Eagle Eye Blu-Ray Review

Review Covers Blu-Ray & DVD Version

Cover Art and Menus: 5/10
Boring cover is always a mystery for such an action packed flick. Why why why? The menu has potential with the digital disintegration of Shia LaBeouf’s face, however after that it’s just a navigation with still image. For me it’s a dud of a package, even the Blu-Ray Disc & DVD Label is flat plain gray. If they want to do such uninspired packaging, fine with me, just make the whole bloody thing $10? But see more about the value/price in the “Value” section at the bottom of the review.

Features: 8/10

  • Deleted Scenes – These deleted scenes wouldn’t add anything to the story. The story isn’t great to begin with, so every little bit would have helped.
  • Asymmetrical Warfare The Making Of Eagle Eye – This is a well produced behind the scenes feature with talking heads and a background on how the movie was developed over a 10 year stretch of time.
  • Eagle Eye On Location Washington DC – How do they make a movie look like it’s in Washington D.C? Film exteriors in Washington D.C. 🙂
  • Is My Cell Phone Spying On Me – A paranoid’s dream extra. Do you think you are being tracked, followed, spied on? You will appreciate this discussion.
  • Shall We Play A Game – This is my favorite extra, and even made me like the movie a couple shades more. A discussion between Caruso and War Games director John Badham. They talk about the similarities of their movies. (Even though I think they are wayy wayyyy out of their league here. War Games kicks Eagle Eye’s ass).
  • Gag Reel – People screwing up, giggling, flubbing lines…does anyone NOT know what a gag reel is?
  • Road Trip On Location With Cast & Crew – The movie was shot on many different locations, and this little collection of behind the scenes clips follows them around from place to place.
  • Photo Gallery – A photo on Blu-Ray should be as big as your screen or TV..oh no, they put the photos inside a frame that’s about 1/3 the size of the screen. Hmm I’m not a fan of photos anyway, and even though it’s supposed to be mimicking the computer interface in the movie, it’s not much fun to look at small photos.
  • Theatrical Trailer –The trailer makes the movie look better than it is.

The Movie: 6/10
Computers controlling our lives. Hmmm not an original idea, but then again, in our times it’s more plausible than it was even 10 years ago. Eagle Eye has intrigue, fear, paranoia, and politics. That sounds like it’s pretty well packed with exciting bits and pieces. The thing is, for me the experience of each scene was more satisfying than the movie as a whole. The story brings up all those obvious issues we take for granted these days, cell phones, security cameras, internet, all electronic ways we interface with our lives and how they could be turned against us.

I like the concept. I was a HUGE War Games fan. I won’t compare them, even though the directors of both have worked together for years and have no problem aligning them with each other. Eagle Eye doesn’t do it’s job of making the threat of modern technology bearing down on us ominous enough. Without tossing the whole wad and spoiling the story for ya, I will say that powerful people in the US government are in danger, a change is planned by force, a coup of sorts. This is put in motion by dark and controversial decisions made by our higher up officials that are ethically and morally questionable. Sound familiar?

Our government being disassembled and put back together with probably more of the same ideology, that doesn’t sound very scary or worrisome to me. If every politician were to be rubbed out and replaced with more politicians, I wouldn’t panic. It’s just not something I worry about. Now, throw an asteroid at my planet and make me believe a team of drillers need to go save the day or our world will be obliterated…THAT I can get behind somewhere in the dark recesses of fears buried in my head.

Show me a bunch of huge alien crafts hovering over big cities come to exterminate humans. Send Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum up to the mother ship to upload a virus to bring down the terrestrial foe…yea, I buy it! Armageddon and Independence Day are not great films. I wouldn’t claim that in a million years. The thing is, there is a way to tell a story, however outrageous or imperfect that brings it all together for a memorable, if not always profound, movie watching experience. Eagle Eye lost me with the boring reveal of the foe. The underwhelming climax. The peripheral characters played by Rosario Dawson, and Billy Bob Thornton, they had no impact on me. I didn’t care about them. They did a good job, I liked their individual scenes. I didn’t give a crap about whether they lived or died. In fact, I had no time when I was worried about anyone specifically. I liked Shia LaBeouf and Michelle Monaghan a lot. Their characters were salvageable, if not on a bit of a rail from point A to point B. Then again, it’s that kind of movie. It never captured me in a way that made me wide eyed and anticipating what would come next.

The crashes and chases are amazing. So much umph and pow!! It reminded me of the Bourne movies with such forceful special effects and stuff blowing to bits. This is what I will remember about Eagle Eye, the action. I’m not an action fan, so that’s saying something..haha

Overall I enjoyed the movie as it was doled out, one scene at a time. I didn’t like the heart of the story, and that’s not a good thing. The premise is fascinating but wasn’t pulled together with enough villainous pangs to scare me into submission so as to ignore the things that weren’t capturing my imagination. Technology taking over our lives is one of those ideas that has been around since story telling was invented I’m sure. Eagle Eye just didn’t make me want to ditch my cell phone, laptop, wireless internet, online shopping, etc. When  movie makes me consider unplugging, THAT will be a good flick.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Eagle Eye is a interesting mixed bag of a movie. Despite some really low lighting conditions during the first half of the movie, the transfer manages to make all the scenes look great and not washed out. Eagle Eye on Blu-Ray is presented using the AVC codec with a average bitrate of 29mbps and the audio track uses the TrueHD 5.1 uncompressed format at 3.8mbps.

Audio isn’t standout reference material, but some of the action scenes especially chapter 8’s car chase sound exceptional. This is a prime example of a modern movie that is ideal for the HD format. It’s filmed in HD and taken from the HD masters so you will be hard pressed to find any oddities in the presentation.

Value: 5/10
The movie isn’t very memorable. It’s a big action, big idea, big star power kind of flick, and that’s about it. All smoke no fire, so to speak. I do recommend it as a rental or cable TV viewing for a weekend in your future. I don’t need this in my collection, which means it’s not one I will watch over and over. The thing is, Blu-Ray does do a good job with the image and sound, so a standard DVD might take away some of what I did like about the movie. Try to check out a high definition version if you get a chance.

Overall Score 7/10