For Your Consideration

Cover Art/Menu: 7/10
It’s comedy, therefore the cover is fun and it does get your attention. The full cast is crammed on the front with their individual little charms beaming from their theatrical little faces. The menus aren’t too exciting, mostly functional, nothing to stir the juices of you menu enthusiasts out there.

Features: 5/10

  • Commentary by Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy – I think comedy people can’t help but be “on” all the time, and they have a serious dysfunction in their minds that makes them want to tell long stories about things. Other than that it’s a fun commentary to listen to.
  • 30 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes – For Your Consideration is a little charmer of a movie about movie making, so it’s fun to see even the trimmings and spare parts. There’s nothing revolutionary or revealing in these deleted scenes, but if you like the tone of the movie, you will love the parts they chucked out.
  • Home For Purim Poster Gallery – This is a collection of movie posters that are featured in the film for the movie they’re making in the film… um, yeah
  • Theatrical Trailer – I’m boycotting the dreary and insulting concept of “trailer as extra”. No comment.

The Movie: 7/10
Movies about making movies are always an interesting adventure. There is a fine line, however, between clever observations and pissin’n’moanin’. I like the movie a lot. I laughed often, and I enjoyed all of it. It’s just that it has that certain self important, “pay attention to me”, vibe about it. In the deepest depths of my deepening soul, I deplore my own fingers for typing such rhetoric about movie I was so gloriously entertained by, alas, I must speak my truth. (dramatic musical scores swells in the background – reviewer drops to her knees head in hands weeping needlessly)
It’s great to draw attention to the caricature traits of personalities we have heard about in tinsel town for all the years Hollywood has been churning out big movies and big egos. We all know it’s a flimsy business, with the shallowest of shallow at the helm. The drama doesn’t contain itself to the sound stage. Actors in For Your Consideration are portrayed with a bit of a frayed edge, prone to their own flair and emotional overload.

I love to see the producer so wrapped up in herself that she won’t let anyone photograph her from behind and in the middle of a conversation about the script pipes in with, “yea, but what about me”, which unless you see the movie you won’t know just how inappropriate and how funny it really is. There’s a PR guy who’s sleazy and plain old weird, with no real personality to speak of, but you understand he’s there to make fun of some segment of the film industries long list of sleazy and weird real life cast.

The cast does an amazing job, that I will say for this film. They are playing people who are mocking people they probably know, and might even be themselves. Harry Shearer, of The Simpson’s, plays an aging actor who has yet to hit the big time except for his role as a giant wiener in commercials.

Katherine O’Hara is also an aging performer who is sweet and nice and self deprecating, until she gets a sniff of the possibility, of the chance of a rumored Oscar nomination. She doesn’t handle the brush with notoriety so well, and her plastic face, boobs, and loss of humility is the price she pays.

There is a lot of ad-libbing in the movie. I like that free flowing kind of thing, but then sometimes it’s too obvious and makes a scene seem like, yet again, a self indulgent theatrical thing. Maybe it’s just me, but it almost touches on acting class atmosphere when students are encouraged to run with a dialogue to stretch their creative wings. It’s transparent to me, but I’m annoyingly observant sometimes.

It’s actually a good movie for true movie lovers. It’s not earth shatteringly amazingly spectacular. I would say it’s above average, funny, hinting at clever, dabbling in the piss and moan category. By that I mean they do slam the industry for the very things that have made them all famous. Christopher Guests is the culprit behind this sataristic behavior. That’s his specialty, and he’s good at it. I just wonder though….Biting that hand makes us laugh a little bit, but when they go to sell another script or get another part, will that sleazy PR guy and egotistical producer they have made fun of, and then have to deal with remember how they poked fun at them and their exotic celluloid spinning species? They do have all the money after all.

Value: 6/10
You can get For Your Consideration on DVD for around 18 bucks. That’s not too bad, still not in my price range, but fair. I think I would recommend that you rent it if you are just wanting a quick laugh or two at the expense of Hollywood and it’s many colorful misfits. On the other hand, if you like to revisit these kinds of Guest creations for that occasional sarcastic flavor fix, drop the cash and enjoy.

Overall Score 6/10