Getaway Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 3/10
I rarely dislike movies. I might not like one from time to time. I might not like something, or a lot about any particular flick. So, when I actually dislike a movie it kind of takes me by surprise. It’s stimulating for sure, to experience no pleasure during a movie. I’m not the type. I have really always been the kind to find something I enjoy, something positive, something quirky, something unique, or even just nostalgic that might make the experience worth the while. Getaway has none of that for me, at all.

Here’s the thing, it’s all action, all driving, mostly car chases, terrible dialog, boring characters, uninspired story, and a cast that did absolutely nothing for me. See what I mean? It’s hard to strike gold, even a tiny little nugget when the mine is full of clay. You will probably never hear me be so uninterested in a movie for a long long time. I don’t think it’s even happened since we’ve been reviewing movies. Getaway started by telegraphing to me the lead character is a complete and utter pushover. We are shown his wife’s abduction, but no reason to care about her at all, and subsequent instructions for him to basically do brazen tasks through the city all night to get her back. All of this with a souped up car. Boring, boring,boring, and boring. I don’t need someone to rescue me. If I don’t care about a character I won’t care about the tasks they do or choices they make. If you put a car on the screen in motion it better be fucking amazingly interesting, either cleverly woven into the story or use some very visually stimulating tricks to keep my mind from wandering. None of this happened.

We meet the young side kick pretty quickly, and my interest was dampened even more once she pulled back her stylish hoody, pulled a fancy gun on the leading man, and proceeded to tell us just how smart and computer savvy she is, OH and she knows everything about cars….oh my god….so uninteresting I’m losing interest as I write this.

What can I possibly find in the depths of my mind to say that’s good about this movie? I like the city it’s set in, Sofia, Bulgaria. I don’t dislike Ethan Hawke, or Selena Gomez. They service their parts as expected, I guess. There is one sequence when the camera is fixed to the front of the car and it’s chasing a vehicle through traffic, very fast chasing. It caught my attention and I was mesmerized for the duration of that shot, about 3 minutes. That’s it. That’s the most positive I can be about Getaway. Take it for what it is, a review from a person who seriously considered dozing off about a third of the way through but I knew I wouldn’t get away with it because the husband, Ascully, would have insisted that I stay tuned in through the whole thing, which I did.

All movies have something to offer, to someone, somewhere. This one has nothing to offer me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a cool 87 minutes for someone who likes the sound of an engine blaring in their ears for the entire time:)

Features: 1/10

  • Crash Cams – The extras on this movie are a disgrace not one of them lasts longer than a minute and all have little to no information of use.
  • Destroying A Custom Shelby – The Shelby Super Snake used in the movie was made custom, not that this extra helps in telegraphing that.
  • Metal & Asphalt – Listen to Ethan Hawke talk for a whole 30 seconds about the plot of the movie.
  • Selena Gomez: On Set – Listen to Selena Gomez talk about the plot for a whole 30 seconds.
  • The Train Station – I was past caring at this point so I have no idea what this extra was about.
  • UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
The cover is boring. The menu is a  really boring still image. It might come as no surprise, I wouldn’t want this as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
The movie may be awful but the 1080P/AVC encode Warner are presenting here is way above the quality of the plot. The film’s gimmick uses a variety of different camera’s placed around the car. Because of this the picture quality varies wildly from crisp 1080P video to webcam type footage. There are no signs of noise or banding at least in the HD parts of the film and colors and flesh tones are all present and correct.

The whole film is one long action scene punctuated by a very small sprinkling of plot. So the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix is mostly dialed up to 11. Car crashes (which there are many) are all rendered accross the entire sound-stage and there is are some amazing moments when LFE really gets to shine. Dialog and music are mixed together perfectly, so the few lines of dialog the movie does have are clear and centered. This is simply a case of a bad movie presented on Blu-Ray in a spectacular fashion.

Value: 3/10
I get it, you like action and no thinking, great. You will enjoy Getaway, so go for it. I do recommend renting it though, I mean, I don’t want to even imagine you spending full cash on this movie.

Overall Score 3/10