Fast & Furious Blu-Ray Review

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
The cover does nothing for me. I am neutral on the car with the cast faces looming overhead. It’s in line with the others in the series, so that explains it. The menu is functional, nothing special, but the extras are easy to get to so I appreciate that.

Features: 8/10

  • Original Short Film: Los Bandoleros A prequel of sorts that introduces key characters from the movie just as they approach the opening heist of the film. It starts with the promise of being an independent little film, but then just turns into a self serving, indulgent project for writer/director Diesel.
  • Under the Hood – Muscle Cars & Imports – All about the cars..yea. If you dig the cars in the movie, and why else would anyone watch this movie? This is the extra you might just appreciate the most. The car dude from behind the scenes describes the different types of cars they chose to be key players in this 4th in the Fast and Furious series.
  • Getting the Gang Back Together – The cast talking about how and why they came to be back in the series after so many years away.
  • Driving School with Vin Diesel – “Training” of a mega’star’ as he gets to stunt drive some cool cars. I think we can drop the bullshit folks, he’s just Vin Diesel getting to show off…but it’s still fun to watch if you like to live vicariously through famous people.
  • Shooting the Big Rig Heist – This is a good extra. It follows the process and set up of the biggest action sequence of the movie. A big rig truck gets blown up, how much bigger can it get? I do like to see these practical ‘set pieces’ being put together, it is a reminder of how much better real life is than CGI effects.
  • D-Box Motion Enabled – I have no D Box 🙁
  • Digital Copy – A copy for your device so you can watch it over and over and over, and then get tested for bad taste or insanity.
  • U-Control – Now this U-Control is something I can get my movie watching teeth into. I’m not a fan of this movie, fair enough, but watching it with the director and one of the stars as they walk us through scene by scene with extra graphics of the story boards, speeding up/slowing down bits and pieces to explain very specific moments, stunts, action pieces, it’s pretty awesome to be honest. It’s one of those times when I liked the movie more after I watched this ‘commentary’ than I did before.
  • BDLive – Couldn’t access it yet.

The Movie: 4/10

The Fast and the Furious: It was OK.

2 Fast 2 Furious: Didn’t see it.

The Fast and the Furious-Tokyo Drift: Loved it.

Fast and Furious: It was OK.

So, I go back to my fast and furious roots with this one. It was just OK for me. The cars are awesome, along with the races and chase scenes. The look of the movie is shiny and bold. The soundtrack is so-so. The story is crap. The acting is horrible. And last but not least, the cars are awesome. Oh, did I already mention the cars? That’s because they are truly the stars of the show. Thank goodness they don’t talk or they might end up being as disappointing as the rest of the cast.

I know, I know, it’s not an “acting” kind of flick. I get it. Here’s my problem, there’s not much more to it than the reunion aspect, that’s the cast, and they suck. There, I said it. I’m not afraid. The story didn’t help them out, true enough, but come on, just because you got your asses licked for the past few years after being in such a popular movie doesn’t mean you can just show up and hope it’s enough. That’s not fair, I know, and if any of them read this review it might hurt their feelings….but they cannot disagree with me.

Beyond the bad story and acting we have the thrill of the cars. This is where I drop my guard a bit and enjoy the movie for what it is. Normally I’m just waiting for races and chases to be done and move on to the rest of a movie, but as I have pointed out so mercilessly, there’s not much more to this movie so the races and chases are the oasis in my own personal desert of boredom. The downtown race is really exciting. I dig that they went through traffic this time around, no closed streets. It’s very much like a video game race in its presentation, which could be irritating, but it rather fit the tone of the movie.

When a stream of speeding cars delve into a mining cave and drive at high speeds through rafters, dust, and narrow paths, that was exciting too. There is a sequence in the beginning of the movie in which the team pulls a moving heist. It’s exciting yes. It’s so beyond the realm of reasonable criminality I had a hard time getting into my bubble of belief, but I got there in the end just as big explosions and stuff kicked in.

The music was pumping, along with the rumble of the car engines, sometimes to the point of me needing a bathroom break. This could be our own sound system, or just the power of the boom boom boom of the soundtrack, but whatever it is, my bladder is less a fan of this movie than I am:)

If you like bad acting, loud cars, too much testosterone, bad plots, good stunts, and a bald head connected to one of the least appealing performers of all time…this is the movie for you.

If you like fast cars, awesome music, great camera work, good performances (not great but good), and an overall fun experience, watch Tokyo Drift. (or BBC’s Top Gear)

Audio & Video: 9/10
The kind of high octane thrills that a movie like Fast & Furious delivers screams out for a great Hi-Def image. Fast & Furious does not disappoint on this level with a near reference level transfer. The many scenes which showcase the cars come off so clear you can read every logo and see every scratch on the amazing looking cars. Flesh tones on the actors are also very good and shadow detail is quite stunning on the many night time scenes.

Audio is pretty insane with a bass shaking DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack that makes many of the film’s music tracks really come to life. Cidtalk actually said that the bass sound the engines of the car’s make, made her want to go for a pee. So, there we have it, this sound editing literally makes women almost wet themselves 🙂 How’s that for an endorsement.

This isn’t the best in the Fast & The Furious series, but true fans will find enjoyment here. The Blu-Ray presentation, like most releases nowadays, surpasses the theatrical experience on every level.

Value: 6/10
For me this movie has no value really. I wasn’t that interested to see it and now I wouldn’t be interested in watching it ever again, therefore the value for me is nill. If you are a fan of the franchise and MUST see them all, well, then it’s worth what you want to pay to watch it. I would rent it, or go to a friend’s house who is watching it and get comfy. Then, I would go home and watch my copy of Tokyo Drift.

The extras elevate this Blu-Ray to something more, but I’m still not in the mood to buy it.

(NOTE: The below score is mostly for the extras and overall effort to put together a good Blu-Ray experience, NOT for the movie itself.)

Overall Score 7/10