Furious 7 Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Really? I have to watch another one of THESE movies? That’s what my mind has running through it as I realize what our weekly movie was going to be, and then it came out of my mouth. My husband, the Fast and Furious lover, reminds me of how I didn’t hate this one and did like some of that one and how I have always liked #3 in the series. OK, and your point? It’s still ANOTHER ONE OF THESE MOVIES? I don’t care about the characters, don’t care about their dramas, don’t care about what happens to them, but I’ll go along for the ride….ahhh get it?

I wasn’t even that curious about how they worked in their tribute to fallen cast member Paul Walker. I figured if so many people liked it, it must be fine and I don’t need to feed some morbid curiosity, and yet, we did watch it.

I didn’t hate it. Is that good? I didn’t love it. I was entertained. It kept my interest even through the chases, the fights, the big action sequences. They did what I didn’t think they could, kept me from being bored! Yea, that’s usually my problem with these flicks, boredom. I don’t like long chases or car scenes, and, well, it’s FAST AND FURIOUS. I let all that go and just ate my popcorn and had a pretty good time.

The same crew is around, for the most part. We all know Mr. Walker died during the filming and so all the way through there is that hanging over every scene he’s in, at least for me. They did a great job of making it all pretty seamless and as the tight-nit family in the movie does their thing it all worked as it has all the other times before. They get into trouble, someone wants to kick Vin’s ass, the Rock is tough, Michelle Rodriguez has still lost her memory, and they go to some fancy big crazy places. A car driving through tall buildings, a bus over a cliff, cars with parachutes, does it really matter about the story? No.

I like Jason Statham enough to get me through any movie with him as the bad guy. He fits in to this world, just like Dwayne Johnson does, so they have added more that makes the whole crew that much more interesting.

Overall I was excited sometimes. I said the F-word a few times as the biggest action hit me in the face, my skeptical face, eyes wide open and smile trying to hide away. OK, so it wasn’t that bad. I won’t roll my eyes when 8, 9, 10, 11, …… etc. come around šŸ™‚

Features: 8/10

  • Extended & Theatrical Cuts Of The Movie – The extended cut is 2 minutes longer than the theatrical cut, mostly the Ronda Rousey fight scene is extended.
  • Deleted Scenes – Letty at Clinic (2 Minutes), Ramsey/Dom (2 Minutes), Dressed Up (1 Minute), and Letty call from Nurse (38 seconds) are the four Ā deleted scenes on the disc. Watch out for a special appearance by Gal Godot in the Clinic scene.
  • The Cars Of Furious (10 Minutes) – A close look at the cars featured in the movie. Most are fake cars and a lot are fully CG.
  • Flying Cars – When Paul Walker says to his son “Car’s can’t fly” he was wrong. See how the flying car sequence was created in this in-depth look.
  • Tower Jumps (7 Minutes) – Spoiler alert!!!! Cars actually jump between skyscrapers in this movie. Here we get to see the CG trickery it takes to make it happen.
  • Inside The Fight (10 Minutes) – A look at the films four distinct fight scenes in the movie. Broken down like this Hobbs vs Shaw, Girl Fight, Dom vs Shaw, and Tej Takes Action.
  • Talking Fast (30 Minutes) – The meat and potatoes of the disc as James Wan takes you through his thoughts on making the movie and entering the franchise. It’s similar to Warner’s maximum movie mode. Some of theĀ castĀ also join James throughout the feature.
  • See You Again Official Music Video – Wiz Khalifa’s summer hit that makes me sad every-time I hear it.
  • Back To The Starting Line (12 Minutes) – The only feature that actually discusses Paul Walkers death. It’s a look back at the franchise and suggestions as to where it will go in the future.
  • Race Wars (6 Minutes) – The movie takes us back to Race Wars where it all began here we see how that was created.
  • Snatch & Grab (7 Minutes) – Another look at the skyscraper sequence but more focused on the heist section of the sequence.
  • Making Of Fast & Furious Supercharged Ride (8 Minutes) – A look at the Universal Studios ride based on the franchise. To be honest it comes across as a giant commercial with the cast in full promotional mode.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 7/10
I kind of like this cover. It says more about the vibe of behind the movie than this movie itself. I like that. I wouldn’t have it as a poster, but it’s a reasonable image for such a big car centric flick.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Furious 7 hits Blu-Ray with a stunning 1080P transfer that Universal have every right to be proud of. The furious series has slowly become one of cinemas biggest mainstream hits and this movie takes it to another level. From the outset the digital photography almost passes for film with a sharp clean image that really does the film justice. Colors are vibrant and warm, closeups are full of fine detail and explosions and CG work look stunning. Even the Paul Walker facial replacement that people were complaining about in the theaters fares better here at home. This is a stunning looking film and I think I might just go watch it again now.

The DTS-HD Master Audio loss-less soundtrack is all about being as loud and boombastic as possible. From the outset as Jason Statham makes his entrance you know you are in for a loud fun time at the movies. There are lots of explosions in this movie and your LFE channel will be given a workout. Gunfire is also crisp and well as dialog which even makes Vin Diesel’s mumbling comprehensible.

Not much to complain about here Furious 7 is one of the summers funnest movies and the home version brings it all to life. I just want to end here with a stay classy to Mr Paul Walker who died during the making of the movie, I defy you to have a dry eye during the last 5 minutes of this movie and no that is not a spoiler,

Overall Score 7.5/10