Enduring Love

Cover Art and Menu: 10/10
Now this is a cover I can appreciate. I had no idea what the movie was all about and yet as soon as I saw the cover I wanted to experience what ever was inside the box. Call me crazy, it’s been done before, but there is some kind of magnet effect on me. This one captured something, I can’t explain, but it’s enough to make me want to watch the film the minute we got the DVD. Three people and a hot air balloon could be a love triangle, could be an adventure. You can speculate, but when you see the expressions on their faces it becomes more of a mystery and I love that. Whoever choose these images for the cover art (and probably for the poster) deserve a good old artsy fartsy pat on the back from the likes of me. I’m a hard nut to crack when it comes to cover art…..consider me cracked 🙂

The menu, boring, functional, but not blah enough to knock me off the high of lovin’ the cover.

Features: 0/10
What does this DVD offer besides a kick ass cover and amazing film? Nothing. They must want to send me on an emotional roller coaster. First I get so excited about the cover, and then nearly sent into a serious funk due when I discover there are no extras to explore, and then I am genuinely thrilled when I see the film. These people are definitely trying to mess with me, it’s a conspiracy I tell ya!

As a DVD I would have to say it’s crappy to not get the pleasure of learning more about the behind the scenes of this particular film, but since it’s so good on its own, I can’t deduct points from the score just because they were lazy and didn’t add anything AT ALL!

The Movie: 9/10:
What if? That’s the starting point from which millions of fictional tales enter the real world. What if a group of unsuspecting strangers came together for one brief moment only for it to end in tragedy? Add to that question elements of flawed human emotions, misguided motives, confusion about love and life. It sounds complex, but really it’s a story that takes an up close and personal look at something quite simple, what is love? Did I say simple? As earlier indicated, I must be crazy.

This film explores the complications we add to the most basic of human needs, not being alone in the world. Our leading man is convinced that it’s all biology, science, and chemical reactions that draw people together. But he is a confused guy because he has a lovely woman in his life, one who adores him, accepts him for who he is (pretentiousness and all :), and who wants a future with him. She makes it seem so simple, no complications, it’s just love.

Our skeptical hero is already confused so when a strange and tragic moment comes along that brings a stranger into his life, one who sees love very differently, it puts our scientist into a tailspin. I personally think he was already not fully convinced about his biology theory, but it was safe and kept him one step intellectually ahead of all us sappy folks who believe in love as an unexplained emotion.

As he is haunted by the spooky stranger, and as he is challenged to rethink his theories of love, he loses sight of his relationship. The stranger, a man, is consumed with yet another kind of love. It’s not biology, it’s not emotional, it’s obsession. Where our semi-happy couple have their comfortable ideas about science vs. emotion when it comes to love, this new man in their lives is consumed with a darker version of what love is. He sees things from another perspective. His love is deeper, more painful, he’s not just looking for a companion, or a suitable mate for life, his kind of love is that of a hunter seeking prey.

Is our stranger a bit of a nutter? You be the judge. As I see it this movie explores three, or more, very different concepts of something we struggle forever and ever to explain, What is love? Are we just drawn to people to reproduce and nothing more? Are we drawn to people for comfort, sympathy, companionship? Or are we drawn to one another in some kind of vicious game that takes many forms, but usually ends up with someone always getting hurt?

This all sounds very deep and psychological, but the film moves along at a perfect pace as it follows our confused skeptic and his loving artsy woman are systematically torn apart bit by bit. The performances are up close and personal. The characters are flawed and familiar, which makes it that much more intriguing. If you have ever wondered why we are drawn to one another, or if you appreciate stalker flicks, this is the movie for you!

I love it and I would have to say it’s one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Based on a novel of the same name, this story has no bullshit romance, just straight forward character studies of people trying to get on with their lives while swimming against that tidal wave we call love. Awe, so many analogies, so little time.

Value: 5/10
I’m not sure what the lowest price for this DVD would be at the moment. I’ve seen it from $19-$25. I have to say, as much as I love the film I still recommend just renting it. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it will expand your movie watching horizons. British films are always at the top of my list, and this one is no exception. So, go rent it, get it from Netflix, or whatever it takes to check out this film. If you love it like I do you will surely make a purchase of it and add it to your collection. If I were you I wouldn’t pay more than 10-12 bucks simply because of the lack of extras. I’m happy to own it because it goes with my collection of British things, movies, Union Jack flag, husband from Manchester, England..:)

I don’t appreciate the lack of extras, but this film deserves attention. If you can’t see it on the big screen I highly recommend grabbing the disc one way or another. Just because it’s not got extras doesn’t mean it’s a good thing to own/rent the DVD. Thanks to Paramount for putting it out there for us to see in any capacity!

Overall Score 8/10