Friday The 13th Killer Cut (2009) Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 8/10
The menu is easy to navigate, but not much more to it than that. I give them credit for not overdoing it though. I’m not a fan of flashy fancy impractical menus. The cover is awesome. I will say that’s the best thing about the package as a whole. The mask, the eye dwelling inside, it’s haunting if you know the story and creepy if you don’t.

Features: 7/10

  • Hacking Back/Slashing Forward: Remember The Groundbreaking Original Movie – This is not what it appears to be. I wanted people from the original, clips from the original, instead we get the cast and crew of this version talking about the original.
  • Terror Trivia Track With Picture In Picture – The behind the scenes bits and pieces displayed in a picture in picture, which is pretty good actually. The producer and screenwriters discuss how scenes were made, how they connected the new version with the original series, etc.
  • Explore The Rebirth Of Jason Voorhees For A New Moviegoing Era – The making of the mask, how Jason would be physically, the actor who played Jason, all put together to make Jason more of a modern psychopath, and not so retro.
  • Additional Slashed Scenes – Extended or deleted scenes, some could have been put back in the film, but mostly good to leave them out.
  • The Best 7 Kills – You can watch how they did the special and practical effects for 7 of the kills of the movie. I like this extra. In fact I cared more about the actors being put through the rigors of shooting the scenes than I did for their characters who got chopped, diced, and sliced in the film. Just one more thing, blond, machete, boobs, blood….enough said.
  • Exclusive Features Via Blu-ray Live – Hmmm, a trailer for another movie, not much of an extra and definitely not worth logging into BD live for.

The Movie: 5/10
There are unforgivable racial stereotypes in this film, which is the one thing I remember the most. That’s not a good thing. Beyond that I guess the movie isn’t terrible, but not great. It falls into that “ho hum” category. I wanted some chills, or startled moments, but what it offers is a modern take on an old classic, without any personality or charm.

How can slashing a bunch of obnoxious 20-somethings be charming, well, if you are  a fan of horror movies, you will know what I mean. There is a style, a flair to making these films crawl into your sub-conscience. I used to think it was age that would limit how I let movies sink into my brain, but now I know, it’s also the quality of the movie that can have an impact. I have seen some in the past few years that did the trick, and I”m not young and impressionable anymore, so when I say this movie is lacking charm, that’s what I mean.

They have added a bit of a story this time, not just reliving the legend of Crystal Lake. There is a missing sister, a searching brother, hmmm that’s about it. It’s an attempt to get something beyond the killfest up and running. I don’t think it worked on me. I didn’t have sympathy for the sister, the brother, or anyone except the characters who are so negatively racially portrayed it was embarrassing.

Not to dwell on the bad choices of producers, writers, directors, studio, and actors I’ll get on with the movie for what it is. It didn’t charm me into being afraid, creeped out, or even shocked. I want shock from Jason, he does some gruesome shit, but it doesn’t shock me. He is a feral human living in the woods with his own world, anyone who invades is at his disposal for blood and guts. This time around he’s got a handle on traps and thinking through each kill. In the past he was a lumbering, almost mythical creature that just clung onto killing like it was a security blanket.

In the 2009 version he’s angry, forceful, he’s got attitude and I did like that. He’s my favorite part of the movie. Everyone is disposable, of course. Jason seems like someone you should leave alone. Like he deserves to kill everyone to protect his home, his territory. He’s getting revenge for his childhood, his mother’s death, being alone his whole life, so if you do clamor into is woods, beware. There is an axe, a chainsaw, an arrow, and a machete waiting for your head.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
For a movie that takes place mostly at night, Friday The 13th looks pretty damn good. Presented in 2.40:1 wide screen the dark scenes have an insane amount of detail, especially in the scenes that use shadow to hide the fact that Jason is lurking behind the main characters. Colors are muted as the director intended this is a reinvention of the old series and they chose to go with a grim dirty desaturated look.

Audio is also fine but for a horror movie where surround sound can add an extra layer of creepiness, it’s strange that it is so front loaded. Overall, while not the greatest slasher film ever, the Blu-Ray presentation delivers thrills and chills in equal measure, not to mention it’s always fun to see obnoxious pretty young people get killed in interesting ways 🙂

Value: 3/10
No, this movie is absolutely not worth the price of a Blu-Ray. It’s a slasher “remake” with extras I am not that interested in, so it is a rental at best. If you have a chance to go see it at your friend’s house, go for it:) Or you could wait until it’s on HBO. What I’m saying is that this is not a must have movie, and not something I would buy for the price of a full tank of gas.

Overall Score 5/10