Due Date Blu-Ray Review

The Movie: 7/10
I laughed a lot. That sums it up, thank you and good night. 🙂 Seriously, I was not looking forward to watching this one, but oh how expectations can be tricky. I like the cover now, but when it was my only reference to the movie, I was turned off completely. It looked like a ho-hum comedy. I know, I know that’s very judgmental of me, but that’s how it goes sometimes in a sea of movies. Some jump out as must see and some make me squint my eyes and wonder if it’s worth my time.

The thing about that system is that sometimes I am stupendously wrong. Crazy, shocking, crazy, but true. Due Date has got it’s flaws, yea, it’s just a movie full of people and stuff, and some jokes that are not that funny and over the top moments that make you roll your eyes, but there are gems to be had. I laughed so much at the dynamic between the characters. My face hurt (it’s killin’ you, good one) from smiling so much. There is something about that character of Galefrickus, or whatever his name is, that’s genuinely infuriating and so true to life. A man who’s so annoyingly blissfully out of sync with reality that anyone who has their feet on the ground can barely cope with them.

This guy has all the traits of people I know who make me want to grit my teeth and drink lots of wine to calm down. He’s flippant, flibberdygibbit, denies reality, no sense of real responsibility, delusional, oh, just thinking about it makes me angry. Oh, but there’s more, he’s also compassionate, sweet, kind, friendly, positive, and sees the world without the darkness or boundaries that the Downey character is steeped in.

He ends up in a situation with the water to his oil. These two need to travel a long way, and they can’t fly through some stretch of our current fly-safety mood in this world, and so the adventure begins.

Downey is the hardened business man, cold, driven, selfish, too cool, too self absorbed, jealous, violent, angry, and certainly not positive. At times I almost felt like the whole thing was a set up, like this flibberty dude came along as a test of the stick in the mud dude, but I was not correct. It’s two guys, roadtripping across country who have the absolute opposite personalities and even with the outregous moments, it’s true to life in a way that made it so enjoyable and entertaining. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to deal with an annoying child with more brute force that is morally or ethically acceptable? It’s wrong and 99.9% of us would not let our brutal side take over but in this story we get a lot of uncomfortable moments that we secretly cheer about in the deepest depths of our minds. It’s got that flare of “Oh my God he didn’t just do THAT!” mixed with a real look at how we can cope with each other’s differences even when we absolutely do not want to, but in the interest of all things good in the world, we should all learn and try, at least. I need to learn and try, but it won’t come naturally or easily.

This movie makes me think, made me laugh, the story might be a bit flimsy and the namesake circumstance, Due Date, could actually just not be in it at all, but it’s a reasonable tool to use so fair enough.

Features: 4/10

  • Complete Two & A Half Men Scene – Not really my thing, but if you like the show it might get your goonies excited. A character from the movie makes an appearance so it’s relevant, just not very interesting.
  • Additional Scenes – These are more like the actors taking liberties with lines or things that are not needed in the story so they are fine as extras.
  • Due Date Action Mash Up – Nothing to see here, just a montage of clips that could masquerade as a trailer almost.
  • Due Date Too  Many Questions Mash Up – One scene that was cut from the movie with the flibberty dude asking the grumpy one a lot of questions.
  • Gag Reel – Acting dudes messing up lines and laughing at each other.
  • Digital Copy & DVD – Take it with you wherever you go.

Cover and Menu: 8/10
I saw the movie and now I like the cover, go figure. Before, however, I was like, “ugh”, for whatever reasons. I would have this as a poster, without any text though. The menu is just normal, plain, standard, whatever you want to say about it. I think I will try to convince Ascully to let me stop talking about the menus, they are kind of boring most of the time:).

Audio & Video: 9/10
Ever wanted to see a movie where a grown man punches a kid in the gut or another man vomits in a leg wound? Well Due Date is the movie for you, but how does it look on Blu-Ray you ask? Well surprisingly Warner have pulled out all the stops here and bring you a 1080P AVC encoded transfer that is free from artifacting, banding and looks great no matter how you look at it. Blacks are dark, and fine detail is apparent in every scene especially close up face shots. The DTS-HD Master audio track is as vibrant as an action movie, yet subtle and refined during dialog scenes. It’s quite the showcase as most comedy movie soundtracks are just par for the course. Overall there is nothing bad to be said about the Blu-Ray presentation of Due Date, the movie is also pretty funny as well so you can’t really lose with this one.

Value: 4/10
I really did enjoy this movie, however, I would rent it. There’s not much in the way of extras and even though I laughed and it was very entertaining, I don’t see myself pulling it off the shelf to watch again. I would stay on the channel if it comes on TV and I’m looking for a good time. OH, if it was like 10 bucks I would get it for my collection, but at 20 it’s just a bit out of my comedy purchase price range.

Overall Score 7/10