Fast Five Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 4/10
Is there a dating service for women and movies? Can I input my preferences, my likes, dislikes, expectations, previous experiences that have shaped my views and then get a fancy dot matrix print out of my best cinematic matches? I’ll say this, Fast Five would not be on my list of potential love connections. I would enter a few things that might hit the mark on this, the fifth in the Fast and Furious series. There are some good special effects in the stunts and car stunts department. I like international flavor, and going to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil turns my crank.

Cast members of other Fast and Furious movies join forces this time around, so that’s kind of cool. Even though it’s a nice nod to people who do enjoy the movies, for someone like me who doesn’t, it’s more of the same.

There are some pretty cool directing tricks here and there, however, it would take a lot of style to overcome the  shortage of substance. It’s not a secret, right? Fast Five is a movie a guy like my husband digs. He glosses over the flaws and just watches with a certain kind of Y chromosome sector of his brain that processes it in a way I do not understand. Even with the tiny items that made it entertaining, it took two glasses of wine to lube my tolerance for the rest of it.

Of course there is the top quality acting. No

The plot is complex and interesting. No

Not every movie I like is complicated or smart or a masterpiece of artistic film making, not by a long shot. For god’s sake I have laughed extensively at Dumb and Dumber. It’s just that Fast Five is empty, kind of boring for me. Those fights and car sequences run out of value in about a minute, maybe two, and then my mind wanders and I have a bad habit if then finding more and more things I don’t like.

You aren’t shocked, right? I mean, did you expect a love match between me and a movie with two bulky bald sweaty dudes who offer up way too much machismo to make my heart swoon. In fact, so much macho and poorly delivered, poorly written dialog filled the air that I realized I would rather spend the evening alone with another glass of wine and memories of the long list of movies from my past.

Features: 8/10

  • The Big Train Heist – Behind the scenes on the opening scene of the movie. I really thought most of it was CG,but boy was I wrong.
  • Reuniting The Team – A short showcasing each member of the crew.
  • A New Set Of Wheels – Another short featurette this time focusing on the cars.
  • Dom Vs Hobbs – From the moment the Rock shows up you know he will have to end up in a fight with Vin Diesel, this shows what it takes to arrange that.
  • Tyrese TV – Tyrese being annoying with a flipcam, file under Youtube promotional.
  • Inside The Vault Chase – The finale of the film includes a Heist like you have never seen, the title here will give you a clue.
  • On Set With Director Justin Lin – A video diary style look at a day in yhe life of a Director.
  • Deleted Scenes – A couple of deleted scenes, that were best left on the cutting room floor.
  • Gag Reel – A gag reel, some mildly funny stuff here.
  • Dom’s Journey – A look at how Dom has progressed,regressed over the five movies.
  • Brian O Conner From Fed To Con – A short look At Paul Walkers storyline.
  • Enter Federal Agent Hobbs – I think The Rock is a good addition to the movie. Here is a quick explanation of his charachter.
  • Feature Commentary With Director Justin Lin – 
  • UControl – A picture in picture mode with great insight into how the movie was made.
  • Second Screen – If you have an Ipad chd k out the specs of the cars as the movie rolls.
  • Digital Copy & DVD – Your standard DVD and digital copy.

Cover Art and Menus: 3/10
I wouldn’t have this cover art as a poster. It does line up with the others in the series, but that’s not saying much. I know, they don’t have to be appealing to the likes of me, the woman who wouldn’t be drawn to these movies if you paid me. They hit their target audience, people who like Vin and Paul and their car driving antics. The menu is what it is, navigation.

Audio & Video: 8/10 (By Ascully)
Justin Linn has taken the Fast & The Furious franchise and mutated it into something between a James Bond flick and a god old fashioned action movie. And Universal have given the new movie a great looking presentation on Blu-Ray disc. Filmed on location in Puerto Rico (which doubles for Rio in the film) the filmlike transfer captures every bead of sweat on the actors and the sweat on some of the finest cars in film. Much of the movie looks overbaked thanks to the hot sun but like Scarface which we looked at a couple of weeks ago this gives the movie a distinct look. Blacks are black and occasionaly slightly muddy which does stop me giving the transfer top marks. But that being said this is easily the best a Fast & The Furious movie has looked.

Universal have gone the whole hog here with a DTS Master Audio soundtrack that will literally blow you away. Yes the track is full of throaty V8 engine sounds but the highlight for me is a moment when a grenade goes off about two thirds into the movie. You will feel the grenade similar to the blast at the start of the first LOTR movie. Fast Five doesn’t have the greatest dialog but it is crisp clear and centered like it should be.

Value: 6/10
If you have to complete your collection of Fast Furious movies, you won’t care about the price. I, however, will not be. The extras are pretty darn good, I even like them better than the movie. It’s fun to see how they do the car stunts and behind the scenes with the reunited cast. $15 – $20 of my frivolous spending budget would go toward more pencils, paper, and pens, or maybe a few budget movie titles. My husband, however, has already added this to the Blu-Ray collection.

Overall Score 5/10