Glass 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 6/10
I do like a good superhero story. To have an ability beyond the standard human limitations would be pretty fun, but how would it really look in the real world? We have seen the caped crusader, the guy with the bat ears, a wonder gal, guardians, and more, but when you put them on the big screen they all usually have one thing in common, they seem cartoony or comic booky. I know, they originally came from comic books, but still, their stories are transformed by film and yet they keep that one extra layer of being unrealistic. Even when a filmmaker tries to make them dark and moody, they are all caricatures of what we imagine these heroes, and don’t forget villains, to be like. Glass and it’s 2 predecessors try desperately to cut through to a more relatable world and less dynamic duo vibe…well, dynamic trio:)

We get our gathering of characters. David, super strong and hard to kill came from  Unbreakable. Mr. Glass, brittle bones with a genius mind also came from Unbreakable. The Beast, multiple personalities covering an otherworldly internal violent and super strong creature, is from Split. So, the gang’s all here, at an asylum, together, TOGETHER. Super strong, super genius, super violent….together, in the same building with ONE single attendant watching them at all times. Good plan. A doctor thinks she can “cure” them of their delusions of having super powers and does her assessment, challenges why they think they can do these extraordinary things. She tries to convince them that their “powers” can be explained by science and real life. She might need to find a room and check herself in.

Through the movie we get to experience each character’s abilities, to confirm that it’s not delusion. I will admit I really love the idea of this story. These characters have felt well grounded in a certain believable reality in their respective origin story movies, and yet this time around things go a bit wacky for me. I like it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that in Glass someone wanted to have a crescendo of sorts. The director, M Night Shyamalan writes and directs this 3rd act of his trilogy as a big “TA DA!”, which doesn’t feel like it fits the rest first 2 parts, which are more subdued. I get it, we need a big pay off with these characters because the story is bigger than the vibe has been throughout his saga. The problem is, the direction he takes us is a bit on the corny side for me.

The bigger story he tacks on isn’t interesting to me. The fighting is isolated and I don’t feel the actual power and potential of these men to do real damage, which I was convinced of before Glass. I appreciate the effort to tell us an alternative type super hero story, really I do. I was in love with Unbreakable. It was subtle and brooding and I had that WOW moment, a few times. Split was interesting, if not that impactful overall. Glass is visually fun to look at and I want to know what will happen, and then it happens, and now I’m left a bit unsatisfied.

I would say to get them all and watch as a set. I think if I had watched them all together for the first time on the same day, long movie day, it would have all felt more cohesive. It’s still fun and want more of these non-Marvel and non-DC hero/villain stories for sure.

Features: 8/10

  • Alternate Opening (5 Minutes) – With intro by M Night.
  • Deleted Scenes (37 Minutes) – For fans of this movie there are tons of deleted scenes here all with introductions by the director.
  • The Collection Of Main Characters (9 Minutes) – A short look at each of the trio of superheroes in the movie.
  • A Conversation With James McAvoy & M night Shyamalan (5 Minutes) – Actor and Director sit down for a short talk about the trilogy.
  • Bringing The Team Back Together (3 Minutes) – A look at how everyone works together onset to produce the finished product.
  • David Dunn Vs The Beast (2 Minutes) – Making a film like this has it’s challenges and here we see how M Night created a big action sequence on a smallish budget.
  • Glass Decoded (3 Minutes) – A discussion of the films color pallet and the props used in the film.
  • Connecting The Glass Universe (3 Minutes) – How the three films tie together.
  • M Night Shyamalan: Behind The Lens (3 Minutes) – The cast and crew say really nice things about M Night.
  • The Sound Of Glass (2 Minutes) – An interview with Composer Dylan Thordson.
  • Enhancing The Spectacle (3 Minutes) – A very short look at the digital effects wizardry used in the film.
  • Raven Hill Memorial (2 Minutes) – Shooting in a real abandoned mental hospital has its fair share of challenges.
  • Night Vision (2 Minutes) – M Night takes us through his writing and storyboard process.
  • 4KUHD, Blu-ray & Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Glass comes to 4K and Blu-ray courtesy of some great looking transfers from Universal. Both discs are clean, crisp and detailed with the 4K HDR giving a slight edge to the 4K presentation. Skin-tones are really defined here and despite heavy use of color correction Glass looks great.

The Dolby Atmos track used here is not akin to something like Infinity War but is more like a smaller drama type movie. Glass is very talky and any action is saved for the last 20 minutes. When the action does kick in the LFE and surround channels come alive. Fans have nothing to worry about Glass sounds incredible from start to finish.

Overall Score /10