Faster Blu-Ray Review

“Faster is a balls-to-the-wall action flick that looks great on Blu-Ray. Sony use a BD50 disc to showcase the visual panache the movie offers.”

Cover Art and Menus: 6/10
It is crazy. I actually like this cover image. I know, I know, it’s not like me to have a fond feeling for cover art, and to be perfectly honest, this isn’t a movie I enjoyed so it’s even more odd. I did like the cover of Doom, also starring Dwayne Johnson. It also had a big bold picture of him on it. This from a woman who doesn’t even like muscles and all that gym ego shit, but hey. I don’t like that bullet. It might be part of the story, guns and stuff, but the bullet being sliced through the title is a bit lazy. Overall, however, the cover is kind of bold and gives off a certain attitude that I might just appreciate on a poster, someday when the memory of the movie dissolves from my mind;)

Features: 5/10

  • Alternate Ending – This ending does change the whole final vibe of the movie. It’s worth a watch, even if you are like me and found nothing but neutrality while watching the rest of the story. It would have opened it up to a whole different resolution, possible continue story in subsequent movies. Alas, they chopped it off.
  • Deleted Scenes – There’s not much here that would make any difference to the movie. Billy Bob gets a few more seconds of time, but other than that they are scenes that are not missed.
  • Criminals & Cops: The Cast Of Faster – The cast, finding the right faces for the job.
  • Weapons & Wheels: The Guns, Cars & Stunts Of Faster – Hmmm can you guess what this is about?
  • Anamatics – Some of the scenes are offered up in animated sketches with voice and sound effects. It’s pretty fun to see the action before it became part of the movie.
  • MovieIQ – Watch with trivia and details about the cast at your finger tips.

The Movie: 5/10
Where do I begin? I love movie day at our house. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a very satisfying Sunday activity that I look forward to from week to week. OK, that being said, some weeks it’s more satisfying and fun and exciting than others. This week, not so much. I am struggling with what to say about Faster. I didn’t hate it. I didn’t even strongly dislike it. I was bored a lot and by about 20 minutes in I was wishing we were watching something else. Why? I have narrowed it down to three simple things, the story, the dialog, and the action. Yea, that pretty much covers it.

The story is a revenge tale. Fair enough. I do enjoy a good revenge driven movie, if it has all the right elements. I didn’t care much about the lead character in Faster. I say Dwayne Johnson did a fine job, no complaints about that. It was kind of cool to see his bold brash focused vengeance seeking mission played out. That’s one of the things I DO like about this movie. This guy is driven and not to be distracted, a noble character trait. The problem for me is that he’s not even a little sympathetic. He had a hard life, he lost a loved one, he’s good at heart, etc. The thing is, he’s a criminal and most of what has happened is down to some of his own choices, so that makes me say, “OK, you made your bed, now lie in it.” His story doesn’t interest me enough to then take the leap to care about his vigilante justice. Some scenes, a bathroom fight at a night club, an operation gone very bad, these are some individual scenes I was perked up by, so there was enough to keep me interested. It was just hard to then wade through the parts I didn’t find interesting at all.

There is a thing in this movie that’s trying to hard to be “too cool for school”. They call their lead characters Killer, Driver, and Cop. Ok, trying to be cool negates the coolness, just so you know. Killer is completely a tagged on character who, while I understand his own struggles and why he is so focused on his professional assassin career, it’s like he could be plucked out and the movie would be better. I like the actor guy, he does a bit of the over-the-top dramatics, but it’s part of his cartoony character so I go with the flow. The biggest problem with this character is that he and his woman have some of the worse dialog in the whole movie. It’s pat, it’s dry, it’s blasé. I would rather read it in a graphic novel with cool drawings, and even then tweek it a bit to make it more intriguing. Talking is not one of the strong features of this movie, sorry to say, for any of the characters. I also understand that people don’t always like talking, so I know there might not be that audience who cares that a lot of what is said is mind-numbingly boring and plastic.

I dig action movies. The thing is, they come in many shapes and sizes and qualities. I didn’t like Death Race 2, but I liked Death Race (LIKED, not loved). I loved Kill Bill 1&2, Doomsday, and some obvious ones like Die Hard, The Rock, even if they are cheezy. I enjoyed the action, the explosions, the sweat, the cars, the weapons….but the combination in Faster was, again, flat for me. I did like Driver’s car, didn’t like the car chases. I appreciate the way everyone used their weapons, but wasn’t the least bit interested in the outcome of any situation they were in. Mixed bag.

I will say that even if they didn’t have great dialog to offer up, the women in this movie interested me the most. They all, making the most of what they are given, made their  moments interesting and memorable.

I can say there were surprise moments that I appreciated. Unfortunately they were few and far between and overall didn’t leave me with a good impression. Most of the time I was waiting for something more stimulating, and it was a long wait. I wouldn’t knock this flick though, it’s got guts sometimes, and that kind of overrides a lot of the weaknesses. Mostly I wish I had watched something else this movie day, something like Midnight Run or True Romance, old standards that always make me glad I love movies.

OH, and I’m completely neutral on Billy Bob Thornton’s performance and character. Nothing bad to say, nothing good. 🙂

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
Faster is a balls-to-the-wall action flick that looks great on Blu-Ray. Sony use a BD50 disc to showcase the visual panache the movie offers. According to IMDB the movie was filmed on Super 35MM film, because of this the movie has a few grainy scenes but nothing that makes the movie look bad. Director George Tillman Jr uses a strange golden cast filter on all but a few of his scenes, this comes through well in HD and adds a touch of style.

Audio is where the disc shines. Faster has a ton of LFE mostly derived from the films Chevelle & Ferrari. The chase scene down the highway at night really makes the sound-stage come alive. There are a couple of bad looping moments in the movie, where characters move there mouths and nothing comes out, but that is not the Blu-Ray’s fault. Overall it’s a great disc technically if you like the movie you will be pleased 🙂

Value: 4/10
You have read the rest of my thoughts, presumably, so you know I’m not a fan of this movie. I like a few parts but overall it’s a dud for me. I do know several people who would like it, so it has some value in the movie watching arena. I can’t pretend it was a good movie watching experience, it wasn’t really. The extras are irrelevant, and this isn’t even a case of the extras making me want to go back and watch again to give it a rethink. It’s not poorly made and I like the director and the few things I mentioned so I say it’s average, at best (and that’s pushing my good vibes for the day).

Overall Score 4/10