Elysium Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
The future. I always enjoy stories that tackle the possibilities of our own future. Elysium opens with the standard little explanation, it’s the future and it’s crowded and shitty on Earth, so people found a way to make a batter life somewhere else. This time, it’s a round structure in space, only for rich people. It’s a tale of the haves and the have-nots. We have heard many stories about the rich and the poor in our human history. The rich people are always assholes, and the poor people are always sick and dying. This time it’s no different. No, really, the poor people seem to have a lot of health problems, the rich people are complete jerks with their medical beds that can cure anything, but they don’t share. This is the heart of the whole thing really. We meet our struggling leading man, he’s been in trouble with the law, working hard to turn things around, and then things take a dark turn. I won’t give you all the details. Just know that he needs to get to the big circle, Elysium, in the sky within 5 days.

They make it clear that getting to Elysium when you don’t belong there is a deadly game. Jodie Foster shoots first, asks questions later. She’s the security person for the whole place. She’s pretty hard-core, but then again, she’s one of the rich people so she has to be horrible. The poor downtrodden folks come together to plan a heist of sorts, all with the goal of cracking into the stuff the wealthy people have and sharing it out more fairly, mostly health care. It seems a lot of the people back on Earth are all very unwell. Overcrowding I guess.

The special effects are pretty amazing. The shuttles are awesome, the robots are very cool, there is nothing visual about this movie that I can fault. It looks pretty gritty, which I like. That’s the Earth part, of course. The Elysium parts are all super clean, pristine, kind of boring. At one point our hero gets an exoskeleton installed, which is a bit gruesome, but he does recover very quickly, movie magic:)

I really did enjoy this movie. It has its flaws, of course. I didn’t like Jodie Foster’s looping, when they have her record her voice over what she actually did on the set. It sounds horrible and is very distracting. There are parts of the whole thing that just don’t make sense at all, but you have to let it go and just get on with enjoying the spectacle of it. Futuristic stories will always intrigue me. I like the speculation of what we will be like in a hundred, or thousand, or million years. That’s the next movie I want to see of the future, a million years from now….ohhh sounds promising as long as Damon is in it.

Features: 8/10

  • Collaboration: Crafting The Performances Of Elysium – Obviously this takes a look at the cast, everyone is represented but Jody Foster is sadly absent. I would have liked to see her here to find out what the hell she was going for with the accent she uses in the film.
  • Engineering Utopia: Creating A Society In The Sky – A look at Syd Mead’s film design, and focused a little more on the Elysium part of the movie.
  • Extended Scene – This is a cool scene if you like Sharlto Copley’s performance in the movie, it’s a little to light-hearted to actually fit with his character though.
  • Visions Of 2154 – Explore concept art and behind the scenes video from the movie. 
  • The Journey To Elysium – A three-part documentary clocking in at nearly an hour, this covers almost every aspect of the production and is shot fly on the wall style.
  • In Support Of Story – If you love the VFX work in Elysium this extra shows you lots of behind the scenes stuff. About 10 minutes in length.
  • The Technology Of 2154 – Robots and weapons are discussed at length, you even get to see Matt Damon firing these Weta workshop marvels.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 7/10
I don’t usually like covers with the star plunked right in the middle, big and bold for all to see. This time, however, I don’t mind. It’s got the vibe of the movie, it gives me the sense of some intensity, which is correct, and I like to look at Matt Damon. I might even have this as a poster…wow! The menu is nothing special, navigation, images from the movie, that’s about it.

Audio & Video: 10/10
Proudly displayed on the back of the box “Mastered In 4K” Sony’s latest Blu-Ray release Elysium is a perfect advertisement for the high definition format. Superb colors, excellent shadow detail are apparent in every single frame. The scenes on earth are dirty, dusty and grimy and every single speck of dirt shows up in what is quite clearly a special effects masterpiece. This is as High Definition as it gets until we inevitably make the leap to actual 4k in a couple of years.

The DTS-HD 7.1 Master Audio loss-less soundtrack is also impressive. The uncompressed sound emulates the theatrical presentation perfectly, enveloping the listener in a future world that is more fun to be in that it should be. This soundtrack is LOUD, precise and full of LFE effects, every time a gun is fired or a flying ship passes by you are in for a aural treat. Elysium is a fantastic showpiece disc from Sony that any Sci-Fi fan would be crazy to pass up.

Overall Score 7/10