Cover Art and Menu: 5/10
My husband loves the cover, go figure! A sexy chick wrapped in red leather, I can’t imagine why. For me it’s not unattractive, just predictable and blasé. I would like to have seen some comic book artwork on the cover instead of the live action Elektra. Artwork is so much more interesting than just a glamour shot of the star, but then again, I might be missing a few important hormones to see the appeal of Jennifer Garner looking hot and sexy 🙂

The menus have a nice graphic design with some personality, too bad they couldn’t bring that to the cover.

Features: 5/10
I am not trying to be overly negative about this movie and the DVD, but I have to be honest and say that the film is pretty flat for me and the extras seem like they wanted to take up some space on the disc. There is nothing of value in the extras, nothing that adds to the film, nothing that makes it worth the price. Let’s hope for a special edition someday. Hey even if I didn’t love the movie, a good DVD with lots of goodies can bring a not-so-great film back from the world of forgetability.

  • Deleted Scenes – Just a few scenes cut from the final movie which have no bearing on the story and wouldn’t be missed. I was hoping for a bunch of scenes where the villains got to use their crazy skills more, but no such luck. The highlight for me was the scene with Mr Ben Affleck reprising his role as Daredevil that was cut from the final movie.
  • The Making Of Elektra Featurette – I would like to give a seminar on what “MAKING OF” means. Every moment of a Making Of featurette should be devoted to how the movie was made, how stunts are done, how make up is applied, how the director made choices, how actors hung from wires, how sets are built..etc. This is nothing more than a promotional blip about the movie with a tiny bit about Garner’s training.
  • Inside The Editing Room Featurette – I need to make an award for the lamest DVD extras and have a big ceremony at the end of the movie season to acknowledge mediocrity and lameness…this so called extra would be a strong contender. It’s nothing more than the director introducing a couple of scenes, describing very briefly some uninteresting details about what you are going to see. Waste of DVD space if you ask me.
  • Jennifer Garner’s Comic-Con Presentation – This is just a trailer for the movie made for the die hard fans at Comic-Con with Garner introducing some clips and flashing her big pretty smile showing how happy she is about the movie. She says how important it is to honor the original Elektra from the comic books, and about points out her sexy red leather outfit…riveting.

The Movie: 6/10:
A woman warrior who wears red hot pants and brandishes double fisted blades to exact her type of justice to the creeps of the world…sounds too good to be true really. Guess what, it is. I’m not one to complain about women in tight pants, quite the contrary. What I do enjoy complaining about are movies that wish they were something they are not.

Elektra promises exciting bad guys/gals, and on that note it delivers. Beyond the groovy woman who can poison you with a kiss and a man made of stone, not to mention tattoos that come to life, there is not much to talk about with this comic turned celluloid offering.

The story of a young girl and her father being on Elektra’s exclusive hit list, yes our darling of the red leather straps is a hit woman these days, is just plain flat. The girl is some kind of prodigy warrior sought after by the bad guys, yada yada yada. I’m sure I would like it more if I were a fan of the comic, or maybe not.

There are three things about this movie that don’t work for me, the cast, story, and poor use of villains.

The bright spot of the cast is our charming darling of TV’s Alias, Ms. Garner I’ll give her this, she always seems to totally throw herself into what she’s doing. I admire that, but I still find her to be over the top and the combination of sexy mixed with deep, dark, and contemplative just doesn’t come together very well for me. As Elektra she is haunted by tragedy in her past, who isn’t, and there are times when her strained worried expression along with that crazy always-ready-to-pounce posture makes her seem like a caricature of the woman she is supposed to play. It may sound dynamic and exciting, but when you see the same reaction over and over, and watch her walk that chest out/butt out strut, it gets quite boring. The rest of the cast kind of all blurs together for me to be honest. Even the cool band of baddies have no individual personality. This is a movie of flash over content, I don’t have a problem with that, but I would like to be intrigued by at least one character, one person I want to survive, to be defeated, to triumph, but by the end of the movie I didn’t care who was left standing.

The story, as I said before, does nothing to capture the bigger than life imagination of a comic book fan. A young warrior stuck between the forces of good and evil? Hmmm sounds familiar. It’s ok to rehash ideas, let’s face it there’s not a lot of originality these days, but if you are going to dredge up a commonly used theme, at least make it fantastic, exciting, and give it some personality of its own. Elektra takes an old idea and preserves the staleness of it quite nicely. The back story of Elektra is so much more interesting than what they came up with for the movie. I mean, she dies in Daredevil and obviously comes back to life to become an assassin. Great! Let’s see her from the moment poor Matt had to see her get done in by Bull’s-Eye, watch her recover, see her succumb to the dark side, follow her through her missions of death and destruction….THAT sounds interesting. I think it’s too late to go back now. Let’s face it, a sequel that’s a prequel to a sequel might be a bit confusing. 🙂

Finally, the villains in this story are really quite interesting, but they are not given the screen time or opportunities to show off that they deserve. They all get to do one or two little tricks and then they are destroyed. Even the master villain never gets to live up to his potential. I admit it, I like villains. I appreciate their powers, or their strength, or their cunning, whatever it is. I want to see more of their evilness so that ultimately I want them to be destroyed. In Elektra I was actually disappointed each time a villain bit the dust. I imagine that’s not a good thing.

For such an intriguing character, Elektra doesn’t work for me in this movie version. With a less than stimulating cast, unimaginative story, and by not making the bad guys bad enough, it’s a let down. It’s full of action and even I liked certain moments, but that’s not enough to save it. The worst thing I could say about a movie is that it’s utterly forgettable. I hate to say it but that’s the best way to describe Elektra.

Value: 6/10
This is not a DVD I would recommend for the collector’s shelf. I say wait for a special edition. This DVD is not worth more than a rental. The movie isn’t very entertaining to begin with, so you be the judge as to how much you want to spend. I didn’t love Daredevil the first time I watched it, but after seeing the extras on the DVD and then the new added in bits they put on the latest incarnation, well, I have been warmed to it. A good DVD can make the difference between a movie that gets lost in the back of your memory and one that you want to pull out once in a while and watch again. This version of Elektra on DVD is not one I will be watching again.

Overall Score 6/10