Doom Unrated Edition

Cover Art and Menu: 7/10
It’s an action flick, what more could I ask for but some glossy graphics, the big wrestling star’s mug center stage, and a cool manly blue to top it off? It’s.. um… eye-catching? (cough boring cough)

Features: 8/10

  • Game On: You get a personal walk through with a gamer as he traverses the many monsters in the latest incarnation of the Doom video game. If you are a gamer you might already know all the secrets, but it’s fun to watch all the blood and guts without having to be the one getting yourself massacred.
  • First person Shooter Sequence: Staying true to the gaming roots of Doom the director did a fine job of including an almost 5 minute sequence in which you are seeing our hero battle the creatures in first person view. This mean you see the gun in your hand, and the savage beasts who are out to kill ya… It’s a break from normal movie making perspective and I would say it might be appreciated by the many fans of the game that started the entire genre of first person shooters in the video game world. If you get sea sick, grab your Dramamine. just kidding.
  • Basic Training with The Rock: The main theme of the story is that a special force of military thugs go to Mars to answer a distress call by some scientists. That means that The Rock, and his jolly gun toters need to look, act, talk, walk, and be the part of a soldier. This extra takes you through their training and introduces you to the man who got them in shape for this little movie project, a real soldier fresh from service.
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette’s: In a couple of small extras you get interviews with personalities from G4 TV (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a gaming network that’s about to bite the network dust) talking about their experiences with the original Doom game. The director and cast talk about filming and the process of bringing the creatures that so many people know, love, and enjoy killing, to the big screen. They pay great attention to detail with these real life men-in-suits creature effects so it’s really a pleasure to see them mix old school monster making with new school CGI effects.

The Movie: 8/10
Let’s say it all together girls and boys.. “IT IS WHAT IT IS” I can say that after years of loving, hating, watching, arguing about, talking about, thinking about, writing about, watching again and again and again, movies have become more than entertainment. I won’t be corny and say they are like windows to worlds I will never experience in real life…but hey, why not. Little windows they are then. Some stories are deep and wonderful. Some stories are flat and boring. Some stories are, well, they are what they are, a bit of raucous fun. That’s what I would say about Doom.

I know from living with an avid gamer for the past 7 years that the original Doom video game changed his and many other adolescent boy’s lives forever. It brought monster killing’ and blowing’ stuff up into a 3-D world that kept them captivated for hours, days, weeks, and at this point even years of their wasted lives ..oh, I didn’t mean wasted, honestly I didn’t. Who am I to judge after looking through an old diary from high school and being reminded that I actually took the time and effort to write down every movie I watched on HBO, including several viewings of St. Elmo’s Fire.. talk about wasted hours!

Anyways…back to the movie. I say all this because at some point I have to admit that even if movies do mean a lot to me in terms of giving me things to think about in life, drama, struggles, ideas, etc ..they are also a break from reality, a time for some fun and excitement just like sitting down with a joy pad in your hand and hammering out a few rounds on some ugly beast named Pinky who happens to be a hound from Hell ported through some strange doorway on Mars. Fun, remember, fantasy, fun, fun…not deep thinking here.

The movie story goes like this, a bunch of scientists on Mars who are working on some spacey futuristic projects seem to have had a problem and it’s up to “Sarge” and his team of kick ass soldiers to go through a strange and cool thing that beats the snot out of “beam me up Scotty” to get to Mars and save them, or kill them, or whatever. One of the soldiers, John Grimm finds his sister there, a brilliant beautiful scientist with a very severe but oh-so-charming pout.

The lead scientist is aptly named Dr. Carmack, in homage to the man who invented the whole Doom world, John Carmack (genius programmer using his skills in life to create video games 🙂 Dr. Carmack has fallen prey to whatever it is that is inhabiting the bodies of everyone on this desolate planet space station, which involves turning into a gruesome monster that wants to eat you, and me, and everyone else.

I think that’s enough to give away at this point. Monsters, mysterious scientific project gone wrong, people possessed by something horrid, soldiers with big guns. One very big guns in particular. Dare I say, BFG? That’s short for Big F-word-ing Gun, also brought from the game. You can imagine, stuff gets shot, blood gets spilled, heads explode, a guy in a very cool wheel chair turns into a monster in a very cool wheel chair, more blood, etc.

There are a lot of really good moments in this movie. I say that because sometimes I have to appreciate the bits and pieces when the sum of the parts might not be a masterpiece. Moment by moment I found some excitement, some cool special effects, an interesting story tucked in between the bullets, and even a few times when I reacted, like actually said, “oh shit” or “damn”, in a good way of course with an excited and somewhat nervous smile on my face, or something along those lines. Trust me, if I’m hating a movie I’m not likely to say a word, just roll my eyes and grunt occasionally.

I can’t say I love the whole thing, but it’s action packed and it does look RFG, that’s real f-word-ing good. The monsters are excellent. The acting is not crazy good, but not horrible. They are in a situation where play acting that you are in a battle with these demon things must be a rush, they do it up big, not great, but big. It ain’t your mother’s Shakespeare.

If you love the Doom series of games I think you will be pleased with the movie. It’s one of the best video game movies I have seen. I know, that’s not saying much with the choices there are out there, but it’s worth watching, I’ll put it that way. If you love action movies in space, or The Rock, or BFG’s, or pretty girls with blood spattered on them, or monsters, or Mars, I think you will enjoy the thrill ride of it all. Have fun. Don’t think. Have fun.

If you are a movie snob you won’t play video games, you won’t like the movie, and you won’t like my score (it gets bonus points for action/fun factor)…so just walk away.

Value: 8/10
You can pick this baby up for around 16 bucks so I say it’s a good addition to your action flick collection. If you collect video game movies it’s a must have, but go for the unrated version. I know it’s not got much more to offer, but always go for the unrated version in my opinion.

Overall Score 8/10