She tries too hard and comes across as being hum-drum and becomes one of those actresses who can bring an otherwise decent action flick down. I’d rather see an all male cast flexing their testosterone rather than have one token chick who’s only purpose is to add breasts to the otherwise sausage dominated story.

A brother reluctantly revisiting a life of crime to protect his little brother is noble enough, it’s just not very interesting. I understand now why they had to put that story against the backdrop of the high concept of a mega 50 car criminal shopping spree. Gathering these 50 stolen vehicles is the key to freedom for Cage’s brother (Ribisi, who is great as usual). This requires lots of car chases, expensive cars getting crashed, cool gadgets, and a ruthless crime boss. Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who 2005) does a great job as the bad guy. Cruel, sexy, snotty, like any good British baddy should offer. He even makes comments about hating American culture, soooo why wouldn’t we want to see the bugger meet an untimely demise?

What makes the story slightly more watchable? The cars, the crashes, Cage, Ribisi, and the hope that our anti-hero (a man who used to be bad and do bad things like steal cars but who has turned his life around only to have to break the law again for some extreme reason that seems perfectly acceptable, even though he’s just being a criminal again:) can catch up to the mouthy Brit who has a “thing” for wood. You’ll have to see the movie to know what I mean.

This, the director’s cut, seems to flow better than the original cut. There are a few bits added back in that clarify certain details about characters early in the film that were missing in the theatrical release. That makes the movie better right from the start. The big chase scene seems extended, which builds up a bit more excitement near the end. In both cases simply cutting in more footage, building up the characters even a hit more, and giving the movie just that much more to look at makes a positive difference. After all, we all know size does count:) So the more action you can toss into an otherwise common slick crime flick actually gives it enough umph for me to recommend it as a fun Saturday night rental.

Value: 5/10
You’ll pay around 14 bucks for this “Director’s Cut” edition of the Gone in 60 Seconds DVD, which isn’t out of the ball park, but to be honest, I’d rather see it at 10 or less. This is not a classic flick that I would want to watch over and over, and the extras don’t do much to enhance the experience as a whole. I appreciate the added footage, but it’s still a bargain bin DVD for me.

Overall Score 6/10