Enchanted (DVD & Blu-Ray)

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Boring cover. Neutral menu. It’s all Disney, so I can’t fault them for their style. I just don’t find any of if very interesting. The BluRay menus do match the theme of the movie, which is a nice touch. The cover is what it is, a romantic compilation of images that look all dreamy and blue.

Features: 8/10
The D Files Challenge (Blu-Ray Exclusive) – This is an excellent feature. I have to say that if I had kids around I’m sure we would take the time to go through the whole movie again with this game. It’s well done, great interface, easy to navigate and it’s really pretty fun. Just buck up on your knowledge of old Disney flicks and you should breeze through it. Every couple of minutes the host of the game comes on and asks a question about how the scene compares to or is inspired by an older Disney feature animation. You will have a few laughs and realize that you have seen way too many of these sentimental favorites than you might want to admit.

  • Deleted Scenes – There’s not much missing from the movie that needs to be stuffed back in.
  • Bloopers – Yea yea, we get it, actors make mistakes.
  • Fantasy Comes To Life Featurettes – These are close up looks at 3 key scenes from the movie. They cover how each scene is put together with in-camera effects and CGI. Interviews with the cast and director are scattered through each one.
  • Pips Predicament A Pop Up Adventure – This is a good little animation if you are between the ages of 0 and 4.2.
  • Carrie Underwood Ever Ever After Music Video – ugh

Movie: 7/10
A fairy tale is a fairy tale, whether it’s an animated beauty who falls in love with a beast, a girl swept in a tornado, or a divorce lawyer in modern day New York City finding he might just have it in him to fall in love again, even after having his heart broken. Disney happens to be quite versed in the language of these stories. They tug the right heart strings. They turn on the right music at the right time, and more importantly, even if we like to grumble and moan about it, there are moments when a little fantasy about love and stuff aren’t horrible.

Enchanted is a combo-job. We get a taste of the old school animation when we meet the charming Giselle and Prince Edward. Well, as charming as sappy fictional characters can be 🙂 There is a giant troll and an evil step mother. Everyone loves an evil step mother. I can hear it now as the suits sit around the conference table, “What can we do to modernize and reinvent our old cash cows? Oh, I know, we can have an evil stepmother, yea yea, but to make it original we can give her a stepson instead of a stepdaughter.” “Genius.”

I’m being snotty, I know. I did like this movie, so any sarcasm that might leak out of my fingertips is just the cynical old bat in me begging for attention. It’s just that when you have lived long enough and watched enough movies, at least it’s like this for me, the same old same old stories don’t always shine as bright just because someone changes a couple of details and spits it back out again.

I love the beginning of Enchanted. The old style animation, the over the top singing and frolicking, the sap, the sweetness, all of it is cute but in a good way. When Giselle meets her true love, Prince Edward and they decide in a split second to be married it’s that kind of idyllic over-the-top fairy tale moment. We go from that happy happy time to a quick descent to the wicked hag stepmother devising a plan to keep the two love birds apart. You see, she will lose her castle and privileged life if her stepson marries anyone. Therefore she gives Giselle a shove into a fountain and wissshh ..she falls into the real world, our world.

Amy Adams does a good job of being the fish out of water, as an animated princess to be landing in New York City in the 21st century, there’s a lot of room for campiness and exaggerated naïveté. It works. She’s fun to watch, even if she’s got a certain Broadwayness about her, it’s still entertaining to see her find her way in this concrete jungle she’s shoved into.

Patrick Dempsey is the divorce lawyer and single father she meets as she wanders aimlessly through the city in her loop de loop dress. He’s got a six year old daughter who he is trying to teach anything but fairy tales too, just to protect her from heart break.

James Marsden is Prince Edward, a self absorbed but harmless creature of the fairy tale world. He’s funny and does a good job of not being too too goofy, but there is enough bumbling that he’s not quite the Mr. Perfect we all think a prince should be.

Susan is the evil stepmother. She’s cool. I can’t say much more, that about sums it up.

Everyone is good and no one seems to take it all very seriously. It’s a romp, yes, a romp. A fantasy come to life and a sweet message about love that’s harmless enough. Awe, true love, how cozy.

I like the animation and real life, but it’s not quite as TA DA as I would have liked it to me. I’m not sure what I mean by that, but I’m sure it will come to me. Enchanted has some nice songs and a fair amount of giggles, so it’s worth the time to sit back and enjoy one more fluffy little ditty before you get too old to appreciate the sentiment.

Video & Audio: (By Ascully): 9/10
We took a look at the Blu-Ray edition of Enchanted and I must say I was impressed, this is a colorful movie and it really takes advantage of the new fangled HD disc. Notable moments include the opening animated scenes (which always look good in HD) and the huge musical number in the park in the middle of the movie, there is so much detail crammed into that number and so many wide shots it really does impress.

Sound on the Blu-Ray is also great in TrueHD and Dolby Digital, if you pick up the standard DVD release you get a DTS track which seems to be missing on the Blu-Ray disc, not sure why as it sounds great and would be a neat inclusion. Overall both the Blu-Ray and the DVD release are top notch in terms of presentation, Disney have had a lot of practice though so I expect nothing less.

Value: 5/10
It’s Disney, so it’s going to be over 20 bucks. The Blu-Ray is more, and if you have the right kind of player I recommend it. I would RENT it though, unless you have kids who will watch over and over and over and over and over to get your money’s worth.

Overall Score 7/10