Gone Girl Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
A tormented couple who have nothing better to do than to torment each other, that’s my synopsis. As for a review I’ll expand on that just a bit. I really did like this movie. The story isn’t an overall original idea, what really is anymore? However, the construction of the characters and their woven dramas got my attention and took my mind to a few different places. A husband who goes from being likable and charming to sleazy and highly unlikable in the blink of a scene, or even just a few lines of monologue. It is seamless, the feelings I have for who he seems to be and then who he seems to be from another angle, and then who he is from the choices he ultimately makes, whether that is who is or not. Oh, yea, these people might appear to be “complicated”, but trust me, that head spinning that will happen as you navigate through their twisted tale will settle down when you realize what’s going on in their heads.

I think that sensation, the swirling of my mind as it explores the wife who plots something terrible against a husband she thinks is horrible and the husband who is a guy, but maybe not horrible, but then he digs how horrible she is just enough to be tethered to her for some reason i don’t fully understand…whew…it’s not a good explanation of what you will experience when you watch Gone Girl, but I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

The performances are compelling and high quality for the most part. Affleck is getting better and better. I do not care what anyone says. He’s intense when he needs to be and brings that Affleck charm less and less which rounds his characters on the edges just enough to be more and more real. Rosamund Pike goes to places in her performance that I admire for sure. She has moments that border on theatrical, as if she needed to be on a Broadway stage instead of a movie screen, but then again, her character is an unstable person who has a view of life that might forge that surrealistic attitude and behavior. Neal Patrick Harris is good too. He isn’t in it too much, but his behavior and the way he creates this character who is pining for Pike for many years isn’t like other characters of this type. He brings a good balance of charm and innocence with creepy-as-shit elements peppered in to make him as interesting as the lead couple.

The music and pacing of the movie is just right to keep me stimulated and thinking and reacting as appropriate. I felt the length of it, but not in a bad way. It’s full and well made so the time spent with some more lingering scenes and moments is totally worth it. There are enough “whoa” moments that your eyes will pop wide open for that then pull you into to that next bit even more intensely.

People being terrible to each other, and somehow being satisfied with their bad behavior is an interesting enough road to go down with a tale of marriage pushed to its boundaries. It’s kind of nice to see such venom and vitriol in movie characters and then turn to the movie watching chair next to me and find a husband who couldn’t be more different …. or is he??????

Features: 5/10

  • Commentary With David Fincher – A very technical commentary by Mr Fincher, also it’s quite funny which is very unusual for this typically stoic director.
  • Amazing Amy Book – Once you watch the film you will understand what Amazing Amy is. The Blu-Ray Digipack comes with a Faux book entitled Amazing Amy Tattle Tale. Its a cool item and something Fincher himself supervised.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 8/10
This is an excellently covered Blu-Ray, yes indeed. I would have this as a poster in my house. Not just because of the image, but I really did like the movie enough to be reminded of it on a regular basis.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Gone Girl hits Blu-Ray courtesy of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in a pristine 1080P AVC Encoded 2.40:1 transfer. Filmed in 6k by Fincher the downsample to 4k then 1080P makes the movie looks sublime. Gone Girl is color coded like most Fincher films are but this time there is a strange green tone to everything in the movie, it’s also naturally lit for the most part but the transfer never falters and detail is always evident. Despite the films two and a half hour runtime the lack of extras give extra room for the BD50 disc room to make the most of the bitrate. Fincher’s films are always gorgeous and Gone Girl is no exception.

Gone Girl features a rich lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track that showcases Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s amazing score to it’s fullest. Gone Girl is not an action movie by any means so the track here is mostly subtle. There are some pans across the rear speakers in parts but aside from that it’s focused on dialog which is centered and never obscured.

Overall Score 8/10