Drive Blu-Ray Review

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The Movie: 9/10
Drive kicked my snotty movie predictive brain’s arse. Well, let me back up a bit, first when I went to our lovely movie room in the darkness of our downstairs arena of marriage film loving goodness, I had NO idea what movie we were watching. There was a husband the week before telling me and then there’s the marquee over the door to the lare of moving pictures, but none of that seemed to sink in. As I got cozy I realized I had no idea what movie was about to hit the screen, which was an awesome start.

Next, when the opening sequence started and stunned me into “oh my god I think I’m in love with this movie” mode, I flashed back to vague memories of seeing the box and thinking, “UGH another brain dead flick about cars and men and violence.”

I love being wrong. DO NOT tell that husband person.

This movie brings me to a place in my mind where entertainment really does take me away. I like that. The intentional pace, lots of quiet moments, characters I’m interested in, awesome performances, groovy 80’s style music, all swirled together and made me a happy comfy wife watching a good movie with the husband person. It does have a few cars, and there are men characters, and the violence rears its ugly head as a powerful ! throughout the story. The combination can cause me to be bored out of my mind, but not in Drive. I was interested in the lead character, a man. I had a somewhat annoyed reaction to his friend, a man character (happens to be Walt from Breaking Bad). The villains are all real assholes and played with enough quality moments to even make them part of the overall pleasureable experience.

I like brooding loner types when they are played with that delicate balance of brooding/loner and lovesick/loner at risk. It’s not new and my snotty tendencies could be prickled awake to be critical, but I won’t do it. Drive is good enough, moment by moment, line by line, intense breathing sequence to intense breathing sequence to get over the prickly skepticism.

This isn’t a movie for everyone. No kids, no easily rattled, no one who needs action and movement crammed in their face constantly. If you enjoy the less obvious types of movies, those with a hint of artsy directorial touches and that force you to do some of the thinking for yourself, Drive is right up your alley. (get it, drive, alley…yea)

Features: 7/10

  • 4 Featurettes – Some pretty decent featurettes here, weirdly though Ryan Gosling is nowhere to be seen in the interview portions.
  • Drive Without A Driver: Interview With Nicolas Winding Refn Documentary – I was initially disappointed that Director Nicolas Winding Refn was nowhere to be seen and there is no director commentary on this disc. Fortunately though you have this awesome interview that runs about 30 minutes. Refn is quite candid about the whole Hollywood process and talks about his earlier movies and funding Drive.

Cover Art and Menus: 2/10
Hate it, hate everything about the packaging. I would not have the cover as a poster. The only thing that is OK is the image on the disc, and even that is kind of just so-so.

Audio & Video: 9/10 (By Ascully)
Drive is an amazing movie, one of those rare movies that makes me think differently about film. Sony have a stellar Blu-Ray transfer here as well, with crisp blacks and superb detail in every scene Refn and Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel make great use of the Golden Hour to give the movie a real 80’s look. You will be hard pressed to find a better looking movie, as every shot is intentionally glamorous looking. Even the ugly violence in the movie looks great, and this movie has some really dark ugly violence.

Audio is presented using the DTS-HD Master Audio codec and is a showcase for sound design. The opening scene is an interesting mix of a ball game, a police scanner and the roar of a car engine, it’s so masterfully mixed together the sound literally puts you on the edge of your seat. The soundtrack deserves a special mention, I for one picked it up the second the movie was over.

it’s not often a movie like this comes along and Drive makes me glad to be a movie fanatic. You would be mad to miss this one.

Value: 5/10
It’s a great movie with enough extras to add to the experience but not over do it. I think it’s worth a rental, but not really the whole 20 bucks you will find it for online at the moment. It might turn out to be one of those movies you want to watch over and over and over, so that will make it a good purchase, but still, wait a while for some discounted pricing if you can.

Overall Score 8/10