Funny People Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: /10
I like it. The cover is uncomplicated. There’s no fuss about who we are about to engage in a voyeuristic relationship with, no awkward details to get in the way. The menu is the same, nothing special just functional and navigational.

Features: 10/10

  • Stand Up Including Funny People Live – Segments from the movie showing the main characters doing stand up are actually from full acts, shown in this extra. This is an excellent extra adding to the character build up for the story even more.
  • Funny People Diaries Documentary – Judd Apatow makes a daily diary while he makes movies and this is a documentary made by cutting together lots of clips, interviews, and it feels very personal for some reason. Apatow puts his all into these movies and this is one of those windows through to the people behind the big screen, and I like it.
  • Gag Reel – You know what a gag reel is. I know what a gag reel is. We all know a gag reel is NOT an extra anymore, it’s just something that should be on the disc as a staple.
  • Feature Commentary With Apatow, Sandler & Rogan – Commentary with three men all from different stages and perspectives of being a famous Hollywood dude, which makes it a very interesting re-watch of the movie.
  • From The Archives Early Footage Of Adam, Seth & Judd – You might not know it, but Adam Sandler wasn’t always a famous actor/comedian..I know I know, how strange!! This is footage from early antics of the two friends before Hollywood leaked into their blood.
  • The Films Of George Simmons – George Simmons, Sandler’s character, has made some of THOSE movies and this is a collection of bits of each, which were cut down as snippets in the film.
  • More Line O Rama – Jabbering ad lib from line to line to line in so many scenes as the cast work through the best ways to deliver the loosely written script. It’s fun, but I’m kind of over it.
  • James Taylor Live – In the movie Taylor does a song for a corporate event for a big networking site and this is the full performance.
  • 5 “Yo Teach…!” Episodes & Behind The Scenes – In the film one of the young actors has a gig as a young teacher in a somewhat cheesey sit com and these are the snippets from scenes cut down and stuck in the film here and there. You might think it’s really bad fake TV, but dig deeper and you will realize, this sit com isn’t any worse than so many we have on TV forever and ever.
  • Deleted Scenes – Oh come on, you know what deleted scenes are, right? Stuff they cut out of the movie because it was too long, not funny, boring, rehashing the same idea that’s in the story in another scene. Still funny though.
  • Prank Calls – I’m not a fan of these prank calls, seriously, how lame. This is a bunch of such calls that the famed Sandler and Apatow made when they were young men….I use the word “men” loosely. Whatever. If you love this kind of thing, well, here ya go.
  • Pocket Blu App For Iphone Or Ipod Touch – Do you have an iPhone? This is your chance to use it as a remote control for this movie. I do not have and iPhone, therefore I don’t know how it works, magic probably, but you can find out by exploring the disc instructions.

The Movie: 8/10
Some say size doesn’t matter. I disagree. Size, length particularly, is one of the most important factors when it comes down to pure satisfaction, total enjoyment of the act. The act of watching a movie can be less entertaining if someone along the road decides to cut out enough to keep the idiots happy. Oh, did you think I was talking about the size of something else? Naughty. I’m talking about one of many reasons I really had a good time with this movie, it’s more than a couple hours long, that’s value for money people!

The length isn’t the only reason, obviously, that I liked the movie. It’s a good, well made, well played, almost a page turner of a flick. It doesn’t feel like I ever knew exactly where each portion of the tale would go or how each character would find their way. I appreciate a movie that doesn’t lay it all out on a plate for me.

The story is about a middle aged actor/comedian who’s been a bit of a jerk in his life and now has to deal with some re-assessing of his choices. It’s not new, I get it. It’s not life changing enlightenment packaged with several big named stars including the one and only Adam Sandler, a few punchy lines, a touch of romantic drama, and lots of stand up comedian homage paying. It’s “Yes, I identify with that guy and those feelings because I’m THAT age too…….” kind of pseudo-enlightenment with a lot of dick and fart references tossed in for good measure.

I like everyone in this movie except that Jonah somebody. He’s annoying to me beyond belief. I have tried, but he just makes me want to grit my teeth and throw a fit of rage because I’m wasting my life watching him, listening to him…ugh. Whew, I’m glad I got that off my chest.

George Simmons, Sandler, gets some bad news and reflects back on his career and lonely life. He hires a young comedian, Rogan, to be his assistant. Through a not so original series of events, including a montage or two, I still felt like I was on an almost epic ride with these characters. There was enough originality, enough little twists or bumps or whatever you want to call them, along the way that made me think, “Oh, I didn’t see that coming.” and that’s incredibly satsifying for me.

The lead female character is played by an actress I happen to like a lot, Leslie Mann. She skirts that line between almost overly sensitive and needy but then always tips it back enough my direction to be a woman I can sympathize with or understand, maybe even root for. She’s not my type, the married with 2 kids trendy in a big house,etc. but her sincerity comes through all that and I look forward to seeing her from scene to scene.

Adam Sandler, people overlook something about him that I happen to like and that’s fine with me. He’s one of those people of my generation who I am convinced that no matter what he does, whether I hate or love his movies individually, I’ll always find him intriguing for some reason. Could be a crush, who knows at my age. He has more than just that clown goofball character in that mind of his and I do enjoy it when that’s what we get. Punch Drunk Love, an awesome example of just that.

I was not a Seth Rogan fan, and still on the fence, but it’s getting better. I think this time he pulled back on the dippy dude act because he was intimidated a bit by Sandler, but it served him well. By not being overtly dippy or yucking it up constantly like the stoner he usually plays he had a certain charm that got me in the door. I can only hope for better and better from him, fingers crossed.

Judd Apatow has only made three movies as a writer/director. Not bad Mr. A, you have begun the road to a new kind of genre hybrid collection of movies that I’m liking. We cannot deny the time and effort he puts into his movies. Like them or not, he puts his signature on them all so far that makes them stand out with his sensibilities and point of view. I dig a director with that kind of focus.

Overall I enjoyed Funny People so much I would watch it again right now, if it wasn’t 5:45 am on Thanksgiving morning and I wasn’t on my 24th hour of awakeness, at work, freezing cold, wondering why I’m writing a review on a holiday when no one will be reading it because they are eating, watching sports or movies and being forced to socialize with family members they do not know nor like….:) It just goes to show how much I liked the movie, suffering for my little review.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
Funny People is far and away the best looking Judd Apatow movie to date, filmed under the watchful eye of Janusz Kaminski Director Of Photography on such greats as Munich, Saving Private Ryan, and Schindler’s List. The high definition 1080P AVC transfer preserves the look and feel of the film and delivers an astounding amount of depth and color. That’s not to say this is a perfect transfer. Film grain has a tendency to appear uneven in some scenes and I did see a couple of cases of banding but nothing that detracts from the movie.

Audio is pretty typical for this kind of “Talky” movie. It’s not elaborate in the sound department but the dialog is clear and some instances where music is used sound great. Universal chose to use the DTS-HD Master Audio codec which I always prefer over TrueHD so kudos to them for that. But overall the audio won’t win any awards even though it is serviceable.

Overall for me Funny People is my favorite comedy of the year. I shouldn’t really call it a comedy though as its more a drama than anything. Whatever it is though I really liked it and it’s a shame the public didn’t when it hit theaters. Perhaps it will see a new lease of life now it’s on DVD & Blu-Ray.

Value: 10/10
This is an awesome value for money!!! I don’t say that very often when it comes to DVD’s, Blu-Ray, or any kind of entertainment to be quite frank. This 2 disc set is completely and totally worth the price. It’s hours of good extras, as listed above, and I really enjoyed the movie. A great packaged deal and I’m happy to have it on the shelf with all of the “not such a good bargain” flicks 🙂

Overall Score 9/10