Fast & Furious 6 Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
Read past the first couple of sentences, trust me on this. First, I don’t like car chases. Second, I don’t like Vin Diesel. With these two things going on in my head it might seem strange that I will now say that I don’t hate the Fast and Furious series of movies. I don’t love them, and they are pretty forgettable for me, but as they are playing out in front of me I am usually entertained and my heart does pound a little bit harder with some of the newer bigger stunts they are throwing together for us.

I’m not wrapped up in the characters and I really don’t care what happens with the story in Furious 6. That doesn’t sound like someone who should be writing a review, then again it does make me more objective. I see these movies for what they are, fast cars, grunting, testosterone, escapism, and fast cars, oh and music during the big action scenes. There is nothing hidden here, it’s all in your face. Our leading men have been around, so we know them well enough not to go into their stories too  much. An ex-cop turned criminal, and a criminal who is now friends with an ex-cop. They have women who always become peripheral, if not vital to their own mental health and the weakness every bad guy can get a hold of and use it against them….not a surprise. No one interests me much in this movie. We have a new villain who is compelling, no doubt. He’s rigid and cold and bad. I like the simplicity. Up against Diesel’s stoic “FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY and CARS” mantra, this guy is the iceman who loves “MONEY MONEY MONEY and PRECISION”. It made #6 in the series my second favorite, if one can have a favorite of something they aren’t that excited about to begin with.

The stunts and action sequences are the eye candy of a very action hungry brain. I love big action in movies. This time around we have lots of cars being crashed, of course, a tank, a giant airplane, lots of cars crashing, and being crushed, and crashing some more, so it kept me busy for sure. I will say again, I have no attachment to any of the characters, not the main dudes, not their women, not the characters who have become a joke…OH wait, I did like Han and Giselle. I would watch a whole movie just about those two if I had the chance. I got interested, and stayed interested in their side story, which added to this movie more than I think they ever intended. I admit that I’m not a Michelle Rodriguez fan, never have been. However, in this she is not who she has always been, overly touch, overly boring, overly over the top about everything. She’s still a little bit too hard as nails for me, but she won me over and I look forward to her next thing…shocking!

Overall I say if you love the Fast and Furious movies, you will like this, so it’s shocking that you are even reading a review at all. If you don’t know about the franchise, just start at the beginning and work your way through them all. My choice is #3, Tokyo Drift, the rest don’t compare for me. It’s a rough and tumble action flick to pop on a Friday night with some popcorn and a beer. Enjoy the fiction, enjoy the cars, enjoy the sentiment, and then watch something with a bit more substance. 🙂

Features: 8/10

  • Extended Version Of The Film – The extended version of the film is about 50 seconds longer, it contains more of the woman fight midway through the movie. If you like watching women punch the poop out of each other then go for the extended cut.
  • Take Control – This seems to be a unfinished version of the usual U-Control feature Universal are famous for. It runs about 20 minutes and has some interesting behind the scenes stuff especially if you are a Paul Walker fan.
  • The Making Of Fast & Furious 6 – Broken down into four distinct sections The Fastest Of Them All (10.;06), Reuniting The Team (7.34), Letty’s Return (4.42) & The Mastermind (4.21). This is a making of feature that actually packs a lot of information into it’s short running time. You can really tell the cast have a good time making these movies from how they act on the set.
  • Planes, Tanks & Automobiles – Another four short extras The London Chase (7.56), Highway Heist: Convoy Attack (6.28), The Antonov Takedown (6.18) and Dom & Letty Race Again (3.35). All of these pieces are basically a tribute to the stuntmen and women who bring you the action in the Furious movies. A lot of heart and love is put into these sequences and it’s great to see these behind the scenes heroes at work.
  • It’s All About The Cars – Again split into sections Three this time as follows On The Set With Vin (3.16), Gearheads Delight (6.27), The Flip Car (5.23). As stated in the title these extras deal with the automobiles in the movie. You do get a glimpse here of a very nervous Vin Diesel getting ready for a dangerous ramp jump.
  • Audio Commentary With Justin Lin – This is a great commentary track and Lin really spills the beans on the production. Originally this was meant to be two movies and Lin discusses the trials and tribulations of cutting it down to one. He also is very honest and actually trashes some of the scenes. The commentary is only available on the extended cut of the movie.
  • First Look At Fast 7 – This is actually a scene from Fast 7,  its very weird to watch in the light of Paul Walkers death as it contains a funeral and Walker actually says “Just one more funeral left” referring to the death of a bad guy. The final title card here says Fast & Furious 7 Summer 2014 which is very unlikely now.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 2/10
Boring cover. Boring menu. I would not have any images from this movie as a poster…not gonna happen. Kinda weird how the car is almost completely hidden when the car used to be the star.

Audio & Video: 9/10
As usual with all of Universal’s recent Blu-Ray releases, Fast & Furious 6 is nothing short of a reference quality showcase. The 2.35:1 aspect ratio AVC 1080P encode is as sharp and bright as it is detailed and colorful. About half of the movie takes place in the UK and at night these scenes have the perfect balance of shadow detail and nothing is lost in the transfer to Sony’s shiny disc format.

Audio is provided using the uncompressed DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 format which as usual provides plenty of LFE. Just a couple of times some of the dialog is lost under the thundering score but that might be Vin Diesel’s mumbly delivery and not a fault of the disc. If you are a fan of the Furious franchise this disc is a must, it’s also nice to see the packaging carrying on the theme of all the other discs.

Value: 6/10
If you find this cheap in a bin in a few months, or cut rate online to rent, go for it. If you must complete your collection of the Fast and Furious world, you will pay any price, so there ya go. The value for me would be around the $5 area, if you can get this movie for that price, THAT is good use of your weekend entertainment cash.

Overall Score 7/10