Get Him To The Greek Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
It’s comedy. It’s a little wacky. It shows the clever dynamic between the wild rock star and the reserved intern. Genius. I don’t like it. I would rather have it look like the cover of one of Aldous’s albums, or just a fuzzy wall…see the movie to know what that means. The menu is just shots from the movie with navigation.

Features: 9/10

  • Deleted & Extended Scenes – There are several scenes that are longer or ones that just are out of context with some jokes that didn’t need to be in the movie, so best they are on the digital cutting floor.
  • Unrated & Theatrical Versions – Look in the extras menu for the unrated version, or you will be watching the theatrical cut against your bloody will!!! The Unrated cut has a few extra minutes and as you watch the flick you know which bits they probably had to cut out for the mainstream version.
  • Alternate Intro: The Castle – This is a calmer, less dynamic version of the opening that tells the story of a rock star on the wagon for a while and then falling off again when his marriage falls apart. The one in the movie is actually  more fun, but the scene at the castle is really really really good and I wish they had found a way to get it in the final cut of the movie.
  • Alternate Ending: Riding Daphne – The ending of the movie is fine the way it is and if this had been added it would be fine too. It’s not an alternate ending, just another way to explain some loose ends for the characters.
  • Two Gag Reels – It’s actors being funnyish when they mess up their lines and whatnot:)
  • Line O Rama – This is just versions of the same lines or scenes with lots of improvised bits that they have to choose from when they put the film together. It seems monotonous for the actors to have to come up with so many options, but then again, they do get a few quid for the process.
  • Behind The Scenes Documentaries – There is a lot to see about how the movie was made and how they got the cast together. It’s a really good collection of interviews and behind the scenes footage.
  • Full Music Videos & Concert Performances – If you love Aldis the rock star, aka Russell Brand, you will love these full versions of performances he did as his rock alter ego.
  • Blind Medicine – A full trailer for the show that Sarah Marshal (the actress character)  is now doing. In case you don’t remember she was involved with Aldis (Russell Brand) in Forgetting Sarah Marshal a few years ago.
  • Feature Commentary With Filmmakers & Cast – It’s fun to watch with the commentary, but I think I need some time before I can tolerate Hill again.
  • More Extended & Alternate Scenes – It is what it is.
  • More Music Performances – Self explanitory.
  • Sing Karaoke On 15 Songs From The Film – Sing along…we all know what this is.
  • Cast Auditions – How they got to be in the movie. It’s odd sometimes to see their audition tapes after seeing them as the full character, but that just shows what a process it is to be a performer and how it might not be as easy to come up with these characters as we on the other side of the screen think it is.
  • U-Control (Get Him To The Greek Music) – You can click on the icons to check out the music from each scene.
  • Stream A Bonus MOVIE (Life/Uncle Buck/Dazed & Confused) – This works great and it is no extra charge. These are the only three to choose from and it’s a gateway to get you into the shop to rent or buy more movies, but if you just see it as a free flick, fair enough.

The Movie: 7/10
Question: How do you know when you are having fun? What are the signs? Do you laugh uncontrollably? Do you feel euphoric and light headed? Are you happy happy and never want the thing that’s making you have a good time end? I had none of this with Get Him To the Greek, and then again, I had a hint of a good time. It’s no fault of the story, it’s OK. A wild rock star needing a second chance is to be wrangled by some boring intern who seemingly has a boring life and needs to loosen up. That’s one of the problems for me. I do NOT like Jonah Hill at all. I try. I find some of his moments really almost genius for a young comedy actor. That’s the truth….and then he’s so overwhelmingly annoying I have to work hard to stay in the moment with most of the scenes.

Russell Brand makes me laugh and as I have admited to my husband openly, gives me a bit of a hoohaa feeling in my middle aging woman guts, in a good way. I can’t explain why, maybe it’s that I’ve seen Brand’s stand up shows and he’s so funny I am compelled to like him. Maybe he’s just got that hot sexy vibe of someone who is so self absorbed and yet you want to stay close to see what he’ll do or say next. He’s got a smile that can melt any frigid jaded attitude and a kind of freedom about how he portrays this character that I think helps take me on the ride with him.

The rest of the cast is good. Sean Combs does a great job of being the crazy music mogul who needs Aldous to get to his concert by a certain time in order to get more cash flow for his suffering company. He really lets go and is as silly as you can imagine and he does it with a certain commitment that I admire. I think I laughed at his moments as much as I did at Brand. Rose Byrne, who plays Aldis’s ex-wife, is brilliant. She is funny and the straight woman at the same time. She is not afraid to be a bit freaky and still she’s composed enough to be such an interesting character. I wish she were in it more actually. Elizabeth Moss plays Hill’s girlfriend and she too steals the show for me in every one of her scenes. Even when she’s up against (literally) Russell Brand she is funny, strong, and makes me want to see more of her character as well.  Jonah Hill gets on my nerves. He has since Grandma’s Boy when he was a bumbling little weazel who rattled off goofy one liners like some smarmy 20-something paper doll cut out. I have tried and tried to like him. In The Greek he almost wins me over several times, and then slips again into the very entitled kind of vibe which I really don’t like. I want to keep giving him a chance with each movie, so someday maybe he will melt my heart the way Brand melts other parts of me 🙂

Overall it’s a fun movie. I laughed several times. I didn’t love it or feel compelled to watch again anytime soon, but I will let it marinade in my brain for a while and then go back to it. I do remember so many funny moments that even make me giggle now, but as a whole it might need another viewing later on a new day to win me over a bit more thoroughly.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Get Him To The Greek is funnier now I look back on it than it actually was at the time. That being said how is the Blu-Ray transfer of this wacky movie? Well for one thing the picture quality was top notch so good infact you can see Russell Brand’s nose hair in almost every shot (trust me once you see it you cannot unsee it).  Colors are pitch perfect and shadow detail is great. Get Him To The Greek is presented in a 1.85:1 aspect ratio in 1080p.

For a movie so focused on music the audio track was a little bit of a letdown. Even during the music video sections the surround speakers did not come to life. Dialog is crisp and clear which will help you non Brits in understanding Mr. Brand’s thick cockney accent.

Overall I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this movie. It’s not as good as the excellent Forgetting Sarah Marshall but it’s fun all the same.

Value: 7/10
It’s a fun movie with a trunk load of extras to enjoy. That makes it worth about 12 bucks to me. If you find it for 15 or 20, I would say it’s great for a weekend rental. If you are in love with Russell Brand or Jonah Hill and you will be watching over and over and over like a rabid fan, purchase it in good health. If it were up to me, I’d say go buy or rent Russell Brand in concert, his comedy is best displayed on the stage with him as the main focus with his own act that is seriously hilarious.

Overall Score 7/10