Frozen Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 8/10
I am not a romantic. I am not a sappy person. I don’t particularly like musicals. I loved Frozen. How does this happen? Let me tell you. From the instant we meet the sisters I was hooked. One with a power to make frozen stuff fly around and the other basking in the fun of it all. The thing about all tales from Disney there is always a tragedy to move things along in a dark but inspiring way. Go figure. So, once the sisters need to figure out how to rule the kingdom they have inherited they are also faced with dealing with the magic power of the older of the two.

The power she has is to basically freeze anything, mostly this happens when her emotions cannot be contained and all comes out at once. Metaphorical, yes, but that’s too deep for Frozen. We will let it just be a magic power a young lady must learn to control or she will end up basically destroying her entire kingdom, no big deal.

The story is good. The characters are all fine with me. The snowman borders on annoying, but the fun moments override the annoying bits. Our “heroes” bring some twists, which is a good thing when we have all seen so many of these fairy tales with a good guy, a bad guy, and that’s it. This time we get a little unfriendly behavior from a handsome prince.

Anna is the younger sister, and she’s fantastically endearing without being too sappy, well, not TOO sappy. She’s emotional, tough, strong, determined, and fearless, all good qualities. Elsa is the older sister with the power and she’s been restrained her whole life so she’s got baggage to deal with. She might just kill everyone, and she doesn’t want to, so she’s got some stress. The relationship is torn apart when Elsa is forced to stay away from everyone for most of their childhood. Anna yearns for her sister/friend to be in her life, so once they are brought back together Anna’s unconditional love for her sister is the actual hero of the whole story. I don’t like damsel in distress stories where in the last minute a dude saunders in and “saves the day” so when a story does not rely on that old boring tool I’m biased to like it even more.

The music is fun, not too heavy handed. Well, the one song with the rock trolls is very stagey, which is my least favorite element of musicals. Other than that I was emotionally tugged at by the song Anna sings about being away from her sister, and the one Elsa sings when she finally decides to embrace her power and isolates herself on the mountain. The summer song with the snowman is pretty good too. I give credit where credit is due, I don’t like musicals, but I love this movie. Someone somewhere in the process did the right alchemy to bemuse me.

I would watch this movie again right now. It’s that much of a lovely fantasy escape that entertained my middle aged jaded self:) I think I might just go do that!!

Features: 4/10

  • The Making Of Frozen – If you always wanted to know how Frozen was made this sarcastic little musical number will not answer that question at all. it’s almost like a FU to all the fans of the movie. I did not appreciate it at all perhaps I have lost my sense of humor.
  • Dfrosted Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Anderson To Frozen – A 7 minute look at how Frozen was translated from the Hans Christian Anderson story the snow queen. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel we have seen all the photos of Walt Disney that exist at this point.
  • Deleted Scenes – Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee take you through four deleted scenes. Obviously this being an animated movie the scenes are complied from story board sketches.
  • Let It Go Music Videos – Four different versions of one of the best Disney Songs in recent memory. I favor the Adele Dazeem version used in the movie personally.
  • Get A Horse Mickey Short – An awesome little Mickey Mouse short that screened theatrically with Frozen. This literally bursts the fourth wall and the sound design is incredible.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I might not have this as a poster, but I don’t mind it. It does what it should, tells us what we are in store for with the story inside the box. The menu is fine, some animated images from the movie, but really just navigation put on top of that.

Audio & Video: 10/10
You may be disappointed with the anemic extras package on the Frozen Blu-Ray but the Audio/Video presentation does soften the blow a bit. This is Disney in top form with a 1080P AVC encode that is simply gorgeous. Every CGI animated film has a new technology to go with it and in Frozen it’s the physics of snow and ice. Every frame drips lavish color and extreme sharp detail, from the creation of Elza’s ice castle to the action scenes with Anna, Kristoff and Sven. This is a Disney movie that will become timeless and the Blu-Ray presentation stands up to even the most jaded critic.

Frozen is primarily a musical and a musical lives and dies on its audio quality, thankfully the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track is up the job. The film has an incredible sound design using every speaker at all times for a wonderful rich experience. A major highlight is during Let It Go as the song and sound effects of Anna building her ice castle come together so seamlessly you would think the CGI creation in front of you was actually singing the song. Amazing stuff and a real treat from the engineers over at Disney.

Overall Score 8/10