Get Hard Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Really? Do we need a review of a movie called “Get Hard”? It’s Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell, I’m not sure how much we need to know. I did watch it, laughed a lot, giggled several times, and guffawed even a few times…which is saying a lot for the humor. It’s not high brow, but it’s got some heart, of course. A somewhat dimwitted pampered rich guy going to prison, we all love that coricalncept, and a hard working black man fighting stereotypes to make a good life for his family, it’s the odd couple. They make jokes at each other’s expense and learn a few lessons along the way. Awe.

Good quality grown up fun would be how I describe it really. You will hear a lot of swearing and see a lot of very uncomfortable racial and political stereotypes, but that’s good for the blood flowing through your veins, and your brain.

I truly don’t have much to say other than it skirts along the almost too uncomfortable to bear sometimes but then pulls back the reigns and gets back to just being ornery. I liked it. I can’t give a comedy higher praise than I laughed a lot:)

If anything let’s down the movie as a whole it’s the times when we get a bit too much ad libbing by the stars at the helm. They have a tendency to take their lyrical dancing to levels I don’t keep up with in terms of why something stays funny for a long time when you could move on to more and better dialogue and more jokes. Trim the libbing.

Features: 7/10

  • Deleted Scenes (25 Minutes) – A LONG collection of deleted scenes, some of the ad-lib stuff is better than what is in the film.
  • Get Hard Lineorama (10 Minutes) – Judd Apatow started these Line-o-rama segments on the 40-year-old virgin Blu-Ray. Here we have a ton of them split into four segments.
  • The Kevin Hart Workout (3 Minutes) – Kevin Hart did his own stunts for the movie, watch him walk on wires here.
  • Ferrell Fighting (3 Minutes) – Ferrell took a crash course in capoeira fighting to be more convincing in the movie.
  • Gag Reel (3 Minutes) – More laughs it’s obvious from the title.
  • A Date With John Mayer (2 Minutes) – The musician takes on Ferrell in a battle of the axes.
  • Twerking 101 (1 Minute) – Craig T Nelson takes on the twerking challenge.
  • Just Put Your Lips Together & Blow (4 Minutes) – Ferrell has a very NSFW scene in the movie, here we see 4 minutes of different takes.
  • Will Ferrell Gangsta (2 Minutes) – Ferrell goes full gangster, NEVER go full gangster!!!
  • Inmates Out Of Control (6 Minutes) – One of those EPK style featurettes that manages to tell you absolutely nothing during its runtime.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 6/10
The cover does it’s job, but I wouldn’t have it as a poster.

Audio & Video: 8/10
Get Hard features a superb 1080P AVC encode that is much better than the movie requires. Black levels are solid and fine detail is present in every frame. If I have any complaints the very end of the movie is slightly crushed, but it’s more down to the digital hand-held cameras used than anything. Otherwise this is a solid presentation from Warner.

Get Hard features the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track which is almost like an action film track. LFE is deep and used way more often than a comedy film needs. During the raid on the white supremacist hangout lots of surround effects are also used. Dialog is clean clear and central and overall this soundtrack is more than you could wish for.

Overall Score 7/10