Geostorm Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 4/10
I’m not a movie snob. I love movies. I have thoroughly enjoyed some “badly made” movies. I can enjoy the cheesiest worst zombie flick or Sci Fi flick. Anything with a world-changing event like alien invasion or natural disaster, I get excited to see how the filmmaker will bring it to the big screen. All that being said, and I think you know where I’m going with this, Geostorm is not one of those movies that goes in the “thoroughly enjoyed some badly made movies” category.  I did enjoy the idea of it. I even had a good time just going along for the ride of planetary destruction, but it was a very bumpy ride indeed.

First, and I really don’t want to be hateful here, but seriously, the performances in this movie were all so flat and uninteresting, I didn’t care about a single person. I didn’t even care about the kid, who by the way, did the best performance but was only in it for about 2 minutes all together.

Second, the special effects were a mixed bag. The frozen airplane coming down was pretty cool, and a few other moments were slightly convincing, but overall it was like they were attempting a spoof of Sharknado. Pardon the harshness, but it’s just that when we have shows like Legion and the new Lost in Space looking so amazing, no big Hollywood movie with a huge budget has any excuses.

Last, and most importantly, the overall story was cool but too flawed to enjoy the fake science. I LOVE the idea of humans trying to control the weather. I LOVE the idea of us building a net around the whole planet that can do that, or anything. In another movie I might be convinced it’s plausible at best, enough to keep me in my bubble of fictional belief. This story, the writing is not enough to make that fake science even pretend to be possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll fall for a lot of stuff in movies. Remember, I adore bad zombie movies, and yet there is something missing from Geostorm to make it a “good bad” movie.

Overall I would say for a disaster weekend movie spree you can add it in, but watch it first, and then work your way through the others. I’m not saying that Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, 2012, or Armageddon are good, not even close. I’m not delusional! I’m just saying they have something, at least for me, that keeps my bubble intact enough to just enjoy the craziness and not find all the flaws along the way.

Features: 5/10

  • Wreaking Havoc (7 Minutes) – A look at the films CGI effect sequences.
  • The Search for Answers (4 Minutes) – How the film’s idea came to be with Dean Devlin.
  • An International Cast (6 Minutes) – Dissecting the international cast, the more cynical among you might say the cast was a marketing ploy to sell the films in more territories.
  • Blu-ray, DVD & UV Digital Copy

Audio & Video: 8/10
Despite what you think of the movie, Warner have a tip-top 1080P AVC encoded transfer that makes the movie look better than it should. Black levels are on point especially in the scenes that take place in space. Macro-blocking and noise are nowhere to be seen in this digitally shot movie.

The DTS-HD MA 5.1 track does deliver during the action scenes. Wind, waves and all manner of natural disasters swirl around you in a cacophony of sound that will wake your neighbors. Dialog and the score are mixed and never overwhelm each other.

Overall Score 4/10