Edge Of Tomorrow Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 7.5/10
I liked it. Is that enough? Probably not. I’m calling this movie “Live Die Repeat”, even though it’s not the name of it. I like the tagline better than the title, so there ya go. Where to begin? Science Fiction, I love it. Future visions of our human existence are almost always interesting enough to commit an hour or two to. I have seen my share of shitty Sci Fi, but mostly I can get behind a good idea and forgive the flaws. Live Die Repeat has flaws, but not many, so the fun is in the story. An alien invasion of a being that seems unbeatable. It’s destructive and wildly successful at killing humans. It’s been a few years and now our human military have a new weapon, a suit for soldiers that helps kill the creatures. We have the heroine of a battle and a weasley PR man at the forefront of a particular beach attack on the enemy. The problem is, there is no way to win the battle…..or is there?

I don’t want to give away anything. My prefered title kind of gives it away, so run with that in your imagination. What I will say is that our Tom Cruise lives in this character in a way that makes me even more convinced that he’s such an underrated actor of our time. He goes from weak and weasely, a creep who has to face the challenge of the day, the battle, death, an unbeatable foe. His counterpart, the daring brave woman who before we meet her has been the hero of a big battle, so she’s a bit of a legend among the soldiers. Soldiers, well, there are a lot and we get a little gang of them all very superficially designed and served up to us. There is the tough chick, the quiet crazy guy, the loudmouth, the southern tough General. Beyond those descriptions, there’s not much more to the whole cast. That does impact the experience a little bit, but ultimately it’s about the alien and special effects and the “how they got here and what they want and how horrible are they and what’s the hook of the movie” that really count.

Overall I enjoyed the whole thing. Fighting an impossible enemy is always intriguing to me, which explains why I am in love with true Zombie movies. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt keep me watching and caring, the real key to making SciFi movies worth the time.

Features: 8/10

  • Storming The Beach – Doug Liman takes you through a nine minute behind the scenes featurette. You also get to see a three-minute adrenaline cut of one of the battle sequences.
  • Weapons Of The Future – Cast & Crew take you through the ups and downs of wearing exo-armor on the set. Emily Blunt actually spent a lot of the time crying due to the heavy nature of the suit.
  • On The Edge With Doug Liman – A 43 minute production diary which focuses on Liman as director. This is one of the better featurettes of recent memory and really gives you a peek behind the curtain of a filmmaker at work.
  • Deleted Scenes – Seven deleted scenes which are quite interesting. Most of them have no effects work¬†implemented which makes them unintentionally hilarious.
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 4/10
Boring cover, boring idea for the cover, boring design, boring. The menu is just a menu. So, I would not have this poster, but this movie has so many cool images, if someone were to make a poster with something more visually appealing I would hang it in our movie room.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Warner’s Edge Of Tomorrow comes to Blu-Ray with a spectacular looking 1080P AVC encoded transfer that ranks as one of the best this year. Cinematographer Dion Beebe’s color palette is all subdued and lifeless but somehow it still looks amazing. I have a minor complaint which stops the movie getting a full 10/10 and that is black crush in the third act of the film, aside from that though this is a stunner.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 track is simply incredible. The beach battle which you get to see quite a lot of times sounds every bit as impressive as the storming of the beach in Saving Private Ryan. Christophe Beck’s score is perfectly prioritized and never drowns out the action or dialog. Surround pans are effective and LFE output is enormous. This is a showcase soundtrack that will impress even the most jaded home theatre enthusiast.

Overall Score 7.5/10