Dunkirk 4KUHD Review

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The Movie: 9/10
I’m not a professional reviewer. If you have read any of my other opinions of movies (I think we have about 500 of them) you will agree with that statement:) The thing is, I just love movies, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I appreciate story telling and adventure and learning about how someone else sees our human condition. That’s all stories are, even if they are outer space in a million years, it’s about how we make choices, the consequences, our struggles and triumphs. That’s what I dig about watching a movie, it expands how I can consider other people and their circumstances and experiences. My lack of professionalism comes in when I really do love a movie. The result of being captivated, engrossed, and emotionally moved is that I have nothing to add. Dunkirk folded all the reality of the true story fold into my brain, and the images of this telling of the story melted into my movie watching heart. There’s nothing left to offer in a review.

How do I share my experience and opinion of a movie if I have nothing to say? And I am well aware that the better a movie is the less I have to say about it seems contrary to how a reviewer should react, which brings us back to the truth, I’m not a reviewer. I’m a movie watcher.

What I will say is that this movie is beautiful. It looks amazing. The action is fully immersive and exciting and terrifying. The story of an event in WWII that a lot of the world, including me here in America, have never learned about, rips at a certain kind of national pride, even though I’m not British:) The beach in Dunkirk, France was where hundreds of thousands of British and French troops were pushed back to by the German military. They had nowhere to go and no ships were coming to save them. The British government was convinced that the next step would be the Germans on their soil across the channel so they limited their rescue efforts for those trapped. What they did do was call out private boat owners to take their vessels across the water to rescue the troops. I will let you watch the movie, or do more research on the subject, and just soak it all up. This movie does justice to the heartbreak of sending our young men to war, in any generation. It shines a light on the fear and desperation of humans caught in a fight they can’t win or can’t end, and it’s gut wrenching to think of the real men and women who lived through it, and those who died on the battlefield.

All I can say is that as a story lover it moved me and as a movie watcher it excited me, and made me think. It’s classy and respectful and I recommend it to anyone who wants to just watch a good movie without having to explain it all later:)

Features: 8/10

  • Creation (22 Minutes) – Exploring the beginning of production with a trip to Dunkirk with Christopher Nolan and his wife.
  • Land (17 Minutes) – A look at the creation of the beach scenes and the special effects it took to make it happen.
  • Air (18 Minutes) – Nolan loves to put a mask on Tom Hardy and here we see how those spitfire scenes were made.
  • Sea (36 Minutes) – Split into five parts here we explore the real story and see some of the real ships from the event that take place in the film.
  • Conclusion (15 Minutes) – An explanation of the British phrase “The Dunkirk Spirit” among st other things.
  • Coast Guard Promo
  • 4K, Blu-ray & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art and Menus: 9/10
This is one of those covers I would LOVE to have as a poster for our movie room. It completely pulls me into the movie, just as it should.

Audio & Video: 9/10
Dunkirk was shot on film partly in Imax and the rest in a more standard aspect ratio. I found the jarring transition between the two formats a little distracting for the first few minutes but quickly forgot about it. Cidtalk never noticed the change in aspect ratio at all so it might just be down to the viewer. This is a fantastic transfer on 4K and Blu-ray with the HDR on the 4K making that the standout format. Black levels are stunning and the colors are superb here. I saw no technical mishaps at all during the entire run-time.

No Dolby Atmos track here folks, but guess what that is OK as Christopher Nolan much prefers the DTS-HD MA 5.1 track that is included on the Blu-ray and the 4K disc. This track is so detailed and so wide it will have your home theater walls rumbling for sure. Dialog which there isn’t much of to be honest is still centered and you can still hear Tom Hardy under that bain mask.

Overall Score 9/10