Get Smart Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Comedy cover, fair enough. I am not a fan of the 3-D holographic thing they are doing these days. It’s bad enough to put a silly slip cover over my DVD box, but then to invest so much in the side to side visual blah that they are tagging on these days…no necessary and not impressive.

The image is funny enough without more flair. The menu is themed with the spyish motif, it’s just not that exciting. The movie does start without making you go to a menu first, so that’s very very nice!

Features: 5/10

  • Comedy Optimization Mode – Hmmm Putting in the extra ad libbing that was done for several scenes doesn’t add any comedy for me. Some movies have a thing called Line-o-rama, and that’s what this is, just several takes of the same scenes with different goofy lines thrown out there by the cast. The movie plays, and then fades out to the added in bits, and then fades back to the movie. Not seamless.
  • The Old I Hid it In The Movie Trick – Nods to the original series are everywhere in the movie, so this is our chance to have them pointed out by two of the movies minor but fun loving cast members.
  • The Right Agent For The Right Job Behind The Scenes Training – Doing their own stunts, hanging on wires, laughing it up all the while. It’s yer standard DVD extra thingy.
  • Max In Moscow On Location Or On A Sound stage – Not much here, Carrell and Hathaway talk about making the movie in Moscow.
  • Language Lessons With Master Steve Carell – Carell does some shtick with other languages. It’s hard to explain. He speaks in other languages but he doesn’t say anything, just gibberish and there are subtitles telling you to buy the DVD.
  • The Vomit Reel – I was rolling my eyes at this one before we started watching it, but then it was actually sooo funny. It’s just Steve Carell in the cockpit of a fake plane, green screen behind, and coughing up globs of vegetable soup. He’s laughing hysterically at himself and it’s kind of that infectious laughter. I couldn’t help myself.
  • Spy Confidential Gag Reel –Cast screwing up…oh so funny, or maybe not THAT funny.
  • Bonus Disc Get Smart Kaos Control DVD Game –Suck ass is the only way I can describe this DVD game. It’s lame, awkward to use, boring, and complete void of anything fun whatsoever. Yes I’m a grown woman, but I know fun games when I play them, and this ain’t them. This is not a feature, it’s a lapse in judgment.

The Movie: 6 or 7/10
(This is history in the making… a split decision, and I’m the only one deciding!)
Steve Carell is funny. Anne Hathaway is really quite fun to watch and does a great job of the action comedy leading lady. The action is big, the laughs are frequent….. so, what the hell is it about this movie that doesn’t make me love it, or even come away liking it more than a tiny bit? It’s that mysterious element that draws me into some movies and leaves me completely disinterested with others.

I enjoyed several individual moments. Lots of laughter came flying out of my mouth, but just little bursts, not solid laughs that are more satisfying. You know what I mean? The story should be the thing that brings all the good elements together, but that’s where I find the biggest humdrum factor. The bad guy wasn’t threatening enough, just ever so slightly, which makes it hard to get into the danger aspect of our spies at work.

I would have to say that watching Hathaway was my very favorite part. She’s funny, clever, her timing seems right on for a young actress up against the weathered stylings of Carrell. He’s always got that particular way about him, so he’s pretty joyful to watch too. The action was big and exciting. I particularly liked the bakery blowing up and the roof fight where the giant letters of the sign were collapsing. Good substantial action and stunts, that’s for sure.

I would have to sum it up by saying I enjoyed the movie from scene to scene, but it just didn’t leave much of an impression. I would watch it again if it came on cable to see the cool parts and have a laugh. What I hope for is this, if they make a sequel, let’s have a similar sense of humor and homage to the original TV series, that all worked really well. I want a grittier story with real danger, bigger, international destruction. There has to be a more menacing bad guy, a more compelling story, and more Hathaway. Not MORE Hathaway like nakedness, more of her as a character…oh you gutter minds.

Audio & Video: 7/10
As our podcast listeners will already know this wasn’t my favorite movie of the summer, but you’re not in this section for my opinion on the movie, now are you? Get Smart is presented on Blu-Ray disc in it’s original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and with a surprising low bitrate of 18MBPS. Even though the bitrate is interestingly low the picture still retains a sharpness I have come to expect of a 2008 release. Flesh tones are spot on and most of the well lit outside scenes look stunning. Some of the darker shots look murky, so it’s not perfect in the video department.

Audio on the other hand is presented in the same format as it is on the standard DVD release. I am still not sure why Warner are choosing to do this with some of the biggest movies of the year. I guess they are saving the bitrate budget for The Dark Knight which has now been confirmed to have uncompressed Dolby TrueHD. Ger Smart is a mixed bag on Blu-Ray disc. I think Warner should concentrate less on the digital copy and lame DVD game discs and just give us a super nice single disc edition with high bitrate and uncompressed audio.

Value: 3/10
This movie is a pure rental for me. In fact, I might even say it would be fine to wait for it to hit HBO. I’m not a fan of paying a bunch of cash for a movie that didn’t steam my buns, extras that are lackluster at best, a suck ass Blu-Ray game, and overall not a good entertainment investment. As a DVD it needs to offer more for the money these days.

Overall Score 6/10