Doctor Strange Blu-ray Review

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The Movie: 7/10
I admit it, I thought Dr. Strange was a villain. I am not hip with the kids and the comics and such. I will also admit that I really enjoyed this movie. Super Hero stories always interest me on the big screen. They might not all be good, or thought-provoking, or even memorable once the credits roll, but there is something about them that gives me complete entertainment value for my money and time. That being said, I have not liked ALL super hero movies I have ever seen, but I won’t turn them away at the door, if you know what I’m saying:)

In Dr. Strange’s world we meet a man obsessed with being the best, being the center of attention, being cocky, rude, arrogant, etc. What happens to all this unbridled naughtiness? Karma babeeeee or whatever you want to call it. Some forces in the universe working to give him a wake up call, and so they did. They awoke something supernatural, which funny enough I guess I always think is part of the super hero/comic whoohaa, but apparently a teenager who turns into a spider and a mutant who can control the minds of everyone on Earth (oh wait, are they all in the same dimension or world or parent company?) aren’t super natural. But once we come across the people who can bend time and space with their minds, THAT’s supernatural.

As far as this story goes, it’s not new or anything. A man finds himself and his power within. The thing is, when you put Cumberbatch in that guy’s character, and let him be that guy, it’s more interesting. The whole cast is good for me. I like Tilda a lot, she really drew me in with the “It’s not all about you” speech. I felt she was talking to someone very specific.

The action is good, with a bit of dodgy CGI, but good enough for me to get lost in the possibilities.

I look forward to more Dr. Strange and his magical super natural super hero guru rigmarole in the future.

Features: 8/10

  • A Strange Transformation (10 Minutes) – A closer look at the cast, story and Cumberbatch’s preparation for the role of Stephen Strange.
  • Strange Company (13 Minutes) – A look at the actors in a supporting role in this Marvel feature. Some great interviews here.
  • The Fabric Of Reality (13 Minutes) – A detailed dive into the set design and costuming of the film.
  • Across Time & Space (13 Minutes) – A look at the fight choreography and wire work used to create the mind bending action scenes.
  • The Score-Cerer Supreme (10 Minutes) – Was it just me or does the Doctor Strange theme sound very similar to the Star Trek Theme? Both were composed by Michael Giacchino so it’s probably not a coincidence.
  • Marvel Studios Phase 3 Exclusive Look (8 Minutes) – A look forward at the next 5 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Team Thor Part 2 (5 Minutes) – Thor takes a day off in this humorous short.
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes (8 Minutes) – A bunch of scenes missing from the movie nothing that should have been kept though.
  • Gag Reel (4 Minutes) – People falling over and flubbing lines.
  • Audio Commentary With Director Scott Derrickson
  • DVD & UV Digital Copy

Cover Art: 5/10
I like the cover, kind of, but I wouldn’t have it as a poster. It’s just a bit too melodramatic for me.

Audio & Video: 9/10
As usual Disney bring a god-tier 1080P transfer to Blu-ray with Doctor Strange. The film was shot digitally and tends to look flat in the darker scenes and there are some issues with Black crush. Aside from that the close up detail, color balance and flesh tones are pitch perfect and will delight any Marvel fan.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 lossless soundtrack is second to none and features some amazing surround sequences. The scene where Tilda Swinton explains other dimensions to Doctor Strange features a mind bending mix of sound across all the speakers. Dialog is central and easy to understand and the LFE channel is lively throughout.

Overall Score 7/10