Fool’s Gold

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
Arrghh The cover is like the trailer, it tells the whole friggin’ story. Do these people think we are all idiots? I won’t answer that for fear of the need to send biting emails to heads of studios…deep breath…deep breath…ahhhh. The menu is horrible too. It’s a blue tinted ocean background with the glowing couple tinted in gold pasted in for some kind of cheap effect that even I don’t appreciate and I like cheap! The navigation is what it is, click through to watch stuff, nothing fancy, nothing interesting.

Features: 3/10

  • Fools Gold Flirting With Adventure – Love fest. Hudson loves McConaughey. McConaughey loves Hudson. The director talks, but he’s so generic I think I blocked him out. It is just a DVD, therefore you can sell it to me for four bucks and leave off these horrid extras, that will suit me fine.
  • Gag Reel – This isn’t even lots of famous people screwing up their lines. They made a mockery of what a gag reel is supposed to be, so I’m not going to comment. Normally I would say a gag reel is uninteresting and not really an extra. I’ll say that this time, and this one is even worse than normal.

Movie: 7/10
I might be having a mid-life crisis. Let’s just suppose my life is half over, right? What will I be doing with the next 40 years? Will I be looking forward to watching movies like Fool’s Gold? Probably not…ah ha…but why not? Let’s further explore this whole analysis of 21st century romantic comedy and getting old.

I didn’t want to watch Fool’s Gold? It looked lame. Let’s face it, we all know what’s going to happen in these movies from the 30 second trailer, so why would we want to waste two hours when we can get the whole thing in a commercial? I’m asking a whole lot of questions today…but that’s just my dogged internet journalistic instinct (That probably raises more questions. We won’t go there.).

Fool’s Gold was a pleasant surprise. There, I said it. I had to do some soul searching and life evaluating to write this review. That’s what this movie did for me. Well, not the movie itself, it’s not THAT kind of good. It’s fun good. It’s entertaining good. It’s good enough to make me wonder if a fluffy romantic comedy flick now and then wouldn’t be such a drain of my precious time. The conclusion, Fool’s Gold didn’t make me want to go find a mad scientist, invent a time machine, and go get those 2 hours of my life back, no. That’s a compliment folks, just in case you are not following my train of thought here.

Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughey are not two people I ever really like much. This time, they were funny, charming, sometimes too goofy for their own good, but I can’t hope for perfection in my least favorite genre. There is a scene where Hudson is serving dinner to a table of three people. She sees her ex-husband and screams, proceeds to, well, serve dinner in one of the funniest movie moments I’ve seen in a while. That’s a bold statement, but I give her full credit for this one. I laughed out loud.

The story is lame, I can’t deny that. It’s about a couple on the search for a huge sunken treasure and a way to fix their failing/failed marriage. They have obvious relationship problems, they find a rich guy to fund their journey, and in the process encounter quite possibly the single worst bad guy I have ever seen in a movie in my life!! This guy sucked so bad it almost ruined my “hey this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be” buzz.

Why would they chose to have a gun toting rapper named Bigg Bunny who owns a tropical island and has ridiculous henchmen and then hires some mercenary who completely kills the fun vibe of the whole movie? Why would they make it so this guy, Bigg Bunny, just happens to fly a plane and can then lead us to a very boring sequence that bordered on the edge of humdrum right next to where I was thinking of doing something more meaningful with my life, like go read my snail mail or take out the trash?

Bad movie making doesn’t always scrap a whole film. Fool’s Gold has more goodness than crapness, so I tolerate the deep breaths and rolling eye moments just to get to more of the better stuff. That doesn’t make it a good either though, don’t get confused here. I like the movie. I enjoyed a lot of the silliness, Hudson won me over, it looks gorgeous, and the little rich girl character was my favorite part, OH I didn’t even mention her yet. Well, she’s part of the lame story, or side story I should say. She’s the daughter of the aforementioned rich guy (Donald Sutherland) and they are coping with their own relationship issues. She’s adorable, funny, and I think she adds a lot to the otherwise lackluster plot which I had to turn off part of my brain to fully appreciate. Sutherland, he can come or go for me. I’m neutral in that port. (port, he owns a huge yacht…get it?) You can’t just throw a Hollywood legend kind of guy and the daughter of another Hollywood legend (Hudson) into a movie and it becomes good movie making.

Fool’s Gold has a few good elements that kept me interested, kept me laughing, smiling, and occasionally gasping. Yes, gasping. There were some underwater fight scenes that were well done and some injuries sustained were gasp worthy. This movie also had the shitty bad guy which almost made it a wash out, but I put it to one side and let my age, wisdom, and experience be my guide. Was the movie worth using up any part of the rest of my life? Yes. I had a great time watching it with my husband, who also laughed a few times. We had a good time talking about it in the podcast, and now I’m having a decent few minutes writing this, so all in all, not a bad way to use up my golden years.

Value: 2/10
What? $20+? Are you kidding me people? This is a DVD, not Blu-Ray (not that I think Blu-Ray is worth more, but come on!!), no big extras, nothing special and yet you expect me to spend that kind of money while I’m paying through the nose to keep my car full of gas this Summer? Get a life folks. I say rent this movie. It’s fun, it will entertain you on a summer weekend night when you decide to stay home rather than go out and spend lots of cash on getting your vehicle around town. Get it from your preferred online rental service. It’s totally worth a few quid (as my exotic husband would say). What? $20+? Are you kidding me people?

Overall Score 6/10